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The Moley robotic kitchen is the world’s first fully automated kitchen system. Our robot can replicate the 3D movements of the chef's operation and recreate the entire dish from the recipe library in residential and commercial environments.


Households are seeking higher standards of nutrition but have less time and less willingness to cook. Restaurant delivery helps only partially and does not keep the meal’s freshness and quality. People need an automated solution for cooking in their own kitchen.

At the same time, restaurants and other commercial kitchens struggle from staff turnover, rising labor costs, human mistakes, and trying to match the increasing hygiene kitchen standards. There are many institutions and locations where top-quality chefs won't work, such as hospitals, night shifts/breakfast service in hotels, senior houses, prisons, and dark kitchens. Commercial kitchens need an automated solution for cooking and replacing part of human labor.


Moley Robotic Kitchen is a 3D cooking platform that manages a variety of cooking techniques and dish preparation stages in parallel and sequentially. Moley can fry, steam, boil and bake as well as add ingredients on time in order to assemble the whole complicated dish from raw ingredients to achieve the highest quality result.


Multifunctional robotic cooking platform with one or multiple robotic arms and grippers and integrated additional actuators, capable of executing multistage sequential and parallel process recipe files, enabling 65+ robotic cooking operations


Product Development: Major technical risks for platform development are mitigated by A-model completion.

Customer Acceptance: 1 agreement signed with a chain of 40 hotels for initially supplying 2 robotic kitchens (150K each); 1 Letter of Intent signed for 500 commercial kitchens for the first 18 months, then 1000 every year; First revenue generated ($231K credited); 1000+ registered interest up to date; 90+ requests for commercial kitchen development; 2 Innovate UK grants won ~ £1M.

Patents/IP: Foundational Patents covering Core Robotic Kitchen Technologies: 60+ Utility Patents with 8 granted patents; 50+ Design Patents granted; 20+ Trademarks granted.

Social Proof: Best of the Best CES Asia award; multiple publications in major media; multimillion views on social media platforms; high volume of visitors during exhibitions.

Partnerships: Exclusive agreement with hand development partner, SCHUNK GmbH & Co. Direct collaboration and development with Henrik Schunk, CEO. Robotic arms freely move in three-dimensional space. Developed and produced with UNIVERSAL ROBOTS.

Press Mentions: We have received press coverage from publications all over the world.


Mark Oleynik PhD, Founder/CEO/Interim CTO
Mark’s career to date is characterized by delivering demanding major projects to time and to budget. Mark was Vice-Rector for Economics & Development and an Initiator & Senior Project Manager in the establishment of the Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Transplantation. He is highly experienced in managing teams of 4000+ people.

Luciano Delpozzo, VP of Commercial Robotic Kitchens
With 10+ years of experience, Luciano is a multi-lingual corporate entrepreneur who has restructured, relaunched and grown multi-channel businesses internationally, in particular in Europe and the US. He has innovated how to make pizza and baguette (EsmachLab, with Autogrill, Slow Food and Eataly) and generated platform-based business models to grow revenues with food chains, restaurant chains and retailers.

Peter Su, VP of Legal and Chief IP Officer
A seasoned business and technology lawyer in Silicon Valley and leading IP strategist, who has advised numerous Silicon Valley technology companies from start-ups to IPOs, Pete has been alongside Mark from the inception in creating Moley Robotics.

Mauro Izzo, Chief Design Architect
Mauro is an Interior Designer of custom megayachts. Currently working for Beneu, the Italian Architect trained at the University of Architecture in Genoa before working as the Interior Manager and Interior Designer on several megayachts. He has also worked as the Interior Designer at Viudes Yacht Shipyard and House in Singapore.

Anton Puzikov, Business Development Director
Anton is an experienced leader in sales and business development with more than 10 years in multinational companies at consumer electronics market. He has experience in the development of premium/luxury home appliances brands and successful leadership of built-in departments in BSH Russia and Whirlpool Corp Russia. IKEA.

John Butler, Chief Financial Officer
John is a senior level finance executive with extensive experience in growing businesses both domestically and internationally.

Rogerio Fonteles, Head of Engineering
Rogerio has had an extensive career working in the fields of automation technologies and robotics, covering several industry sectors. He worked on developing the arm control, finding solutions for the path planning and grasping problems with dual arm manipulation, creating complex cooking manipulations, and improving the C++ and overall structure of the codebase.

Vittorio Lumare, Senior Software Engineer
Vittorio is a software engineer and A.I. expert with experience working across multiple robotics companies, with a focus on signal analysis, modal and QF analysis, A.I., vision systems, managing large software projects with multiple team members. He also has significant patent drafting experience.

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