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Photolok uses photos for secure, simple, passwordless login


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Fast Facts

Netlok is an innovative cybersecurity company that has patented and developed Photolok - a password replacement login solution that uses photos, not passwords, to provide user-friendly online access that is ultra secure.

Problem: Passwords Are Ineffective

The increase in remote workers as well as privacy regulations and financial penalties are driving a need for a higher level of security in access and identity management.

In fact, cracking passwords accounts for 81% of hacker success.

However, existing approaches like encrypted keys, captchas, 2-factor access codes sent by SMS text, devices like fobs, and biometrics are complex, costly, and not user friendly.

Additionally, facial recognition is being re-evaluated by Amazon, IBM and Microsoft due to privacy concerns.

Individual privacy, data protection and e-commerce require a more secure login solution.

Solution: Photolok Simplifies Login

Photolok Provides Human-Centric

Photolok replaces passwords with photos for human-oriented login security, whereby a person’s brain can emotionally connect to the photos they need to remember.

With the trillions of possible photo combinations and the randomization of photos in the photo displays, Photolok effectively prevents massive break-ins.

In addition, each user’s photos are isolated from other user accounts to prevent horizontal penetrations, which forces hackers to break one account at a time and, therefore, prevent scaling of attacks.

Photolok’s Security Advantages

Photolok includes a variety of features and benefits to provide users with
secure logins.

Photolok’s Major Milestones

Product Development

Customer Acceptance
Currently launching Photolok login with AlphaPoint, a top 5 exchange platform that has over 100 companies using its products worldwide


  • US Patent No. 9710641 issued 07/18/17
  • US Patent No. 10204217 issued 02/12/19
  • Foreign: Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia granted; EU pending

Social Proof

  • AlphaPoint is recommending Photolok login to its clients



Press Mentions

Meet the Team

Tony Perez, CEO |
Tony Perez carved out a successful career in building businesses around breakthrough products rooted in technology, security and innovation. He has experience in startups, software development, and patents.  Retired Captain, US Army, Purple Heart recipient.

Chris Sherman, CFO |
Chris Sherman is a business strategist and operational leader who thrives on helping companies advance through smart, disciplined approaches. He has extensive experience in C-suite roles and security, which includes several startups.

Keith Roberts, CTO |
Over a 20-year career, Keith has been involved in developing complex systems for commercial, military, startups, and financial institutions. He has experience in startups, system architecture design to scale high-volume operations, cryptography and data integrity.

Jessica Robinson, CISO |
Jessica Robinson, Founder and CEO of PurePoint International, helps CEOs prevent data breaches by bridging the gap between physical and cybersecurity. She has experience in incident response and governance.

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