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My World: Fast Facts

My World is a mobile and web-enabled application that provides local and global customers multi-currency and cross-border banking services with automated and enhanced security features. We remove the complexity synonymous with traditional banking with a truly digital banking solution.

My World puts our clients first by granting them greater affordability, accessibility and flexibility with their account. We empower our clients to have complete and transparent control over their finances.

The Traditional
Banking Problem

As banks adapt to the digital world, many of their practices remain restrictive and paper-intensive. Even banks that claim to be “digital” still follow the same tedious practices that make banking a time-consuming endeavor.

My World has identified the following crucial problems which are not addressed by the traditional or digital banking systems:

Global and local customers lack the ability to carry out multi-currency enabled, cross-border transactions seamlessly.

Traditional banks lack automated transaction facilities.

Traditional banks lack crucial security features.

Traditional banks exclude “unbanked” people or companies with poor credit ratings.

Traditional banks do not provide enough information related to their available banking services, resulting in “underbanked” customers.

Digital Banking for the World

My World has developed systems and processes to adequately provide solutions to the problems faced by our banking clients.

My World will:

Key Services

My World will offer four tiers of banking services to our clients in addition to business banking services. Each private account tier below includes the services listed plus the services in the previous tier.

Our business banking services are ideal for any small or medium-sized company looking for faster and more efficient on-the-go banking. Our business option includes accounting service integration to save our clients time and money.

Our Partners

My World has launched the service on iOS and Android in March, 2021. With the help of our marketing partners, My World is designed to be profitable beginning on day one.

My World has several partners contributing to the success of our platform thus far:

Partner Testimonials

The My World Story

Like many of us today, the founder of My World, Arijit Bhattacharjee, banked with traditional banks for many years and frequently dealt with services which he found draconian, restrictive and paper intensive.

Traditional banking adds additional stress with inconvenient visits to the bank’s location and countless hours spent at the teller’s desk filling out paperwork.

In search of a solution, Arijit studied the models of existing digital banking services and found that even they still followed the same outdated, pencil-and-paper-intensive processes.

Arijit decided to undertake his vision for a completely digital and transparent banking service which would do away with the problems of the traditional banking model. Thus, My World was created.

The My World Team

Arijit Bhattacharjee, FOUNDER | Arijit is the founder and primary brains behind My World. He spent more than 18 months designing the account facilities for the platform. Arijit's career graph has progressed over three decades, where he's been a successful consultant for several small and medium-sized companies and is a serial entrepreneur.

Bella Gamby, HEAD OF MORTGAGES | Bella has been in finance since she was eighteen years old, packaging UK and international mortgages. To date, she has successfully packaged millions of dollars’ worth mortgages. She brings additional experience in Lettings, Sales and Developments.

Chase Moore, HEAD OF MARKETING AND SALES | Chase brings his background in market trading and residential sales and lettings. He has worked in the construction industry for 15 years and quickly worked his way up to project management. He has also worked in Property Sales and Marketing for several years.

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