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Network Professionals brings together expertise and contacts to help professionals grow their business through meaningful, long-term relationships with other industry professionals.

As a professional, generating sales referrals and building networks so you can grow your business can be hard.

If you don’t see yourself as the extraverted type, networking may send shivers down your spine. But it has to be done—and done right—if you want to succeed.

Networking is about creating connections and building mutually beneficial relationships. Connecting with people is not as easy as it sounds. You have to know the right people.

Ironically, our “connected” world makes it quite difficult for us to make truly relevant connections because of the cluttered messages sent by social media, advertisements, status updates, special offers, and emails.

At Network Professionals, we think it's time for a new solution that brings professional networking into the 21st century. And with Network Professionals, we've created exactly that. 

Network Professionals helps you stand out from the noise and make connections that truly matter. After all, people want to work and do business with a person they like and trust. And you can be that person.

NPI helps you make real, enduring, and credible connections with people with whom you can find the most productive, mutually beneficial relationships through localized, close-knit networks.

With NPI, you will not only be able to build leads. It is actually more than that. You create actual, meaningful referrals that will help you further expand your network and grow your business.

NPI brings together a select group of highly qualified men and women, one in each professional category. Together, they make a connection and help each other succeed through exchanging qualified business referrals.

NPI gathers select, highly-qualified professionals. Only one member from each professional category is allowed for each chapter, to foster exclusivity through structured, meaningful connections that truly deliver.

NPI’s members meet weekly, and each meeting is structured for optimal exposure. Members present weekly infomercials and periodic in-depth presentations to invested, reciprocating membership. In addition, members meet in one-on-one meetings and quarterly social events outside the weekly meeting venue. This ensures deep and meaningful interactions that give fruit to a more productive, more mutually beneficial relationships that truly foster business and career growth.

Building your network through NPI will help you:

Make money

Be the sole professional in your field in your chapter

Meet other professionals whom you would not get a chance to know otherwise

Increase your ability to act as a resource for your clients or customers

Improve your public speaking and social skills

Give back to other people

Members of NPI commit to the ideals of improving their careers through social and professional contacts and referrals. By becoming a member of an NPI chapter in your area, you will enjoy far more opportunities specific to your industry or business.

NPI is already actively operating in Florida. We currently have 6 territories, over 35 chapters, and approximately 700 members. Our service and franchise offerings are all fully operational.

Our members include executives of several major banking and financial services institutions, including SunTrust, PNC, Bank United, TD Bank, Northwestern Mutual, Aflac, Allstate, etc. We also have members who are affiliated with global consumer services companies such as Mary Kay and Juice Plus, as well as prominent doctors and partners of prestigious law firms. In addition, we have an alliance with a national business coach and motivational speaker for numerous executives of major corporations and are working together on cross-branding.

Significantly, we have copyright to our materials, website, and systems and procedures.

Bill has over 30 years of executive level experience in finance, operations, and sales and marketing, as well as entrepreneurial success in customer care.

Bill also has over 15 years of franchise expertise, both as executive for a national franchisor and as franchisee of multiple locations.

Bill has over 20 years of organized networking success, including over 10 years of experience in structured networking organizations, which includes growing chapters and territories, as well as assuming chapter and regional leadership roles.

Bill’s expertise includes growing businesses, planning and executing operational processes, training development, strategic planning, customer service, and mergers and acquisitions. He has successfully launched several emerging companies.

Bill currently handles NPI’s finance, accounting, P&L management, cash management, franchise infrastructure, strategic and financial planning, and business development.

Deborah is a 30-year veteran in finance, operations, IT, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and sales and marketing, including executive and entrepreneurial roles in diverse service and consumer industries with both emerging and global Fortune 500 companies. She also has significant international operating experience.

Deborah has almost 13 years franchising expertise, including 5 years franchisor experience as VP, General Manager of a national franchisor and as a franchisor business consultant and almost 10 years’ experience as franchisee of a successful consumer services company, earning acclaim for superior customer service, customer and employee retention, operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

Deborah's networking experience includes developing strategic business alliances, global corporate communities, cross promotion and cross branding, referral and incentive programs, and building and fostering client communities and business and trading networks. Her structured networking organization experience spans more than six years, which includes success in chapter growth, leadership growth, structure development, and process replication.

She harnesses her skills and expertise in NPI to lead operations, business development, franchise development, branding, sales and marketing, and strategic planning.

Brenda’s experience in key executive positions in operations and sales and marketing comes from over 35 years in business service industries.

She has also acquired networking success over the span of a decade with premier global sales and marketing organizations. She has found success in developing business alliance networks, developing corporate and community networking events, community networking, cross promotion and alliances with local businesses, referral and incentive programs and building and fostering client communities and business networks.

Brenda is also an expert in customer service, operational process and procedures, sales and marketing, growing businesses, maintaining high retention rates, and developing ancillary revenue streams.

In NPI, Brenda handles sales, administration, human resources, customer service, and infrastructure.

Charlie has been the Regional Director for Palm Beach County territory for over 10 years. She has made it the most successful of territories and her performance rivals those of our major competitor with approximately 300 members in just over 10 chapters.

Charlie serves in an advisory capacity. She is NPI’s go-to person responsible for advisory roles for franchise development, recruitment, service delivery, training, personnel development, and operating practices, to name a few.

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