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myTab’s a travel gift card, where you can save travel cash and shout ‘put it on myTab’ so friends & family contribute towards your trip (wedding/honeymoon registry, birthday, study abroad, philanthropy trips, friends getaways, reunions etc). Then simply redeem the funds towards travel, all within our website. And since we’re running a gift card platform, we can negotiate with travel suppliers who want to target our cash-rich ready-to-travel audience. We call this ‘Match myCash’ and a massive win/win for both customer and travel industry. It’s a whole new way to fund, plan and book travel without spending weeks, frustratingly hunting for the best deal and when you’ve booked, never really knowing if you got the best bang for your buck. You’ve now got funds available so your focus shifts from this ridiculously irritating ‘compare all sites’ search to a happier, empowered experience.

Travel is a $700b industry and with all the planning, booking and recommendation sites out there, including excessive flash/daily deals, the customer is in a constant disarray trying to scoop a deal. myTab’s the only travel site that’s created a simple solution that’s a winner for the customer and also the travel industry. Customers can either search myTab and book their trip or sit back and let us hand deliver a deal to them. Within time, from myTab’s platform, the industry will hit their long and low-time margins so won’t be fluctuating in ridiculous erratic prices that drives the customer nuts. It’s a no brainer solution to the biggest pain in travel…!

We're totally different because a: we're addressing the BIGGEST problem in travel that is a massive pain for both the industry & customer = erratic prices. b: we're focusing on the emotion behind the purpose of the trip as priority, not the destination. c: we're gaining insanely unique, real-time data that has never been collected before about travelers (how far in advance they're planning, funds gifted and/or saved, how many travelers per group, purpose of the trip, frequency of build up action leading to trip date, colors they associate trips with for synesthesia call-to-action. We have data on our users, their traveling friends and their funds in all these areas and sub areas). d: we're running a gift card platform so we can not only negotiate a win/win for the industry targeting a capture demographic & socioeconomic yet the value of myTab increases as we're holding the cash (FDIC insured). Now you get it? :)

Gift Friends - by alphabet, username or upcoming birthday!

See friends trips & gift them...and comment (social plugin)

Add trips for yourself or with Facebook friends

Book travel - flights, flights+hotel, hotel

Shout 'put it on myTab' - friends & family contribute towards your trip! - honeymoon gift registry landing page

myTab.oc/Fundraiser - fundraise your philanthropy trips - fundraise study abroad & student trips

Grab a widget to embed on your blog for faster travel fundraising - reunions, friends getaways & more!


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