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Investment highlight

  • Highly leverageable & scalable
  • Patent Pending software application
  • No similar competitor in our space
  • Stock + Reward (access to significant everyday savings benefit platform)
  • Expected raise will be $300,000

What is MyLife

MyLife is a marketing platform for businesses & event promoters

The first and only events app using geo-location to help build strong hyperlocal communities!

Local Partners

  • News & media sites - Hyperlocal regional papers
  • Chambers & Municipalities
  • Travel sites & commerce authorities

Consumer Value Proposition

  • Platform is free!
  • MyLife retains consumer interest & delivers relevant content to their lifestyle
  • New content daily which drives app engagement
  • Provides hyperlocal specials, happy hours, bars/restaurants, & entertainment
  • Builds communities of like interests

Business/Promoter Value Proposition

  • Ability to draw consumers by geolocation
  • Targeted consumer marketing campaigns
  • Promote event & location specifics not included on other platforms
  • Ability to obtain customer reviews that are private, not public


Matched against 13 other competing companies, with only 2 having 44% likeness to MyLife. Here we highlight why we have no direct competition.


  • Business model and KPIs are not on events & event marketing
  • Event & business marketing is shotgun and not specific to consumers
  • Paid promotion is expensive (majority of their revenue stream)
  • No geolocation-based technology applied
  • Even with groups, it does nothing to help build local physical communities


  • It is great for ticketed events but does nothing for non-ticketed
  • Their sole revenue stream is on ticket processing income
  • Does little to no marketing for their event sponsors
  • No geolocation-based technology applied


  • Things-to-do search pulls the top 15 attraction sites
  • Income based on Pay Per Click revenue generated by event promoters
  • Does not have a front end for event submission and promotion
  • Has no brand recognition in our space

Our Competitive Advantage

  • No one is applying technology to cater to the end-user
  • There is no expert provider in this space (Market is ripe for someone to claim)

Technology Play

No other platform is applying technology to this space.

  1. Consumers spend hours wasting their time hunting for something to do
  2. Entertainment businesses & promoters use shotgun marketing approach with little or no ROI

MyLife is at technology play to a space that uses little to none:

  • SAAS model
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Augmented Reality
  • Crypto Coin
  • NFT

Why Invest

Great Returns

  • 7 million EBITDA Year 3 (most conservative estimate)

Simple Concept

  • Ease of use and adoptability
  • Intense growth with small human capital
  • Very reasonably priced with high returns
  • Ability to amass large quantities of purchasing power

Key Accomplishments

MVP Launch (Nov 2022)

  • At revenue - beginning to add clients
  • Signed clients with small monthly revenue
  • Digital marketing campaigns working to grow following
  • Establishing key relationships
  • Digital marketing campaigns showing great traction
  • Rollout of new calendar & newsletter now that the holidays are over

Our Team

Chris Damron - Founder

Investor, Startup Entrepreneur, Credit Card Processing Veteran, & Builder of Creative Partnerships 

Veteran entrepreneur, credit card processing professional, and marketer. I grew up in an environment that doesn't let things fail and hard work is what it takes to be successful. MyLife was spawned from a personal need that wasn't being met in the marketplace. I enjoy local entertainment no matter where I am and have always struggled to find it on all the existing platforms. I have the work ethic and tenacity to bring it to fruition and will see it through until it reaches the personal milestone I have set. Once achieved our plan is to sell it to an organization that can benefit from the platform.

Eric Turille - Co-Founder

Long time banking professional and consultant 

Veteran entrepreneur, credit card processing professional, and banker. 23 year career banking, President of First National Bank of Omaha Merchant processing (5th largest in US at that time). Board member. Various Visa and Mastercard and Industry group committees and Associations. Consultant. Merchant ISO owner.

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