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Succesfully manufactured Pre-Series. 

Video of Pre-Series

Video of Apple Music and LifX Integration

New Partnership with Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom (T-mobile)

Senic was selected out of 300 startups to win a position under the top 12 startups that will launch an official partnership with Deutsche Telekom, Cisco and Intel who will support them with their technology, sales and distribution channels.

Nominated for the German Design Award

Nuimo has been nominated for The German Design Award 2016 by the German Design Council for Excellence in Product Design among thousands of entries!

Equipping the world's leading smart home project in October

Apartimentum, a project by Xing Founder Lars Hinrichs, is the world's most forward thinking smart home project. Each of Apartimentum's apartments will be equipped with Nuimo.

Senic is a hardware company dedicated to making interacting with technology more seamless and natural. 

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, tech visionaries have searched for better ways for humans to interact with machines. From the first computer mouse to the now popular touch screen, we've been looking for ways to make controlling and communicating with our devices as natural and intuitive as possible. 

Senic is building the future of user interfaces. Our first product Nuimo, is a freely programmable wireless controller that leverages an intimate understanding of how humans use tools and objects and applies those learnings to the latest technology.

Nuimo makes connecting to your favorite smart devices- from the software on your computer to the music on your home entertainment system to smart home lighting- as simple and intuitive as flipping on a light switch.  

With over 500,000 USD in pre-orders and interest pouring in from industry leaders including Sonos, Intel and Google; Senic is at the forefront of a major shift in user interaction. 

In the 21st century, we have already passed a major tipping point - computing is now ubiquitous. Particularly with the advent of smart home technology and smart devices, innovation has kicked into hyper drive right in our living rooms. As technology integrates into more aspects of our daily lives, our interactions with it must become streamlined and intuitive to maintain our health and social relationships.

The graphical user interfaces (GUIs) favored by smart phones, tablets and laptops come with major limitations. They do not fully take humans into account, demanding massive amounts of attention. Using a traditional GUI falls short in many ways including: 

Browsing through dozens of applications to turn on a light is counterintuitive. Technology should make things quicker and simpler, however when it complicates traditionally simple tasks it's an indicator of ineffective interaction design. As smart devices proliferate, it will become important to create quicker, easier ways to interact and communicate with our connected devices.

As humans we live in 3 dimensions - as do our objects. However most models for interaction with technology are still in 2D, making it feel unnatural and requiring us to adapt. In order for technology to truly enhance human life, we need dynamic, three-dimensional interfaces that reflect the way we experience the physical world.

The average person spends more than 8 hours a day looking at a screen. Inevidably, this amount of exposure has a massive impact on our well-being, from our creativity to mental and physical health. In the age of ubiquitous computing, our time spent with technology will only increase - however with better interface design and seamless integration- its negative impact on our health doesn't have to. 


Over the last 50 years, we've only seen two major shifts in Human Computer Interaction; the introduction of the personal computer in the mid-80 and mass adoption of the smartphone in the 2000s. 

We are about to see another major shift due to the drop in a number of technological barriers like the cost for hardware, standardizations in wireless communication and integrations and manufacturing costs. The result of these trends - paired with unsatisfying existing solutions - will give way to wider implementation of natural and tangible user interfaces.

Generic devices like the smartphone will be replaced by embedded and highly specialized interfaces. Technologies like speech recognition, gesture recognition and haptic input will crystallize into a new generation of Natural User Interfaces (NUIs). 

Nuimo (Natural User Interface + MO-tion) is a new type of Natural User Interface that is as seamless and natural as flipping on a light switch.

With Nuimo, we have reimagined human computer interfaces with the human back at the center. Nuimo is focused specifically on one of the body's best input devices - the hand. The human hand is a truly incredible thing - It can grip, turn and react in just a moment. When properly engaged, in provides incredible precision and speed of interaction. 

Nuimo is less about menus and more about the feel of technology. Simply swipe or twist or tap to command any number of programs or devices. 

Nuimo is a haptic user interface, meaning it relies on touch. Nuimo provides four inputs including a high-precision 360-degree analog ring, capacitive touch surface, tactile click button and gesture control. At only 2.75 inches, Nuimo fits nicely in your hand, on your wall or on a desk, making it as versatile as you are. 

Nuimo is freely programmable, allowing you to customize each input for your needs. With 30+ integrations ranging from Photoshop to Spotify to Phillips Hue, Nuimo is ready to be used with your favorite apps or devices out of box. Additionally, with a rapidly growing developer community, the number of use cases for Nuimo is increasing everyday. 


Each input is freely programmable allowing you to define your own prefered settings. Set-up is simple with Nuimo, simply connect via Bluetooth to your favorite devices.

Nuimo can control Bluetooth connected devices directly or pair with your smarthome hub, smart phone or computer. 

The Senic team has experience manufacturing products in Asia and locally in Europe. For Nuimo, we decided to do the manufacturing locally in Germany to assure quality, fast iteration cycles and direct contact with every step of the process.  

Most of our team members come from families who have had long histories of manufacturing electronics and sensors for the car industry. Because of this, we care deeply about quality and craftsmanship - using only the highest quality components and materials to make Nuimo. 

Whether it’s design, software or music, we provide a simpler, more natural way to work with the things you love.

For creative professionals who need precise and fast control for 3D modelling, film editing or color selection, Nuimo is the perfect design tool. Whether you want to quickly swap brushes or tap to flip through photos, Nuimo gives you the control you need over your creative applications. 

Whether you're matching beats, saving to playlists or just turning up the volume, Nuimo gives you fast access to your music devices and services.

Using your favorite smart devices should be as simple as using traditional devices. Nuimo gives you quick access to all the devices in your home, and the fast option to switch between several applications without taking out your phone. 

We have already had early success finding dedicated users with our successful Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns, raising more than $500,000+ from over 4,000 funders. 

Additionally, Nuimo has been covered in major press oulets including WIRED Magazine, Gizmag, Engadget and Techcrunch, just to name a few. 

Nuimo is getting noticed in the tech space as well with Logitech, Smartthings, Neeo and Sentri reaching out to build integrations. We have also been approached by Philips, Sonos, Intel, BMW and Google and major furniture and health care companies about collaborations and partnerships. 

The prototype of Nuimo has been completed and local manufacturing partners are in place to begin production. Additionally, patents have been filed to protect the unique innovations built into Nuimo. 

However, Nuimo is just the beginning of our vision to build more natural, intuitive user interface. As we move forward, we plan to expand the product line and create smart surfaces, fabrics, and sensors that provide more seamless interactions with technology. 

For more information about the future of Nuimo, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.

The Senic Team is made up of a group of tinkerers raised by tinkerers. We're the children of carpenters, electricians and engineers and grew up watching our parents craft incredible objects with the effortless skill that comes from years of experience and the right tools for the job. 

This is where our interest for creating similarly effortless interactions with the digital began. We set out on a mission to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds to build products that allow technology to blend seamlessly into our everyday lives.

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