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The Disconnection

The NexGen system can save vendors as much as $40/user in acquisition costs and provide a stable user base.

People need a means of specifying preferences to receive only relevant offers and campaigns from multiple businesses in one place, while companies need a viable and stable user base to promote their products and services.

Most of the population understands what it’s like navigating and sometimes getting lost down the rabbit hole, clicking on link after link in search of information on products and services.

At NexGen, we see an opportunity to revolutionize searching for products/services by introducing an app that allows individuals access to information based on their unique preferences with the ability to communicate with others of similar profile via closed communities.

The app is focused on students at universities/colleges as the primary Consumer target, businesses in the catchment area as primary merchants. NexGen is offering a revenue share arrangement to the university/college administration to motivate their promotion of the app to the school’s community. This is being well received as most universities/colleges that rely on endowments other than student fees are looking at areas that help put money in their coffers, especially when there is NO additional expense.

NexGen Portal LLC:
Fast Facts

NexGen is a preference-based app focused on the student community in colleges/universities bringing relevant offers on products & services to this target Consumer group. The symbiotic nature of the app allows Merchants to digitally advertise and run campaigns for products and services. Offers and campaigns can also be extended to members of a school’s community of faculty, staff, alumni and parents with the ability to set unique preferences and only receive relevant results and information.

For The Next Generation

Thanks to the introduction of the NexGen app, 3 sectors of users will benefit in various ways and are combined in such a way that creates a stable user base and community. Our app creates a symbiotic relationship between schools, its community, and local businesses.

The NexGen App supplies schools with a closed communication tool that can be used daily by their community of students, faculty, staff and alumni. Revenue sharing with the schools based on their number of active users helps maintain the active user base.

The NexGen app offers the user a one-stop-shop of services from a diverse group of businesses. The user receives information and offers from multiple businesses in reply to a request for information. The college/university user also has the ability to communicate with their closed community.

Merchants reply to 1st party request not data purchased based on clicks done yesterday, last week or last month. Merchants are provided the tools to simply create ads/replies and track results.

How It Works
For Universities

How It Works
For Business

How It Works
For Students/Faculty



Joseph Costanzo | Founder NexGen Portal LLC | A professional with 30+ years management experience supporting major national corporations, with a strong performance record in start-up operations, project management and product development.

Rajiv Mathur | Founder MobiMedia In. | IT Industry professional of 44 years, supporting large organizations as well as start-ups, with roles including sales, marketing, product marketing, CXO, COO, and CEO.

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