NightRide Thermal

Vehicle-Mounted Thermal Cameras - Game Changer in Night Vision


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NightRide Thermal:
Fast Facts

NightRide is the first and only B2B and B2G company specializing in self-installable vehicle-mounted thermal cameras, keeping drivers safe at night and in harsh weather.

NightRide cameras are ideal for:

  • Navigating pedestrians, animals, other obstacles while driving at night
  • Wildlife control, livestock preservation, anti-poaching
  • First responders, private security
  • Disaster recovery, FEMA, Homeland Security, military, snowplows
    Off-roading, camping, outdoor recreation

Ever Worry You Won’t Make It Home?

Although ¼ of all driving is done at night, 50% of traffic deaths occur then.


More than 1.2M car accidents are  caused by poor weather conditions annually. Among all weather conditions, fog is the most egregious. 

Enter: NightRide

About Time: Seconds that Could
Save Your Life 

The Big Picture:
What Have You Been Missing?

No Light. No Problem.

Key Design Features

Easy, 5-minute initial install on any vehicle + display on driver’s phone, tablet or laptop. 

Auto-start upon ignition and transfer between vehicles in seconds.

Rugged, high-quality materials that operate in harsh weather, from -40⁰C to +40⁰C  in rain, snow, sleet, fog and smoke.

A wide variety of combinations of sensor resolution and lens sizes to meet a wide range of use cases.

Proprietary control system, image processing and user interface allow for rapid adaptation for unique sector requirements. 

Initial Two Sector Market Approach

NightRide has chosen two complimentary sectors to develop as initial markets. Both market sectors are well versed in the benefits of thermal vision.

  • Detects animal heat signature without illuminating area
  • Allows for stealth approach
  • Rapid identification of targets or livestock at great distances

  • Full-situational awareness
  • Discreet assessment of risk
  • Mitigate injury or death in low or no light conditions and severe weather. The greatest cause of line of duty death (LODD) is vehicle related accidents.

The Game Changer

Word On the Street

Every department should have NightRide. We can see everything on pitch black roads, through smoke, identifying points of heat. Before we had NightRide, we almost hit a deer and narrowly missed injury. NightRide gives us confidence - it starts working before we get out of the driveway on the way to a fire”


NightRide Scout is revolutionary.  I don’t have to use my headlights to drive and can pan both sides of the road to sight hogs. When there are mosquitos, rain, snow, etc. I am comfortable in the cab and able to constantly survey the environment, only getting out of the truck when there is an animal to focus on. The Scout has not only made me more effective, it has made it easier so I got out more often!" 


Meet The Team 

Mary Ellen Kramer
35 years C-Suite experience in tech, finance & telecommunications. Founder of Itel (telecom switching), Allied Communication Holdings (first all digital phone service to Brazil), and Maritime Broadband (global C-Band service for commercial ships).  Raised $40MM in financing for prior ventures.

Shawn Groce
16 years multi-disciplinary engineering experience. Developed Rigid Industries Lights (1st LED truck lighting bars), lighting and automotive products.

Zevi Kramer
34 years in telecommunications & electronics. Lead engineer on guided bomb project for Israeli Air Force, automatic gear for Merkava tank, and development of first AI powered satellite antenna. 

Adam Strominger
18 years experience in business development for financial and technology companies, building alliances, and strategic consulting.

Jeremy Flinn 
Experienced business leader with focused skill set in brand development in hunting, outdoors, and public safety.

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