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Building RC model airplanes from kits is making a comeback in the RC hobby.  Nothing can beat the satisfaction that comes from successfully flying a model you built yourself!  Unfortunately, most kits today were designed in the days before modern CAD systems, leaving much to be desired in terms of parts fit, ease of assembly, and at times even basic engineering.

Moustache Model Works was established to address this growing niche in the hobby market.  By applying modern 3D CAD to the design process, we create kits that remain true to established design and construction principles, but that ensure accurate parts fit, ease of assembly, and scale fidelity.  The result is a kit that's a joy to build as well as to fly.

This campaign has been launched for the express purpose of raising funds to place our first inventory order for our first kit.  This order is expected to be available in January or February of 2019.

Product/Service Details

Our first kit is a 1/6.3 scale DHC-2 Beaver, designed to use a DLE-20 engine or an E-flite Power 60 electric motor with a 6S, 5000mAh Li-Po battery.  Drawn from factory blueprints, it features a 100% scale outline. 


Wings and tail surfaces are traditional balsa construction, and the fuselage is primarily lite-ply.  Tab-and-slot construction ensures straightness of the fuselage.  Laser-cutting is used extensively to ensure parts accuracy.  The cowl, wing tips, and landing gear fairings are fiberglass and are included.  The windshield, windows, tail fairings, seats, upper carb intake and oil cooler are all vacuum-formed plastic and are included.  Two-piece, plug-in wings make transport and storage convenient, and the entire windshield removes as a large front access hatch to make battery or fuel tank access a breeze.  


  • Wingspan -  91.4 in. (2.32m)
  • Length -       57.6 in. (1.46m)
  • Wing Area - 904 sq. in. (58.3 sq dm)
  • Weight -      12-13 lb. (5.4-5.9 kg)

Two areas are provided to allow modelers to customize their kits.  First, a fiberglass lower carb intake or "chin scoop" is included, allowing the modeler to choose between upper or lower intakes depending upon the specific Beaver he wants to model.  Second, and similarly, the kit offers three options for the rear side windows:  a single round window, a single rectangular window, or dual rectangular windows.

The kit comes complete with all required wood, fiberglass parts, vacuum-formed plastic parts, landing gear, carbon fiber wing tube, pushrods, hardware, plans, and detailed instruction manual.  Depending upon building speed, construction should take approximately 100 to 150 hours.

Required to complete:

  • Glue
  • Covering material & paint
  • Wheels
  • Power system - 20cc gas or Power 60 equivalent/ESC/6S Li-Po
  • Transmitter, reciever, servos, servo extensions

As of this campaign, a float set for the Beaver has not yet been developed.  However, it is on the plan and should be available at the same time as the kit or shortly thereafter.

Each kit pre-ordered during this campaign will come with a free ceramic coffee mug from Labusch Skywear featuring the DHC-2 Beaver, a $12 value!

CAD Screen Shots

Photo Gallery

Traction & Accomplishments

The first prototype has been flying since May 2018, and has been flown at several of the Warbirds & Classics events in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.  The transmitter has been passed to about 20 different modelers, and their primary comment is, "Wow.  This thing flies great!"  

The NACA 4415 airfoil is very much like a thickened Clark Y, and it provides excellent stall characteristics.  The first prototype required zero nose weight to balance!

First flight video

Sixth flight video

Flight by Ali Machinchy

How We're Different

Moustache Model Works is committed to using modern CAD systems to make kit assembly as hassle-free as possible.  Your hobby time is precious, and when you hit the shop to build, that's what you want to do:  build.  You don't want to be forced to stop and redesign much of the kit just to get to something that works.  We get that.

At the same time, we're committed to scale fidelity and lightness.  The former makes your creation a joy to behold, and creates a source of pride when you display your creation at the field.  The latter just makes models fly better.  Light airplanes land slower and stall slower, which makes them easier to fly.  Lighter models also don't absorb as much stress in flight and when landing, so they last longer.


David Eichstedt - Proprietor

Product Development Executive 

A modeler since childhood, David has always been fascinated by things that fly. His first exposure to model airplanes was an episode of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood from 1971! This interest in aviation led him to a career in the aerospace industry, first as a contractor to the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (now NASA Armstrong), and then at the famed Lockheed Martin Skunk Works where he worked in engineering, program management, and business development. He then moved to Horizon Hobby, where he led the aircraft product development team for 8 years. This background has prepared him fully to take on the challenges of building Moustache Model Works into a premier kit development firm.

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