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An Investment in Community

Stabilizing North City Urgent Care is a mission of mercy. The surrounding community is neglected, underserved and with poor healthcare access. Saint Louisans have known this for decades and, more recently, the whole world has been made aware of this situation. 

With Missouri postponing Medicaid expansion indefinitely, access to affordable quality medical care is even more urgently needed. North City Urgent Care does offer medical care at no charge, but the facility also accepts all commercial insurances, Medicaid and Medicare, so that it can preserve its financial wellbeing and continue to serve the community. We have the skill to leverage resources to help a community while at the same time understand how to run a business. 

North City Saint Louis unfortunately has an alarmingly high crime rate, and coupled with a poor infrastructure, so this is truly a long-term challenge. However, without engaging in politics, we rolled up our sleeves in September 2013, seeking to make a lasting positive impact, with what we know best: the delivery of urgent care to those who need it most. Taking care of patients at no charge, as well as seeing patients who have commercial insurance, is a wonderful model to channeling the community to directly help itself. 

This is your chance to help a community in need by contributing to the stability of an integral part of its infrastructure. Caring for families like yours, as well as for an entire community, is the goal here. 

Product/Service Details

The delivery of the highest quality medical care by licensed and highly trained professionals, both physicians and nurse practitioners, regardless of the patient's ability to pay. What do we do at North City Urgent Care?

  • Thorough history and physical, probably more comprehensive than many patients have ever had in their life,
  • A complete assessment of all medical problems and medications being taken, to make sure everything makes sense,
  • Setting up a patient's 'medical home', so there is a personal, trusted, prmary care provider, who coordinates all medical care, and functions as an advocate for the patient, 
  • onsite x-rays,
  • electrocardiography,
  • nebulizer treatments,
  • intravenous fluids and antibiotics,
  • suturing up lacerations and other minor surgery,
  • the setting of fractures and dislocations.

Essentially, 85% of what you would get in any Emergency Room in the country but at a facility that truly does not care how or whether you can pay.

Our founder, Dr. Sonny Saggar, who has been the main backer for this initiative, is an emergency physician and he has always maintained, like most emergency physicians, that the vast majority of patients seen in the ER should not be there. They should be managed in a lower-acuity urgent care setting, and this would free up the ER for those who really are in life-threatening danger. This goal actually helps all strata of society, regardless of their socioeconomic status. That is why everyone should get energized about supporting a program like that at North City Urgent Care. 

Our hope is that, once successful and fully understood by the patients, this model is replicated nationwide. 

Traction & Accomplishments

North City Urgent Care (NCUC) was founded in September 2013 and it has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. It is the 4th urgent care facility of, but it's different in that our goal was to create something all the big hospital systems and profit-seekers would never do: open a clinic in a blighted part of town with no chance of success the conventional way. 

The City of Saint Louis did assist with the provision of a piece of land that will become a parking lot once we can afford to pave it with asphalt, and the facility has received donations from private individuals, although it is a tax-paying entity. Since opening, the only capital support has been from Dr. Saggar, because of his vision, although all common-sense financial advice goes to the contrary!

NCUC has been gaining traction with area schools and residents, but not at a speed that ensures stability. NCUC was also tapped in December 2013 to serve as one of the two facilities in St. Louis to manage all sexually transmitted infections, as commissioned by the Department of Health. The facility sees patients every day, most for free. 

The purpose of this crowdfunding initiative is to achieve stability, so that we can better serve the community, and bring real hope and change to the most underserved part of Saint Louis. Financial stability is needed just long enough to reach a critical patient volume, such that we will eventually become self-sustaining by means of revenue from those patients who do have health coverage. 

The mission and model of this facility will be highlighted at the 1st birthday party on Saturday, 20th September. 

How We're Different

North City Urgent Care was created to make a difference, not a profit. We wanted to deliver real help those who live in the neighborhood and call it home.

Back in the hot summer of 2012, Dr. Saggar was driving through North City Saint Louis and, while at a stop light, three little kids came up to his car, begging for nickels and dimes. He was stunned that this scene was in America, when he'd only ever thought it happened in parts of Asia, Africa and South America. This moved Dr. Saggar so much, that he felt called to do something about it, using the existing business activity he knew best: urgent care. If you go there today and drive up Goodfellow on a hot day, you'll observe similar heart-wrenching scenes. This shouldn't be happening in a town one calls home, especially not in America. The old saying that 'Charity Begins At Home' rings true here. Shouldn't we be looking after America first, starting with the most desperate parts of our own home towns? 

Not only do we treat each patient with the same high quality care, regardless of demographic, our company mantra is for staff to treat every patient like we would any member of our own families. 

So many urgent care facilities have opened nationally in the past decade because it seemed like a highly profitable venture. That's not us!

We formed to achieve a sustainable clinic in an area that's largely neglected in terms of so many aspects of inrastructure, that most communities in America take for granted. Our skill is in medical care, so instead of joining a mission trip to a troubled part of the planet, we decided that true charity and love for one's fellow man, BEGINS AT HOME. As Saint Louisans, we wanted to do whatever we could FOR OUR HOME, and for our town, because only by looking after our own backyard will the entire property benefit. 


Sonny Saggar, M.D. - Founder & Medical Director

Emergency physician and Internist 

Sonny Saggar was raised in England and went to medical school at Oxford University and then then the University of London. He came to St. Louis in 1997 and married a local girl and hasn't looked back. He feels he has always been a s St. Louisan and feels very strongly about improving and developing the region. Trained as both an emergency physician and internist, he opened his first urgent care center in 2009, in Downtown Saint Louis. That first facility is doing tremendously well. He opened a second facility in Eureka and then a third in Creve Coeur (both in St. Louis County). Feeling that he wanted to make a real dent in his community, Saggar decided to go against all 'common-sense' advice and open a clinic in the most blighted part of St. Louis, known as North City. His idea was to see all patients, insured and uninsured, and look after them all with great quality medical care, with the revenue from the insured being used to fund the free care. He didn't care to form a non-profit because he believes that taxation is fundamentally important for a civilized society to evolve.

Meghna Lunkad - CFO


Stephanie Bingham - Chief Medical Officer


Stephanie Bingham has been a family nurse practitioner with St. Louis Urgent Cares for two and a half years. She graduated with her Master's of Nursing from Maryville University in 2012. Stephanie moved to St. Louis in 2006. After doing clinicals with our company, she was hired on as a full time nurse practitioner. What she enjoys most about this job, is helping her community feel and live better, especially by helping those who do not have the means to get the care they need.

Renita Barringer - Clinical Operations Officer


Laura Malley - Non-clinical Operations Officer


Faviola Marin - Clinical Development


David Pollack - Gift Procurement


David Pollack attended Columbia University and Oxford University. He has served on the faculty of Saint Louis University, the University of Missouri - St. Louis, Webster University and Washington University in St. Louis. His current course offerings center on climate change.

Maxim Greceannii - Clinical Development


Max was born in Chisinau, Moldova and is a graduate of Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College. He serves as a Nurse Practitioner at North City Urgent Care.



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