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Quick Pitch:

Motum is a software and hardware platform for enhanced senior independence and safer aging in place, differentiated by a core focus on mobility, the #1 physical challenge for seniors.

Motum's assistive capabilities and analytics are designed to prevent senior falls and provide unique mobility data, while providing powerful remote monitoring, telecare and emergency response for health professionals and family caregivers.

Motum's technologies advance beyond today's reactive senior safety systems into proactive and preventive care that can save countless lives and billions in healthcare spending.

Products & Services:

Preventive Care Through AI & Smart Mobility Assistance

Motum's platform and services transparently quantify mobility health, fall risk and other wellness markers, providing proactive opportunities for care teams and dramatic new walking assistance for the 1 in 4 seniors who depend on one or more mobility aids.

With Motum, care members can stay ahead of falls and other health issues via machine learning analytics, including fall prediction. For clinicians and other care professionals, Motum provides a long-awaited solution for remote gait analysis data in the home setting. For seniors, Motum enhances independence and safety, and provides help when needed through a cellular panic button with 2-way voice.  

Motum's offering allows seniors to age in place with greater ease and safety, while keeping loved ones and care teams close with unique data and alerts.

Fall Reduction & Next-Gen Mobility: Our Approach

Senior falls are among our most serious healthcare problems. Each year, 1 in 3 people aged 65 and older suffers a fall. Falls are the leading fatal injury in seniors, responsible for a death every 19 minutes. Falls are also the leading cause of countless non-fatal injuries, such as fractures, that require ongoing care and diminish ability, independence and quality of life. Today's reactive fall detection systems simply aren't enough. They only tell us that the accident has already happened. The damage has already been done. 

Senior falls occur for many reasons and there's no magic bullet to prevent them all. However, many falls can be prevented -- through foresight, intervention and safer asssistive technology than we've had until today. Motum provides all three.

It Begins With a Step

Motum's debut product is the WalkMATE, a breakthrough smart mobility aid that replaces the conventional cane and for many users, can forestall the need for a walker.

WalkMATE is embedded with a sophisticated multi-sensor network that tracks and analyzes mobility performance while providing revolutionary active walking assistance

Advanced biomechanics and controlled, self-propulsive auto-movement makes it easier to walk and harder to fall. WalkMATE helps improve balance, reduces physical and cognitive loads, provides ideal leverage and stability, and addresses the key fall risks inherent to canes.

It Continues With Data

WalkMATE communicates via cellular to Motum's cloud-based machine-learning Insight Engine, which interprets mobility trends and changes, predicts risk conditions, and sends proactive alerts. More than two dozen metrics are analyzed through the Insight Engine, from industry-standard gait analysis measurements to new data points never before available to clinicians or caregivers. 

                    Motum's clinical interface for physicians, therapists and home care

Time-stamped mobility data regarding speeds, forces, distances, angles and pressures are interpreted and scored through the Motum Mobility Index. These specialized analytics measure progress, decline or changes in patient mobility. Deep analytics and interoperable data allow for powerful integrations with existing professional care management and remote patient monitoring solutions. A simplified interface for family caregivers provides opportunities for proactive interventions. 

Extensible For Additional Revenue Services

Motum's open platform can extend analytics and revenue opportunities over time as the sciences behind fall reduction evolve. Home-based technologies that can facilitate remote patient monitoring and telecare are now essential components of the care landscape for seniors. Motum's extensible platform can analyze data from a broad ecosystem of wearable sensors and smart home devices, thus providing a future-forward path for aging well at home.

Motum's extensible platform can encompass a broad range of data types     

New policies are changing the reimbursement climate throughout our healthcare system. Fifteen U.S. states already have laws requiring health insurers to cover remote patient monitoring services delivered via telehealth, with more to follow. Motum's extensible platform is well-positioned for new reimbursement models affecting both professionals and consumers.

Result: Safer Independence

Mobiity is a sensitive and accurate indicator of overall health and independent ability. Changes in walk quality or patterns send important signals about changes in health. Yet today, mobility health is rarely measured in-office by clinicians, and for lack of a practical technology, never at home. Until now.  

Subtle changes in mobility that point to health issues and increased fall risk can't be seen with the naked eye, even though they're out there in plain view. Many tragic falls, injuries and losses of ability could have been averted "if we only saw it coming." Motum provides an accessible method so that we can know and do know when mobility is telling us something -- before the accident happens


Motum Product & Service Summary

  • Next-Gen Mobility & Monitoring Service
  • Proactive Risk Alerts & Fall Prediction 
  • Revolutionary Active Walking Assistance
  • Unique Precision Mobility Data
  • Machine-Learning Insight Engine
  • Mobility Index Scoring System
  • Cellular mPERS Button With 2-Way Voice
  • Interoperable Open Platform
  • Integrates with 3rd Party Systems
  • Analytics From Entire Home Ecosystem
  • No Tech Effort For Elders -- Just Walk!

Traction & Accomplishments

  • Successful prototype & pre-IRB data demonstrating increased stride length and greater step integrity for safer mobility and decreased fall risk
  • Agreement in place to acquire (for minor equity) proven, mature, scalable, enterprise-grade cloud, back office and end-to-end white label solution
  • Three issued patents, with exclusive license to UCLA Wireless Health method & apparatus IP for smart mobility aids
  • Term sheet for $300k with lead investor in place

Successful prototype demonstrates superior walking assistance and safety  

Kinematic innovations enhance balance and help restore walk automaticity

Advanced assistance + predictive data = easier, safer mobility & fewer falls

How We're Different

Motum is clearly differentiated from existing reactive senior safety systems and conventional mobility aids. Motum brings to market:

Prediction and prevention of senior falls, the next step beyond conventional fall detection. 

The only senior safety system focused on mobility, the #1 physical challenge for seniors (18 million U.S. senior users).

The only mobility aid to provide precision data and the ability to share it with care teams.

The only mobility aid to feature mPERS  emergency alert with 2-way voice. Tiered response can be directed to family, agencies or professional call centers.

The first practical at-home solution for remote gait analysis, specialized for the mobility challenged and patients recovering from surgeries or medical events.

The first company to provide "mobility as a service," including walking assistance, gait data, fall risk analytics, safety monitoring, gait coaching and more.

Long-awaited innovation for people of all ages who live with mobility challenges and life-limiting conditions, and those recovering from injury or surgery. Motum's platform provides mobility coaching, progress tracking and measured outcomes.


Lew Brown - CEO

30 yrs. executive experience in consumer technologies with focus on IoT 

Consummate team builder, leader, deal maker, strategist and implementer. CEO of MiOS smart home SaaS platform, from startup to multi-million revenues through successful exit.

Ron Goldberg - Founder

25 yrs. consumer electronics/IoT marketing and channel development 

Standards member for CTA Health, Fitness & Wellness Division, including physical monitoring, wearable technologies and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Avi Rosenthal - CTO

Renowned connected systems industry expert  

Passionate IoT management executive and technologist with 20+ years’ experience creating successful technology startups and building successful organizations.

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