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Nucleos is a social enterprise that brings the cloud to the last mile.

Nucleos has designed a local cloud platform that puts users in control of their apps and data, giving them full power to overcome connectivity, security, and privacy issues. Nucleos improves access and performance of cloud services by removing the need for Internet connectivity to run web pages and apps.

Our PortableCloud OS for Schools brings students web apps from around the world that can be easily integrated into any classroom without having to rely on bandwidth. Apps can be downloaded from PortableCloud App Store and can be accessed through the browser, by any device on the local network.

Accelerate Access To Improve Quality of Life.

The transition to a highly digitized world has left those without connectivity from a world of opportunity. There are still 500 million students globally that lack access to digital tools that have the potential to improve the quality of education. For many of these students, digital tools provide a cost-effective way to leapfrog into 21st-century learning opportunities, where non-digital alternatives such as textbooks are not available in developing countries' classrooms. (UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report. Policy Paper 23. Jan. 2016.  “Every Child Should Have a Textbook”.)

Lack of access means a lack of opportunity, especially in emerging markets. The current cost structure to access Internet connectivity for e-learning does not take into account infrastructure limitations that make access unattainable.

If left unaddressed, a whole generation will be left out of today’s digital economy. Disproportionate distribution of digital information creates a chasm between those that are connected and those that aren’t.

We believe digital tools can improve the quality of education in disconnected regions of the world and that is why we created Nucleos. Everyone should have the right to be included in the evolution of jobs and opportunities.

The Next Wave of Education Will be Delivered Digitally.

Nucleos solutions unlock the potential of existing technology infrastructure to enhance efficiency and accelerate bandwidth. Any client device with a browser can connect to a computer running PortableCloud OS over WiFi or local area network (LAN) to access digital content, regardless of connectivity. PortableCloud Cube is the easiest way to run PortableCoud OS, bringing plug-and-play access to the best learning apps, available to all students in your local network.

PortableCloud closes the gap between app and content producers for e-learning and disconnected schools and learners.

With PortableCloud, files and applications can be installed from our App Store and be locally hosted for as much as a tenth of the cost of Internet access.

Locally-hosted content creates a secure network for sensitive data and a focused environment to allow students to access only the resources that they need for learning. Our patent pending PortableCloud OS offers a superior web-like experience that removes loading times and high bandwidth costs.

PortableCloud OS runs in a cloud it creates, changing the way information is delivered.


  • Affordable and effortless offline access to digital tools.

We provide turn-key solutions for edge markets that are hard to reach. Unlocking the power of existing devices and transforming their potential into accessible information hubs.

  • Catered to adapt to the local context.

Our App Store provides a platform for local app developers to deploy their web- and mobile- apps to offline or limited-connectivity users with minimal modification.  

  • All the content that’s fit to teach.

We’re partnering with local distributors or value-adding resellers who are knowledgeable about the educational needs of their local areas to make sure we preload PortableCloud with the right resources in each respective country.

  • Reduced need for IT expertise with a plug-and-learn setup.

-You don’t have to be an IT whiz to use the Cube — just plug it in and it works.

-Websites and cloud apps can be installed on the PortableCloud OS for use in the local network with one-click. It is safe, fast and secure.

  • Local network syncing of local apps and content usage to save high bandwidth costs.

Our tools are adapted for cost sensitivity so that users can keep costs low while not compromising on quality. Favored sites and apps are cached locally to be available anywhere, anytime.

  • Manage access to content and apps across multiple devices.

Functionality to sync between local and online endpoints allows for control of what content can be accessed and when updates need to occur.

Our solution has market validation, a proven prototype that has been tested and implemented, and completed iterations on feedback from existing users to determine our core focus and test our vision.

Market Validation:

We have identified the market need for a more affordable solution to access digital resources in emerging markets. The proliferation of applications that rely on Internet connectivity has increased the gap between the quality of resources available to disconnected classrooms.


Our product has been purchased by schools in Africa and India through local sales channels that have implemented our solution. These institutions will serve as a point of reference for larger clients that have sales projections of thousands of installations.

Product Development:

We have released a software offering, PortableCloud OS v2, an online platform for syncing and managing content on devices, the PortableCloud App Store, and a hardware offering that features PortableCloud OS pre-installed with a built-in WiFi hotspot so users can connect directly.

PortableCloud OS and App Store allows for one-click installation of open-source and licensed application partners that can be used by multiple users over local WiFi and LAN, with full-offline functionality.


Implemented in primary, secondary and university schools in Africa and India. Thousands of students in disconnected communities now have uninterrupted access to high-quality digital tools.  


Local distribution partners in India and Africa. Collaboration with app partners: Pratham Books, African Story Book, and Dream Africa to distribute offline resources. OEM manufacturing partner that we have deployed our platform on and a Letter of Intent with a large international PC/tablet manufacturer to expand its global education product offering. We are leveraging existing open source educational resources (OER) for primary and secondary grades as well as fee-based, localized content.


We have a provisional patent filing, as of July 2017: Local Cloud Application Caching Technology.

Nucleos is prepared for the next stage of growth to scale our solution worldwide.

Product Development:

PortableCloud OS is a server OS that is based on lightweight compact Linux distribution and managed completely through a web interface. End-users will be able to manage the content and software installed on PortableCloud servers through the administration panel over the web, without any specialized technical expertise.

Growth Strategy:

The need for offline-capable cloud solutions is growing as more software shifts to the cloud, and connectivity remains costly for users around the world.

We want to catalyze the market for cloud solutions that can run offline. We provide a turn-key solution that allows app developers to deploy their existing web apps to PortableCloud App Store, meaning that they can reach new customer segments with minimal effort.

Our near-term growth strategy is to expand our network of resellers for PortableCloud OS for schools and expand our local and global educational app offerings. We will offer PortableCloud OS as a freely-downloadable OS

In the long-term, we will explore how PortableCloud OS can expand our network of resellers, including both local distributors and VARs, as well as local Content / App developers looking to expand their market to reach disconnected classrooms. We plan to install regional business managers in Africa, Indi, and Latin America, to support local channel partners.

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Noah Freedman | CEO & Co-Founder | Freedman is a graduate of Princeton University and previous founder of a software development company, with over 10 years of experience in micro-server technology and software.

Camila Vega | COO & Co-Founder | Vega is a graduate of the University of California, networking superstar, passionate leader, experienced in education technology.

Richard Curtin | Business Development & Co-Founder | Curtin is a marketing and business development executive with 20+ years of worldwide management experience.

We also have a team of eight developers who are working to complete the software.

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