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Nucleos has “appified” the server space to deliver web-based educational resources regardless of Internet connectivity. Students connect to the Cube’s WiFi network to access apps and content on any device.

We disrupt Internet connectivity, allowing our customers to do far more with less bandwidth. By giving users power over their data, we empower schools to offer 21st century learning anywhere.

Implementing 21st century digital learning tools in any classroom requires connectivity, content, and IT trained teachers. Schools with limited infrastructure and resources cannot provide the innovative e-learning solutions that are available online. ITU estimates that as of the end of 2016, 3.5 billion people are offline. Students that do not have early exposure to digital technology are at a disadvantage to the opportunities from the digital economy.

Nucleos intends to revolutionize information delivery with its PortableCloud product family by lowering the technical and financial barriers to implementing local cloud solutions for education.

Included in the company’s PortableCloud product offering is an App Store, with both open-source and licensed content, an Operating System to enable offline access to the world’s learning resources and the Cube, enabling a locally served cloud solution for classrooms.

The PortableCloud-OS platform runs in a cloud it creates. That means any device can connect in the browser. Our PortableCloud Cube micro-servers allow users to access curated files, web content and web applications over WiFi using any device with a browser, regardless of Internet connectivity. PortableCloud by Nucleos lets your students learn faster, safer, and smarter.

The PortableCloud product family delivers adaptive and personalized learning experiences both online and offline.


  • Affordable and accessible offline access to e-learning materials.

- Our tools make e-learning content accessible to a much larger part of the world, even areas that don’t have infrastructure in place for high bandwidth or where Internet connectivity is too expensive. Our low power-usage requirements allow us to run off the grid. We also provide solar-compatible battery options.

  • Curated learning apps and content to adapt to local context.

- All the content that’s fit to teach. We’re partnering with local distributors or value-adding resellers who are knowledgeable about the educational needs of their local areas to make sure we preload PortableCloud with the right resources in each respective country.

  • Reduced need for IT expertise with plug-and-learn setup.

- You don’t have to be an IT wiz to use the Cube —as easy as plug-and-learn.
- The in-country resellers act as the local resource if questions do arise. We work with our resale partners to deliver teacher digital-readiness courses.  

  • Local network syncing of local app and content usage to save high bandwidth costs.

- Our tools are able to cache websites locally to the Cube so users don’t have to repeatedly connect their devices to the Internet to access web content. This is 10x cheaper than connecting a school to Internet.

  • Centralized management of content across multiple devices, and works across all device types, enabling bring-your-own device models.

- Teachers and administrators have their own admin profiles and can control what content students are able to access.
- Any Wi-Fi-enabled or LAN-connected device can access the Cube, including: phones, tablets, laptops, ChromeBooks and desktop PCs.

Our initial cloud, platform, app store, and hardware are complete and being tested with over 15 partner institutions in six different countries. We are planning our initial market launch of the PortableCloud platform to the general public in January 2018. We seek funding to expand our operations and do a full global product launch.

Our Clients: We are working with an array of open source content providers to be the content solution for:

A large multi-national PC/tablet manufacturer
Hope Academy India
Zimburi Primary School Zimbabwe
Little Sisters Fund Nepal

Knowledge: Our team has met with education institutions, NGOs and organizations in over seven different countries to establish the needs of the market. Our CEO, Noah Freedman  has a decade of experience working in emerging markets with micro-server technology tools for education.

Product Development: PortableCloud-OS hosts an app store with content that is locally stored and can be cached over HTTPS. We are continuing to load both open-source and licensed apps to our platform Our Cube has improved WiFi capacity and we are in the testing phase with our new battery-powered unit, deployed in Nairobi, Kenya.

Initial Proof-of-Concept Deployment: Our prototype is being tested in a total of 11 primary, secondary schools in Zimbabwe, where Internet connectivity is expensive or unavailable. Now, we can give these schools a way to access content, including hundreds of digital textbooks.

Partnerships: We have a Letter of Intent with a large multi-national PC/tablet manufacturer to build out a proof-of-concept installation with our PortableCloud platform. We’re also in discussions with three organizations to establish collaborations for growth.

Patents/IP: We are working with a patent attorney to explore a number of possible disclosures, including a smart gateway, active bandwidth throttling, online and offline transactions, and intelligent application caching.

We have some exciting things planned for the future of our PortableCloud product family including:

In the future, the term e-learning will be redundant. We will simply talk about ‘learning’, and it will be assumed that access to digital learning tools is one of the crucial components to a 21st century education.

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Noah Freedman | CEO | Freedman is a graduate of Princeton University and an experienced software developer with 10 years of experience working in micro-server technology and software.

Camila Vega | COO | Vega is a graduate of the University of California, where she conducted cognitive science research on learning networks.

Richard Curtin | Business Development | Curtin leads our sales and marketing efforts and is a veteran Silicon Valley executive.


We also have a team of eight developers who are working to complete the software.

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