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What’ll you have?

At one time, that was a pretty simple request. But that’s not the case anymore.

The popularity of craft beer has exploded, particularly with the Millennial crowd. But with so much variety in the market, there’s no true craft beer identity.

Plus it can be tough for craft beers to find a space at the bar, bumping into the big-name beers that rule the market.

So what does the discriminating craft beer lover do when a bartender or server asks, “What’ll you have?”

Celebrating Jai Ho

Even in today’s digital world, no screen can take the place of great food, great beer and great company at a favorite bar or restaurant. NDN BV, Inc. believes in bringing people together for genuine personal interaction, a fantastic meal and an incredible beer.

Our Jai Ho Midnight is an India Pale Ale featuring a gorgeous red-orange pour, a frothy white head and an exquisite taste. Slow brewed using only the finest ingredients, Jai Ho Midnight IPA is crafted to make any occasion a cross-cultural celebration!

Jai Ho for every occasion

Raise your standards. Raise your spirits. Raise your glass. Jai Ho!

Jai Patel, founder of NDN BV, Inc., noticed an empty glass in the craft beer space. He wanted to fill that glass with a palate-pleasing, premium craft beer - so he created Jai Ho Midnight IPA.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or the end of a long week at the office, Jai Ho!

Water + Time

For Jai Ho, perfection comes naturally.
Brewed in an craft brewery in Denmark using sustainable production methods,   Jai Ho Midnight IPA’s exclusive recipe uses 100% organic, high-quality ingredients and pure, crystal-clear Scandinavian spring water.

But it takes time.
Time is our most important ingredient. While mass-market beers rely on volume and speed, we rely on flavor. Jai Ho Midnight IPA is slow-brewed over 49 days to ensure our balanced, perfectly rounded taste that is slightly fruity and hoppy, but not bitter.

And a love for beer.
Our team knows and loves beer. From our craft beer guru to our managers and sales force, craft beer is our passion. We’re ready to spread the word about Jai Ho Midnight IPA to top-shelf bars, restaurants and craft beer lovers.

Singing Jai Ho’s praises

NDN BV, Inc. is just starting to fill glasses with Jai Ho Beer Midnight IPA, and customers are lifting those glasses to sing its praises. We’ve already hit $50,000 in revenue since the IPA’s release in January of 2019.

Drink order | Several restaurants in Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada are currently serving Jai Ho Beer Midnight IPA to their customers.

Taste test | NDN BV, Inc. hosted a tasting booth at the 2019 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, where they treated more than 2,000 guests to the taste of Jai Ho Beer Midnight IPA and received an overwhelming positive response: 88% of tasters surveyed enjoyed the product and its quality.

Celebrity endorsement | Celebrity Chef Bryan-David Scott is a big fan of Jai Ho Midnight IPA.

The Team behind the beer

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