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  • Moneymouth concept was an unviable model until new payments legislation.
  • Founder is serial Fintech entrepreneur, previously raising over £15m.
  • CTO has technical experience within FinTech, Open Banking & Payments.
  • First to market advantage + no direct competitors.
  • Tech for good platform (ESG) with massive upside potential.

Pitch deck can be found here

Moneymouth Summary

Moneymouth is a FinTech crowdfunding platform that guarantees donors time and money will actually have an impact.

How? By refunding everyone if a campaign objectives are unsuccessful. This provides assurance to people that their donation is only processed once the campaign objectives have been met - otherwise, they receive a full refund.

The Moneymouth concept has been impossible and unviable until recently passed payments legislation and infrastructure - until now.

Everyone wants to help make the world a better place - but not everyone trusts that their donations will actually make a difference.

Challenging a person or business with cash rewards is the most successful catalyst for change.

By flipping the model from “Pay me & I’ll do this” towards “Do this & THEN we’ll pay”, people are guaranteed that their money goes towards the cause they care about.

It in undeniable that everyone has a set of causes they believe in, in which they would part with their money if that cause was guaranteed to happen. Moneymouth digitises and democratises this concept so that anyone has access to promote their cause, no matter how little or small, local or global.

Moneymouth’s “refund” model was previously unviable, however, with new open banking legislation, Moneymouth is able to offer refunds to completely disrupt the fundraising landscape.

The future

The Moneymouth brand will be associated with transparency and the overarching goal to empower people to make the world a better place.

This will enable the platform to develop into a social network - which unlike traditional social networks that are powered by vanity metrics such as likes and retweets, Moneymouth’s metrics will be based on how much the individual or company has contributed to others. This can be from money donated to lives saved.

The result is a platform that has showcases full transparency of where an individuals money goes, starting from their campaign pledges to the products they buy and consume.

Brands are continuously trying to improve their ESG rating, from carbon credits to where their products are sourced or manufactured. Unfortunately, people have no way of verifying this due to a lack of any unified body or regulator.

Moneymouth, along with her brand, can be the platform trusted by the people to verify companies and their products, enabling everyone to spend their money with businesses that make the planet a better place.

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