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Say goodbye to contracts, monthly fees and false alarms and say hello to Novi: the world’s simplest home security system.

At Novi, we believe that anyone and everyone should have the tools they need to keep their homes safe, so we set out to design a system that is affordable enough, accessible enough and convenient enough to make that happen.

Because home isn’t home — until it’s safe.

Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into. In spite of this fact, 88% of renters and 69% of homeowners don’t have a home security system, and of those that do, 66% leave their system unarmed.

The question is: why? Why aren’t more people taking the steps to protect their homes—and what and who is inside them—when the evidence of the difference it could make is so overwhelming?

The answer, it turns out, is simple: most of the home security system on the market today just don't make it that easy for renters or for homeowners to use them. 

Today's home security options suffer from: 

Expensive hardware and monthly fees that put them way beyond budget for most renters, and even many homeowners

Binding contracts that force customers into long-term commitments that they’re not comfortable making

Inflexible system designs with extensive hardwiring that makes systems difficult to move and can do serious damage to rental property

Embarrassing false alarms that make people reluctant to to arm their system, even if they have one

At Novi, we knew there had to be a way to build a better home security system — one that anyone and everyone could and would use. So we set out to create it, and the result is Novi Security: home security made simple.

Novi is a totally new take on the home security system. 

With Novi, we got rid of the big annoyances and inconveniences that plague other systems—restrictive contracts, expensive monthly fees, stubborn hardwiring and embarrassing false alarms—and focused on making our system as flexible, affordable, convenient and connected as possible.

The Novi home security system is made up of 3 parts that work together seamlessly to create the simplest, most connected home security system the world has ever seen:

Novi Sensor: The eyes in the skies
When motion or smoke is detected, the sensor snaps a series of pictures, and forwards the images instantly to the base station.The Novi sensor is designed to be as sleek and discreet as possible, so you can get back to your life forgetting it's even there.

Novi Base Station: The brains of the operation
The Novi base station plugs directly into your router and syncs with the Novi sensors all around your home. When the base station receives images from the sensors, it forwards them immediately to your phone.

Novi App: The command center
With the Novi app, you can arm and disarm your security directly from your smartphone. All pictures will be received through the app, empowering you to decide whether or not to call the police. The app also allows you to customize your system’s settings and set up your own preferences for taking pictures and sirens. Plus, it keeps track of the battery life of the sensor and base station, and notifies you when both need changing.

Novi's home security system is easy to set up and even easier to use.

Our sensors can be installed by anyone in a matter of minutes on the ceiling of any major entry point of your home — just like your standard smoke alarm. And as long as the sensor was hanging out up there, we figured — why not? Might as well make it a smoke detector, too!

Once the sensors and base station are set up and the Novi app is downloaded to your phone, your Novi Security system is ready to go!

When you leave for the day or go to bed, you can arm the system instantly using the Novi app on your smartphone or other mobile device. The instant your armed system detects motion or smoke, it sounds the alarm to alert anyone inside the home to the situation. At the same time, the sensor takes a series of pictures and sends it to your smartphone. With pictures in hand, you can then decide whether to (1) call the police (2) ignore the alarm or (3) take another series of pictures.

At Novi, we want you to know your home is safe, wherever life may take you, so we designed the Novi system for maximum personalization and customizability. The system includes 3 modes: home, away, and custom. So, for example, you can have the siren on when you are on vacation, but have it off when the babysitter is over. Novi also gives you the option of identifying a set of emergency contacts, which the system will contact automatically in the event that the system is triggered and it can't reach you.

With Novi, we set out to design a home security system built on technology unlike anything the home security industry had tried before.

Other DIY-Security Technology

Most other DIY-security systems on the market today rely on video streaming, meaning:

Lots of hard wires to power outlets, which limits the system’s mobility and portability

Lots of data streaming, which slows video delivery and makes it difficult for customers to get access to their video when they need it.

Lots of storage space, which means companies have huge storage fees to pay, which they pass on to their customers.



Novi's Technology

By contrast, the Novi security system captures a series of still images, which are sent using radio-frequency technology, stored on an SD card on the customer’s station, then forwarded through a web server to the customer’s phone. Novi’s one-of-a-kind approach means:

Incredible battery life
Users can place Novi anywhere without being constrained by proximity to power outlets

Incredible data speed
Novi users can get access to their images anytime and anywhere, meaning real notifications -- and real intervention -- in real time.

