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We deliver world-class products that enable our Customers to choose and enjoy their own adventures. Whether you set out on a suburban sidewalk, a singletrack trail, or in rocky crags above the trees, My Trail equips you for the journey ahead with precision gear as light, comfortable, versatile, dependable, and affordable as we can make it.

And when we say affordable, we mean it. By cutting out the middleman and selling directly to our Customers, My Trail offers products for much less than otherwise comparable brands!

In under a year, our team has already launched a successful digital marketing engine, grown a thriving online store, opened a flagship retail location in Boulder, CO’s busiest shopping district, and are distributing with international partners in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, France, and Germany.And we’ve only just set out. Ready to join us on the next leg of the adventure? 

My Trail is taking everything it’s founder learned from what worked with his previous company, GoLite, as well as what didn’t -- and channeling it into building My Trail into the premier name in outdoor gear worldwide.

GoLite built a massive and fiercely enthusiastic following with a global footprint across 23 countries providing high performance, lightweight and affordable packs, shelters, sleeping bags, outerwear, mid layers, baselayers, and accessories.  

But GoLite made two key mistakes. The first was opening stores that were too large and too costly to operate profitably. The second was filling up the extra store space with casual products that Customers weren’t looking for from GoLite.

My Trail is only opening small stores modeled on GoLite’s smallest and most profitable, and we’re only making the most popular and profitable technical apparel and equipment that GoLite offered -- updated and improved.

My Trail firmly believes in delivering products purpose-built to enhance your outdoor experiences with the people you care about - and at prices everyone can afford. Our philosophy influences every decision we make and is at the heart and soul of our products and our brand.

What makes My Trail the go-to resource for helping people enjoy the outdoors more, and more often?

High Performance
Our products are designed for playing outside, not posturing at cocktail parties. We make cutting-edge apparel and equipment starting from the very best of GoLite’s former designs that have served millions of Customers well over two decades and have won various editors’ choice awards.

Carrying a load that’s heavier or bulkier than it needs to be slows you down and tires you out. Our products are light and compact -- designed thoughtfully with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Many of our Customers trade in 30-40 pound overnight backpacking loads for 5-15 pound loads with My Trail.

Many of our Customers and our entire team care about sourcing products in a sustainable way with minimal negative impact on the biosphere in which we live, work, and play while maintaining a positive experience for the talented people actually making the gear.

Cost consciousness goes hand-in-hand with weight consciousness in our design philosophy. Unlike the traditional wholesale model that requires companies to develop and produce costly samples months in advance, staff trade show booths that cost as much as a small house, and pay rep commissions, we eliminate extraneous expenses. We avoid the middleman and pass those savings directly to our Customers.

We deliver great products at great prices. We cut out the 100% average dealer markup for all of our US and Canada Customers. $10 buys a lifetime membership that saves over ⅓ on average and typically pays for itself many times over on the very first purchase.

From publicly debuting hugely popular product lines, to opening our first brick-and-mortar location, to validating investor demand through several successful crowdfunding rounds, My Trail has made lots of progress since our May 2016 launch. And we have even bigger and better things planned for 2017 and beyond.

Products Our Customers Love  
We acquired GoLite’s product designs, and we will bring the vast majority of the technical apparel and equipment to market through 2020. Our gear has been selling steadily online since launch. Our core Spring/Summer storm, hiking, and trail running apparel is set to arrive May 2017 and our pack, shelter, and down outerwear expansions are ready to order for Fall 2017.  We have a solid roadmap for 2018 and beyond.

Brick-And-Mortar Expansions  
We opened a temporary store in November 2016 in Boulder, CO’s 29th St. shopping district. In May we’ll move to our permanent location on Pearl Street at a comparable location 2 blocks from the one in which GoLite sold ~$2.4 million annually. Our goal going forward is to open 4 additional small brick-and-mortars through 2018.

Proven Demand
All of our products are selling through. January and February, normally the lowest 2 sales months in the outdoor industry, were My Trail’s 2nd and 3rd best months after December due to overall growth. In January, February, and again in March, we achieved over twice the average monthly sales of June through November, 2016.

A Massive Customer Base
We started with the full ~150,000 Customer email list that GoLite developed over 16 years. Every day we connect with and sell our products to a passionate and growing customer base who have purchased them before and as early as 1999.

Patents & IP
Brand protection has been applied for and is progressing in the US, Canada, EU, Japan, and other major markets.

Key Partnerships
My Trail is a launch partner for Xero Prio Shoes and an authorized dealer for Leki poles and Nite Ize and Nikwax accessories. We will add carefully curated accessory products over time that add value for our Customers.

A Global Presence
We have international distributors and dealers in Japan, Taiwan, Australia, France and Germany. We shipped our first international distributor orders to Japan and Germany in August 2016 and shipments have accelerated ever since with new international Customers and with increasing reorders.

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Demetri Coupounas | Founder & CEO |
MBA & MPP | Harvard University
AB | Princeton University
Founder & President | GoLite
Policy Director | Concord Coalition
Associate | Mercer Management Consulting
Strategic Planner, Chairman’s Office | American Stock Exchange
Assistant to Chairman | US Securities & Exchange Commission

Kale Klontz | COO |
Retail Director | GoLite.
17 years outdoor retail | REI
15 years store management | REI

Thomas Dangerfield | CMO |
Brand strategist
Retail and UX designer
Serviced renowned brands like IBM, Coca Cola, Sprint, and Xerox.

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