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Musist: A New Paradigm

Musist is the next evolution of social media: The Inner Social, applying the positive aspects of social interaction and music to generate content and community that help people feel more connected to themselves and to their thoughts.  Musist is a veteran created, American made alternative to traditional Outer Social media, redirecting the lens of our creative expression inward toward a new kind of curiosity: yourself.

It's an entirely new category and created by a 25 year media and software veteran.

The INNER Social
Writing to Music in Mindful Creativity

Musist amplifies ideas, insights, reflections and emotions by combining music and expression with the creativity tools of modern social media.

Musist will drive the next evolution of social media, integrating music, mindfulness, and creativity within a supportive and positive community.

The INNER Social
Infinite Expression

Musist is coming out of the gate swinging. We have meticulously developed Musist to include the features that will genuinely make a difference. Case in point: our proprietary "Infinite Expression Engine" creates bespoke expression and creativity solutions for music lovers, visual artists, recreational writers, marketers, publishers, educators and brands. We also blend together behavioral sciences, personalization and automation with the following:

The INNER Social
Trial Shows Strong Leading Indicators

Musist already has evidence from their first 5,625 muses and 60K in-app hours that the healthier components of social media can be repurposed to create an environment of deeper connection, one born from the globally human desire to better understand ourselves.

The INNER Social
Traction & Accomplishments 

The Musist App is already:

Pre-market available on both the App Store and Google Play

Successful scaling and integrations with Google, Apple, Spotify and Deezer

Currently in SaaS pilots with 10  organizations

The INNER Social
The Next Social

“The last 20 years of social media has been designed for projection and not reflection. This trend has plateaued.

The next 20 years is The Inner Social, where people get to create more substance over spectacle, as a healthier addiction for creativity, happiness and self-discovery.

Drew Bartkiewicz
Musist Creator

The INNER Social
Why We’ll Lead

Musist is timed perfectly with trends in music, UGC and mindfulness.  The network was created by a former executive and multi-exit entrepreneur. The pre-market app has attracted positive responses in tech and celebrity circles. 

“I see Musist as a new phenomenon.  While traditional social media tells what we are doing and what we have, Musist helps us express who we are and where we are going.”  Actress, Teresa Giudice

Ruelas and Giudice are committed to Musist’s Fall “Life’s a Muse" campaign, incorporating the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Bravo t.v. executives.

The INNER Social
A SaaS Offering for Enterprise & Education

The Teresa Giudice and Loui Ruelas Effect

Teresa is an American television personality best known for starring in The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

        - 2.3 Million Instagram followers
        - 1 Million Twitter followers
        - Extremely loyal fanbase

Louie Ruelas is a businessman and an active philanthropist.

          - Co-founder of Interactive Marketing Solutions and Interactive   ---- ---------Marketing Solutions

The INNER Social
Meet The Team 

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