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What We Do

My business gets licensing agreements with companies such as Kraft, HJ Heinz, Red Gold Tomato, Hersheys, Wish-Bone, etc. The multi-condiment bottle gives these corporations the ability to sell their product line in our bottles. Our bottles are currently being manufactured and sold within the U.S. Upon future investment and funding, we are looking to expand internationally.

How It Works

Our product is the first patented product that has a multi-condiment dipsenser that is used for ketchup/mustard, salad dressings, spices, syrups, peanut butter & jelly, jams, etc. What we have created is a squeezable plastic bottle that has two dispensing holes, and a cap which is divided in half. The middle structure of the bottle is divided in half as well.

Why Buy / How We're Different

As you may realize, the market of condiment sales and salad dressings is virtually unlimited. Currently the most used condiments in every day households, kitchens, restaurants, barbeques, picnics, camping, etc. are ketchup and mustard. Our target market is big corporations such as H.J. Heinz, Kraft, Red Gold tomato, etc. The market potential doesn't end there, as we are seeking to independently manufacture and distribute the product to restaurants and retail stores worldwide.

History, Traction, & Why We're Raising

I have been working on this for about 2 years now. We are in the production and licensing stages. The reason for raising money on Fundable is to increase production and licensing capabilities. The more products manufactured, the more units will be sold. The more units sold, the more revenue and profits will be made. We are making products that are used in everyday life. All offers and business proposals are accepted.

About the team

I am an inventor and also an engineer. I came up with this product after being in a restaurant and noticing that the table is pre-occupied with many condiment and spice bottles. I figured there should be a solution to all of this space being taken up.  So after careful research, I came up with the multi-condiment dispensing bottle.  Now you are able to put two of any condiments, salad dressings, or spices in one bottle.  With the industry having so many food condiments to choose from, this should be able to hold and dispense any of these products.  As mentioned before, the bottle will be used for retail sales, restaurant businesses, camping, barbecues, and all other type of licensing agreements.

What you will receive for backing this

For your donation, you will receive the first runs of our Multi-Squeeze bottle off the production line, getting them before everyone else in the market.  The key for us is to have a good enough support in order to make the product succeed worldwide.  I am also willing to work together with the most motivated and highly driven individuals that are able to take this product to the next level, and would love any advice or feedback.  Thank you!


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