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My Show Mate is the mobile app that helps you find true love through your favorite TV shows!

If you’re like us, you’ve fallen in love with more than one TV show, but finding the perfect person to watch these shows with -- well, that's a whole different story. 

At My Show Mate, we want you to stop settling for anything less than your perfect show mate, and start connecting with someone who will rant and rave about your favorite TV shows with you. 

We help you find “the one,” because we understand that TV is too good to watch alone.

My Show Mate is a dating app for those people who would rather binge-watch a season of House of Cards instead of going out. We’re an app for those proud indoor types who want to find their perfect partner. We’re an app that helps turn fictional love into real relationships that truly matter.

We understand how important TV is to you, and that’s why we match you with someone else who likes the same shows!

Unlike other online dating sites, when you’re talking to someone on My Show Mate, you won’t need to go through awkward small talk, because you can simply discuss your favorite shows, something you probably do all the time, anyway!

Whether you’re someone who loves Modern Family or someone who can't wait for the new season of Game of Thrones, we help you find someone to share your time (and your couch) with!

If you’re single and living in the 21st century, you’ve probably been exposed to all the pitfalls of the dating scene.

Going to bars and parties isn’t your thing, so you try online dating. You’re on the internet enough that it should work, right?

That's not always the case. When you first log onto a site, you fill out a long questionnaire that seems more like a test than a romantic endeavor. This can take hours and may not bring you any closer to meeting the right person. Or, there are so few questions that opening a conversation feels like the "cold pick-up approach" which is uncomfortable. Meanwhile, you’re ready to start meeting people and ultimately, find someone with whom you can watch Shark Tank and a movie on a Friday night!

Every time you try to connect with someone, you have to go through the same song and dance of small talk with little to no success.

Online dating shouldn’t have to be this hard! You just want to find the Ross to your Rachel, the Pam to your Jim, the Amy to your Sheldon. 

That’s why My Show Mate matches you with other singles interested in the same shows you are. We know how important your TV is and we help you connect with people who feel the same way! Someone’s taste in shows can tell you a lot about them, and it can even help you find "the one!"

We know there are a lot of dating apps to choose from, and that’s why we’ve created My Show Mate with the TV enthusiast in mind. 

Awkwardness Averted
We use an algorithm to determine who's watching the same shows you are. This way, you can avoid the small talk and start talking about shows you actually care about.

Continuous Conversation
We have a live chat feature that allows you to chat about your shows. My Show Mate is a place where there’s no pressure for opening lines, just a pleasant environment where conversation can grow naturally.

Simpler Set-Up
With no long questionnaires, My Show Mate is a time saver. We offer a basic sign-up that includes a list of favorite shows. We have a streamlined and elegant process that gives you more time to connect with potential matches.

We’ve already had some incredible success with My Show Mate in our quest to create more dynamic duos.

We’ve received so much positive feedback. Whenever we talk about our concept, people light up and immediately start talking about their favorite shows. Social media responses range from “Brilliant idea” to “Maybe there’s hope for me with this app!”

Not only have people like you chimed in, but the press has also taken notice of our concept. A radio interviewer referred to My Show Mate as "a $50 million idea," and the article written about us on Refinery29 has been shared 2,300 times. And, we expect more press in the near future! 

We plan to use all this great publicity to fuel the creation of our app and site. We will focus on the app construction, since that’s how our users will connect.

We want to revolutionize the world of online dating and make it a more comfortable place of connection. But we can’t do that without your help! For more information about the future of My Show Mate and how you could be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.

Angela Manfredi - Founder and CEO
Angela loves watching TV, making important snacking decisions, and using technology and humor to bring people together. She is the creator of, which generated lots of press and the interest of television and film executives. She supports her subscription content habit by working as an entertainment writer, reporter and producer. She is also the host and creator of which highlights trending social media stories. 

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