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Neptune FS Global: Fast Facts

Oil and gas markets produce more wastewater, and have more challenges in dealing with it, than we have the time or space to share. With combinations of chemicals, minerals, bacterial, and heavy metals including organic and inorganic compounds that do not allow just a single process to purify and restore the water back to a usable commodity., a modern industry solution is required -- but it's easier said than done. The good news is we have a method that lends itself to clearly processing the majority of industrial wastewater conditions. The Fisk Neptune Process (FNP) has stepped forward from years of trial by fire research and will set the standards for efficiency, viability in the recovery of water to a natural state.

Massive Problem
With massive amounts of waste

Oil and gas markets have an enormous water disposal problem, primarily the fact that they have to dispose of it.

In a world where water is not plentiful for all, and at a time when it should be treated as a precious commodity, oil and gas markets continue to take their polluted water -- produced from their operations -- drill a hole and pump it down for disposal.

This is an awful way of handling the situation.

It's also incredibly inefficient while flaring of wells burn fuel that could be used in processing produced water.

And it fails to serve anyone -- not even oil and gas companies benefit as much as they could if there was a way to put that water to use.

One Groundbreaking Solution

Neptune FS Global solves these problems by producing clean water while using (not wasting) excess energy that is burned off in the flare gas at the wellhead.

Our mobilized platform allows for a quick transition of operations while also providing a global solution where quick time-to-market and water needs are most severe.

Modular System
Co-founded by Brian Fisk and Mark Skoda, who worked in the water remediation technology and services markets, our Fisk Neptune processor is a platform based modular system. Modules are easily replaced in the field, or a complete unit can be changed in minutes, minimizing downtime or customer well site problems. 

Economical Operation
Currently in final fabrication and testing (and will be completed in the first quarter of 2022), the Fisk Neptune Processor is economical to operate with deployment to Kansas oil well for paid testing contract.

Our Fisk Engineering Services bench system (used to conduct testing) has shown to be effective on all types of waste water presented and can be optimized to meet EPS disposal standards or with additional processing, application in agriculture and human consumption. 

Satisfy Any Criteria
Last but not least it's important to note that while the use of filter media is generally unnecessary to meet most standards, if it is necessary, it can be used to polish to meet nearly any criteria.

All of our solutions are provided as a service to the client on the basis of a per barrel, per gallon or per liter charge for processing.

Key Features

No Injection Wells Necessary: The Fisk Neptune Process (FNP) negates the need for injection wells and storage of contaminated materials. We are proud to open the door to responsible and technically affordable solutions. This will free future generations from the burden of a damaged and polluted environment. 

Environmentally Friendly Process: The correction and rehabilitation of the environment can be accomplished with these new environmentally friendly processes. The FNP is a thermally enhanced series of stimulation, which is then processed to recover energy and enhance further processing goals, increasing viability. 

Rare Industry Solution: The full gamut of enhanced separation techniques is employed while combining a resource recovery process to develop viable byproducts. This style of processing is rare in our industry today. The thermal processor that can accomplish this is new; processes are designed for continuous flow. Thermal processors are not new but the combined resource of energy recovery is, making the FNP process one of the most economical with full cradle to grave results. The decrease in liability in the present and future is resolved by this intuitive series of processes from one machine.

Traction & Accomplishments

Patents and Partnerships

Patent issued March 26, 2019 US Patent #10,240,783 B2.  Additional patents will be filed after testing

Developing a "trade secrets” vault for those elements not completed in patent. 

SS Oilfield Company for sales in US

KETOS water testing technology for integration with FNP

LOI’s for Zimbabwe; South Africa & India

Meet The Team

Mark A. Skoda

  • Has been working on the produced water problem for nearly 10 years
  • With a 30+ year executive background, he brings a strong M&A background as well as senior leadership
  • His work included start ups and expansion while leading a global team
  • His technology experience in several tech companies provides a balanced perspective in developing Neptune FS Global 

Brian K. Fisk

  • Fisk has been working on the produced water problem for over 20 years
  • He holds patents in other companies in the USA and Canada with a focus on distillation and digester technologies
  • He developed early processor solutions leading up to this fourth-generation device currently in production
  • His earlier unit was used to clean ground water at a Oregon chemicals factory where he was able to prove out the earlier solution 

Sam S. Lloyd

  • Has been working in the oil & gas industry for the past 20 years
  • As a mechanical engineer and field operations executive, as worked throughout the industry on global operations problems and solutions for that industry
  • Provided technical expertise as the SME for deep water liner hanger design and installations.
  • Extensive filed operations expertise in several oil industry related companies and provided consulting, design and implementation of solutions for those operations.

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