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Quick Pitch

The existing waste disposal system may not be technically broken but with limited income each family and business face and the current economic downturn, there is an opportunity to save consumers money and time with the adoption of Solid Waste Collection.

With our Municipal EU (Electronic Unit) Waste system, we can provide our worldwide customers/ municipalities and solid waste haulers, our Waste Assembly Units. This innovative, environmentally friendly program will feature a “pay-by-weight” system that will be promoted to municipalities and garbage haulers, encouraging them to adopt a new way of managing the solid waste of consumers.

What Makes Our Product Different

Our Municipal E-U Waste Assembly product is the 1st of its kind. Monetary savings are realized due to the use of our product, thus paying for the product for each customer in time. It is easy and convenient to use due to the State of the Art Electronics and compatibility with any smart handheld device, and making large unsightly solid waste containers most obsolete.

Our unit uses Load Cell and Solar Technology in the equipped pad for backup power for the onboard power supply/batteries.

How It Works

Families then segregate and dispose the thrash according to their appropriate receptacles whether they are for recyclables(plastics, cardboards, papers, etc.) and non-recyclables. So through out the week this is done by the family.

When the trash pickup day arrives, they open the base cabinet of the trash container and the recycling saddle-bucket containers. The racks of the dual Saddle-Bucket recycling containers are carried out to the garage where the Waste assembly is. They are attached to the unit on both sides, and the trash container is placed on the scale portion of the Waste Assembly. Once the waste assembly is loaded it is pulled out to the Curbside for collection. After the unit is parked families can scan the weight of the trash on the scale portion of the unit, for their record of weight for that week prior to trash pickup.

Both types of trash are collected but only the non-recyclable trash get weighed for billing purposes. Our Waste Weight Software Module program, provides ease of billing for Municipalities & Waste Haulers.

This system of solid waste management would encourage consumers to purchase responsibly by purchasing goods using recyclable packaging only as much as possible.  The lesser non-recyclable trash families produce the more that they will save on their monthly trash collection fee.


Innovative Investments, Inc. has already achieved the following goals:

  • Legal formation within the State of Nebraska & Colorado.
  • The combining and networking of our 4 team member board.
  • The building of the preliminary Municipal E-U Waste Assembly Product for presentation to engineers with interests in building a working prototype for manufacturing processes to begin.

We are currently working with Engineers from  to move from a preliminary prototype to a working prototype for presentation purposes.

Also, we have, within the past 2 years, issued 50% of common share company stock to interested shareholders for equity in our privately held company.

Meet Our Team

Robert McCuiston, Founder & CEO
Inventor of the Municipal EU Waste System, handles daily domestic company operations.
Member of the US Marine Corps, former welder for Seward Highway Department and Tenneco Automotive; former municipal mayor - provided him with an opportunity to excel in a decision-making capacity; holds licenses for County Highway & City Street Superintendent  and Colorado Division of Insurance

Troy Miller, COO
Handles daily domestic manufacturing operations.
Has more than 10 years of progressive experience in the areas of welding, manufacturing, and assembly. In addition, Mr. Miller holds several professional certifications from organizations including the American Welders Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the state of Nebraska.

Petr Mlatecek, COO of Foreign Operations
Handles daily foreign affairs of manufacturing operations.
Has more than 6 years of experience working with Mr. McCuiston on a wide variety of business ventures, Mr. Mlatecek will use his bilingual capabilities as well as his considerable business management experience, gained both in Prague, Czech Republic, and the continental United States. Mr. Mlatecek will oversee the Company’s operations in Europe.

Louis Gertzbein, VP of Sales and Marketing
Handles networking operations and procedures of current & future company products offered.
Has more than 20 years of experience of sales and customer contact positions in the retail and banking fields, spanning roles such as assistant manager for retail sales and service with Shoppers Drug Mart, as well as various teller and officer positions with TC Canada Trust. Earned an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. back in 1997.

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