Incredible savings
With no outsized storage fees to compensate for, Novi is able to cut out the pricey monthly service fees that other security companies depend on to keep their heads above water.

You may have noticed that home security—automated home security in particular—is something of a hot space these days, with lots of different DIY security products making their debut. With their recent acquisition of Dropcam, even Google is getting into the home security game as part of their larger exploration of the home automation field, and other major players are sure to follow.

At Novi, we think all this is great! The more the merrier — we want everyone to have access to a home security system that works for their needs. What sets Novi apart from the other DIY home security systems on the market today?

Many of our competitors have what product developers call “feature creep”: they have built systems with more features than are necessary. With Novi, simplicity has been our guiding principle. That’s why our system uses pictures rather than video, batteries instead of a power outlet, and simple yet effective motion detection rather than unnecessary and invasive environmental and noise sensors.

In talking to our potential customers, we’ve found that many renters and home owners "don't want to feel watched" by their security system, and are turned off by the idea of camera lenses that are easily visible. With that concern in mind, we built Novi to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible, providing an out of sight, out of mind experience.

For renters in particular, portability is a major concern when thinking about a home security system. With our hardwire-free, battery-powered solution, not only is Novi easy to pack up but also allows for freedom of placement anywhere on your ceiling.

Most of Novi’s competitors’ products are single-piece systems, which can have an expensive downside when you’re looking for total-home coverage. Novi’s central-hub-plus-sensors model, on the other hand, is designed for maximum affordability. With each additional sensor costing only $89, you can secure a three-entry-way home for just $377, compared to other DIY systems that would run you $600 for the same level of protection.

The media is already buzzing about Novi and our game-changing approach to home security. Here's just a taste of what people are saying:

The Novi team is already making tremendous progress toward our goal of making home security an affordable, accessible option for people everywhere.


Our first-generation prototype is built and fully functional. Our prototype is built on the simplest components, such as an arduino microcontroller and Raspberry Pi.


In July, Novi wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $175,000 from 848 backers who believe in the Novi vision and are excited to see it become a reality. Our Kickstarter successes also include 656 Novi starter packages pre-sold, plus 798 additional sensors.

Intellectual Property

The Novi team has filed 2 provisional patents to protect our innovations: the first for the overall process of how the Novi system works, and the second for the sensor’s power management function.

Microsoft Ventures

In August, Novi was selected by Microsoft Ventures to participate in an accelerator sponsored by American Family Insurance. Novi was one of just 10 startups invited to participate in the event, which was focused on the Internet of Things.

Up next for Novi: getting the Novi Security system into production and delivering on our promises to our Kickstarter backers. Interested in seeing where Novi goes from here and want to know how you can help make it happen? Please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!

Novi Security has its beginnings at Brigham Young University in January of 2013, when the founders of Novi found themselves sitting together in an innovation class designed to help interdisciplinary teams of students take a business from ideation to market.

While completing our first class assignment—to just go to a business and observe our surroundings with an eye out for any inefficiencies—one of our teammates wound up at a local mall, where he saw a car alarm going off. The owner of the car was inside the mall, with no idea that his alarm was sounding, and bypassers just shrugged, assuming it was a false alarm.

This experience got stuck in our team’s brain, and we started to wonder: what would have happened if there had been a piece of hardware inside that car that would send a text message to the owner to alert him that his car alarm was going off?

With our shiny new idea for a car alarm alert system in mind, we hit the streets, going door to door to pitch the business to consumers and see if they’d be interested in buying it if it existed. To make a long story short, we didn’t get quite the response we were hoping for. People simply weren’t all that concerned about their car alarms going off. BUT, people said, if you took that idea and translated it to their homes—sent them a text message to alert them that their home alarm was triggered—THAT was something they would like to see.

So we started digging into this new home security angle, and as we did, we started noticing all kinds of other inefficiencies in the way home security systems operate. The more we learned the more excited we became, and the more our simple idea for an alarm notification system grew into an entirely new take on the home security model. The result: Novi Security, the world's simplest home security system.

