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Our mission is to bring the Primrose School’s proven and time-tested educational model and curriculum to Atlanta-area families who are looking for challenging and enriching early childhood programs.

At NewCo, we’re helping share the next generation of compassionate, generous, healthy and intelligent children, one student at a time.

Due to the increased number of women in the workforce and the rising number of two working parent households, families across the country are seeking access to quality childcare and early education programs.

Over the past decade, research promoting the importance of early childhood education on long-term child development has shown that access to early childhood programs is connected to the likelihood of earning higher test scores through K-12 careers.

Rising parental interest in early education has fueled the demand for the Child Education and Development Center Franchise industry, which focuses on early education extending from STEAM subjects, like math, science, and literacy, to learning tools that better prepare children for primary school. 

There are an estimated 11 million children under age five enrolled in some kind of childcare program every week, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Franchises within the industry offer alternative educational programs, tutoring, camps and other essential programs parents rely on for their children's education, health, and wellbeing.

Early Child Education & Development Franchise Industry:
Services Segmentation At-A-Glance

The Pre-Primary segment of the industry accounts for 28% of the industry’s overall income, which totals around $730 million annually. As the demand for more programs continues to rise, so do the costs associated with them.

Families are desperate to find quality programs near them that offer a greater value. Luckily, NewCo is bringing one to their neighborhood.

NewCo is a franchise school with Primrose, a highly successful early childcare education program with over 301 franchised schools across 23 states, NewCo incorporates a Balanced Learning Approach that focuses on helping children build Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts.

NewCo will provide early childcare and educational programs to families in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Our flagship school will be located in the up-and-coming Eden Rock Westside Village Development in Acworth.

Alongside its franchise partner, Primrose Schools, NewCo is seeking to:

A Proven Learning Philosophy

NewCo incorporates the Primrose School’s Balanced Learning Approach into its programs and curriculum. A proven and time-tested educational model, this groundbreaking approach has been shown to result in higher reading and math test scores among children.

The Primrose model is also unique in that it can be customised for each age group, ensuring that each child has the greatest opportunity to flourish and reach ideal development checkpoints for their age group and abilities.

Perhaps most importantly, the Primrose education model takes a wholesome approach to learning. It meets the highest academic STEAM standards while still managing teaching children to be compassionate, generous and healthy individuals, both in and outside the classroom. 

Highly Trained Faculty & Staff

NewCo holds not only its students to the highest standards but also its staff and faculty. The company’s early childcare and education center will feature some of the best, highly sought after educators in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Our talented, certified teachers are supported by Ph.D.s and early childhood psychologists who have helped develop the most effective curriculum for each age group. Every teacher at NewCo will be required to go through a thorough training program that gives them the tools and skills needed to successfully implement the Primrose School curriculum. 

An Excellent Location

NewCo’s first franchise school location will be in the up-and-coming Eden Rock Westside Village Development. A commercial retail development, it will feature a large number of retail and restaurant businesses.

Strategically located near several apartment buildings and townhomes, the Eden Rock Westside Village Development provides a large, pre-existing market that has the capacity to spend on early education services.

Our parent company, The Primrose School, is dedicated to providing the best and most reliable early education and child care service across the country. It is an accredited private preschool with a clear mission:

The Primrose School is able to carry out its ambitious mission by sticking to four key values:

NewCo is in the process of opening its first franchise school with Primrose Schools. Currently, we are in the final stages of franchise ownership approval, and are gearing up to break ground on a new school in Acworth, a growing part of Atlanta’s metropolitan area.

NewCo is still in its earliest stages of development, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about the future of our franchise.

Following the successful launch of our flagship school, NewCo plans to open several other franchise locations across the state of Georgia.

In addition to our education centers, NewCo also has plans to launch a line of school uniforms for Pre-K students, a move that will create an additional revenue stream for our company.

NewCo is led by a team of experienced and passionate business professionals who understand first-hand the value the Primrose brand, and the opportunities it can provide to families in the Atlanta market. 

Demi R. Gray | Demi has been a Human Resources practitioner for over 15 years. Her strong corporate background includes two years as the Global Leader & Director of Human Resources at Trulite Glass & Aluminum, as well the Director of Human Resources at both Floor & Decor and Emeritus Senior Living. Currently, she is a Human Capital Solutions Partner at Resources Global. Demi’s stellar business background is only matched by her passion for excellent childcare education opportunities, and she knows first-hand how successful Primrose School students can be.

Marvin T. Gray | Marvin has over 20 years of knowledge, experience and success managing large projects, operations, resources and staff for one of the world’s largest distribution corporation. His strength in logistics, budgeting, and skills in process improvement will ensure NewCo’s school is properly running and reaching its highest potential.

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