The World's Only Hands-Free, Inversion-Proof Umbrella


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Nubrella® is the world's first and only hands-free, wind-resistant umbrella.

We have all experienced the constant battles to maintain our umbrella from inverting in blustery conditions. These battles have been going on for centuries. Yet time after time, most all of these are lost, leaving us drenched and in many occasions with broken umbrellas.

Although inverting may be the most widely known problem with the umbrella, it is not the biggest.

The major drawback of our umbrella is – You Have to Hold It! Yes, that’s right. Today our only hands-free weather protection solution is the raincoat and hood. Yet most all would agree it is far from perfect and in most situations provides minimal protection at best.

Nubrella® makes these struggles a thing of the past, offering people everywhere complete, hands-free, inversion-proof weather protection for the very first time.

Nubrella's clever extended coverage on the sides blocks wind chill and rain coming from the sides all while leaving you hands-free.

The late, great Steve Jobs said it best: 

It's time we rethink weather protection. Most people would never question the design of the classic umbrella, unchanged in its essentials for decades. Until they set eyes on Nubrella®, that is.

If you need to be outdoors for an extended period of time either while working or just doing everyday basic activities and do not want to hold your arm up in the air or want superior protection than a raincoat then we are for you!

Nubrella® offers users all the protection of a traditional umbrella while leaving their hands completely free. Whether; riding a bike, tailgating at your favortie game, working in the rain or snow, standing at The Macy’s Day parade, watching our children play sports or simply walking the dog ...the applications for Nubrella® are endless.  And it is particularly helpful for those who are restricted to a wheelchair or simply need protection while walking with crutches or other.

Nubrella®'s patented aerodynamic canopy is impossible to invert, extremely durable yet lightweight; and it provides far superior protection to the other hands-free weather protection option: the old-fashioned raincoat and hood.

As a matter of fact, the Nubrella® design functions much as a hood does: just pull it up over your head when the rain starts, and once it stops, push the Nubrella® back for easy, hands-free storage.

No more carrying your furled umbrella through the rest of your day or accidentally leaving it lying somewhere: when the rain starts up again or you head back out into the downpour, your Nubrella® will be exactly where you left it.

Nubrella® took the world by storm in 2009 with our first design. We had so much success with that product and received tremendous feedback from our customers we decided to go back to the drawing board and build something even better.

In December 2013 we ran out of inventory of the first Nubrella® design and discontinued manufacturing to make way for our new, improved model. The new Nubrella®'s innovative open-front backpack design makes Nubrella® even more user-friendly and convenient to use.

Most importanlty we opened up the front for perfect vision and non-interfered communication -- two highly requested features!

Even after completing our new-and-improved model, the Nubrella® team isn't anywhere close to scraping the bottom of our innovation barrel: we have a whole arsenal of new products still in development. Whatever your particular weather protection needs, there will be a Nubrella® that's perfect for you in our development pipeline. Here are some of the concepts we're working on:

A streamlined version specifically designed for use at sport stadiums and for the workforce

A modified, detachable custom Nubrella® backpack for those who want to wear a Nubrella® but need a backpack at the same time— a perfect solution for students for the long trek across campus or to work. Adding a backpack will appeal to many outdoor enthusiasts.

Made of a high-grade UV sun reflection waterproof material for protection against extreme heat and the sun’s harmful rays while letting air flow through  

A tech-savvy take on Nubrella® that integrates wireless Bluetooth technology, wireless speakers and a mic for complete hands-free communication and music listening

A Nubrella® for the smaller set, specifically designed for children ages 5-11 with more flexible canopy

A Nubrella® designed specifically for attaching to a wheelchair or scooter

Launched in 2009, today Nubrella® has customers in 81 different countries and all 50 states.

In total we've sold 10,000 units of our first-generation Nubrella® product.

We have a full-demonstration prototype of our new, improved Nubrella® ready to go: design and engineering are complete, and our manufacturing partners are ready for immediate manufacturing.

Nubrella® has US and international patents on file for our initial design. We filed a utility patent for our new design in 2013 and will be completing a PCT filing in April 2014.

We have several reseller partners around the world waiting eagerly for samples of our new and improved Nubrella® product, as well as B2B partnership opportunities.

The original Nubrella® design has been featured in over 100 media outlets around the world, including:


Alan Kaufman, Founder & CEO
A Boston native and Purdue University grad, Alan is an entrepreneur and inventor with a 20-year successful track record in the wireless/mobile and consumer product sectors.

Christina Ricci, Chief of Marketing
Boston native Christina is an entrepreneur, published author and marketing guru with over 20 years of experience and success in marketing and branding. A Boston University grad, for the past 6 years, she has been putting her skills to work in the golf industry.

Barry Horwitz, Senior Advisor
Barry is President of Horwitz & Company LLC, a management consulting practice dedicated to helping senior management with growth initiatives and strategic planning. Barry's prior consulting experience includes several years with the Boston Consulting Group, where he focused on corporate strategy development for Fortune 500 clients. His experience with early-stage companies includes a role as co-founder and COO of a venture-backed Internet company, where he raised $12 million in venture funding and led the company for 3 years.

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