Wade Anderson: The CEO
Wade runs point on day-to-day operations at Novi, in addition to heading up legal matters and acting as a software engineer with a specific focus on the server side. Wade earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at BYU, where he graduated cum laude. He previously worked at Lucid Software on growth hacking efforts, and was recently accepted into Harvard Business School’s 2+2 program. He has started two other companies and is driven by an innate desire to create value. Wade is from South Jordan, Utah.

Matthew Henningson: The Creative Chief
Matthew is our CFO and is currently heading up our fundraising efforts. When he’s not doing that, his focus is on design, UX, marketing, and financials. Matthew received his bachelor’s degree in Finance from BYU, graduating cum laude. His passion for entrepreneurship is rooted in his desire to create meaning, opportunities, jobs, and wealth. Matthew believes that entrepreneurship is one of the noblest pursuits and has the greatest capacity to change the world. He has been involved in entrepreneurship since his junior year at BYU. Starting first with a gourmet, hot chocolate company, Matthew quickly moved his sights to bigger things. He joined App Raptors, an end-to-end design and development firm, as an intern and within four months was offered a position as Partner to run operations. While at App Raptors, Matthew helped launch an internal project called Vicci Mobile Merchandising that became a 2013 BoomStartup company. When not working, you’ll find him on a ski lift,on a bike, or somewhere in the backcountry. Matthew is from Gilbert, Arizona.

Bryan Whiting: The Numbers Guy
Bryan is Novi’s CFO and handles our budget and financial projections. He also focuses on creating frameworks to conduct market research, as well as analyze the results. Bryan is a candidate for a Master’s Degree in Statistics from BYU and has always had a strong interest in understanding how to meet the customer’s needs. His passion is being able to acquire and consolidate complex information to be able to make wise, informed decisions. Bryan worked as an intern for Deloitte in Financial Derivatives valuation in New York City. He turned down a full-time offer to pursue his Master’s degree. Last summer, he helped manage a $3.2 billion investment portfolio consisting of corporate bonds,mortgage-backed-securities, and equities. Bryan began his career managing the finances of a 180-person non-profit organization for six months. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys skiing, camping, and playing the guitar. Bryan is from New Canaan, Connecticut.

Gavin Tanner: The Sales Stallion
Gavin leads sales and marketing for the Novi team. He earned his bachelor's degree in Business Finance from BYU. Before graduating he completed a Co-Op at Johnson & Johnson as a Financial Analyst, and was also a student intern at Kickstart Seed Fund, where he performed due diligence on a potential portfolio company for Kickstart. Gavin co-founded a gourmet hot chocolate business, The Hot Choc, where he was in charge of inventory management and sales generation. Gavin is passionate about creating new ideas and developing meaningful relationships. In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding, playing volleyball, and eating sushi. Gavin is from Gilbert, Arizona.

Ethan Grabau: The Product Wizard
Ethan is Novi’s lead engineer and heads up product development. He recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His passions are product development and innovation. As an engineer with Quartzdyne, he created an automated thermal cycling fixture that increased manufacturing failure analysis speed from 1 year to 3 days! He also took 3rd in the nation for a product development competition with the Air Force Research Laboratory where he lead an engineering team to develop the world’s lightest heavy lift kit for Pararescue Jumpers. Their kit was able to lift 90,000 pounds and weighed less than 35 pounds and fit easily inside a backpack. Ethan was the team leader for the Capstone program that did this. He enjoys rock climbing, camping, and other sports. Ethan has a deep passion to help the developing world, particularly Africa, where he lived and invested in several entrepreneurs to help alleviate poverty. Ethan is from Houston, Texas.

AJ Hamner: The Brand Champion
AJ works hand-in-hand with Gavin in sales and marketing. He is currently a part-time student at BYU studying Strategy within Business Management. Before BYU, he studied at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he scored in the top 20% of cadets with high marks. AJ is driven by an insatiable desire to learn, improve, and bring value to other people’s lives. AJ has interned with BlackRock, working in alternative investments. Most recently, he interned with the Department of Defense as a strategy analyst. There, he spearheaded the revamp of coordination protocol for 8 major subcommittees under the Joint Chief of Staff. AJ is from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Bryan Welton
Bryan is the current Chairman at Namify, the most integrated branding firm in North America.


Derek Miner
Derek is the co-founder of, where he lives, breathes and drinks online marketing.


David Bradford
David is the Executive Chairman of HireVue and founder of a number of web-based companies.

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