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Real AI through Machine Knowledge, the step beyond Machine Learning


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New Sapience is a groundbreaking, scalable web-based software platform that adds knowledge derived from human minds into new and existing AI applications -- giving computers a way to comprehend our world so they can help us navigate it.

Our Machine Knowledge technology is the future of AI innovation, surpassing existing Machine Learning tech by adding explainable results, deterministic logic, and genuine comprehension of human language

Digital assistants like Siri were introduced to be our helpers, giving us instant access to accurate information.

But conversations with Siri often feel one-sided. Think of all the times you made a simple request or statement, only to hear –

“I don’t know what that means.”

If Siri was human, she’d use her knowledge of the world to assist you. She would understand your question and give you a thoughtful response.

Machines can’t compete with human helpers because they don’t have that knowledge.

How do humans gather knowledge?
From birth we build a world model in order to understand and navigate the world around us.

At New Sapience, we’ve done the unthinkable:

Developed a way for computing machines to model the world and gather knowledge in a similar way.

We’ve developed a practical, scalable way to add knowledge from human minds to new and existing AI applications -- using our revolutionary Machine Knowledge software technology:

This technology lets machines contain and process compact models of the world-- giving them knowledge, comprehension, and the ability to learn pedagogically.

Machine Knowledge goes above and beyond Machine Learning technology, adding:

As each instance of runtime software interacts with its environment, it becomes a unique individual.

When equipped with our world model and natural language processing routines, they possess a human-like capacity to learn cognitively through:

We call these language-enabled Machine Knowledge applications “sapiens.”

Our initial consumer product will be the Companion Sapiens -- a superior digital assistant that remembers information and actually understands our language instead of reacting to keywords. As the sapiens converses, learning more and more about its “principle,” it will become a “virtual friend” providing genuine companionship.



We’re entering a competitive field (AI) -- but our approach is new, unique, easily scalable, and outperforms the competition.

Bryant Cruse - Chairman and Founder

  • Pioneer in applying advanced automation software tech to difficult real-world problems
  • Founder/co-founder of two previous successful high-tech software automation companies which were acquired by public corporations
  • Responsible for New Sapience’s core technology concepts and design

Sean Reineke - CEO & President

  • Served as CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of various early-stage firms in the infotech and biotechnology fields
  • Held executive positions with Lockheed Martin and IBM
  • Leadership experience in the entire range of commercial, civilian government, and DoD, serving domestic and international markets

William F. Bandy, PhD. - Chief IP Officer, Board Member

  • Career with NSA, including being detailed to DARPA
  • Co-founded Matrics Technology Systems, Inc. -- bought by Symbol Technologies, Inc. in 2004 for $230M
  • First outside investor at New Sapience

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