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OILKLEEN is a green technology oil filtration company providing affordable, efficient, environmentally friendly oil filtration services and products to customers in the military defense, power generation, oil refinery and global energy industries.

As the price of oil continues to rise, companies that depend on oil to operate their machinery are looking for ways to extend the life of the lubricant in their equipment. OILKLEEN’S proprietary oil filtration methods and products allow these companies to do exactly that, helping companies keep their oil expenses low and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

OILKLEEN is the creator of the OILKLEEN GREEN MACHEEN 300 electrostatic filter system, the world’s fastest and most efficient electrostatic oil cleaner.

The GREEN MACHEEN rids oil of varnish, water and other contaminants, allowing power plants, energy companies and ships to change the oil in their equipment less frequently. The result: costs reduced from $200,000 or more to under $40,000 and a reduction in oil waste of up to 75%.

OILKLEEN’s oil filtration method also has a 2:1 environmental impact when compared with other methods: every gallon of oil we clean through our filtration system is 1 gallon that didn’t have to be removed from the earth and turned into a lubricant, and that is 1 gallon that didn’t get put back into the earth as waste. OILKLEEN is proud to do our part to help reduce environmental impact and conserve our planet’s valuable resources with our greener approach to oil filtration.

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Sales of the GREEN MACHEEN are just one half of the equation at OILKLEEN: the other half is our large-scale oil filtration services, which we provide on a contract basis to clients including, in our most exciting recent development, the US Navy. 

OILKLEEN beat out several leading oil filtration service providers and secured a contract with the US Navy to provide oil filtration services for their fleet. There is a significant opportunity on the horizon for us to build on that existing contract in the near future by expanding our flushing services to Norfolk, VA, and Sasebo JAPAN.

OILKLEEN is also expanding its ability to perform oil flushing services for the US Coast Guard for main diesel engines and hydraulic systems all over the country.  The OILKLEEN Technology can easily clean diesel engines and hydraulic systems and prevent failures to components by reducing wear and valve plugging.  Thus providing longer hours between overhauls and more reliability for the forward deployed missions of the US Military and Homeland Security vessels. 

OILKLEEN was awarded a patent #8,021,523 for our electrostatic oil filtration technology in 2011. Our customers include some of the largest businesses in the world, and our company's technology has been recommended by GE.

In total, we’ve sold 79 units of the OILKLEEN GREEN MACHEEN oil filtration system in the past 7 years. We average 10-15 units sold per year, plus 6-8 ships serviced every year. The money raised is going to be used to build systems that can be used for leasing programs for Plants which will increase cash flow. 

In order to facilitate new US Military and Coast Guard contracts, we recently opened a second location in San Diego, and we have opened a new manufacturing facility in ARIZONA to expand the electrostatic filtration systems. We also have a global platform in Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand and various other areas set up and ready for expansion.

OILKLEEN has had some great success so far. Now, the time is right to build on that success by adding equipment lease to our list of provided services, enabling us to grow our brand awareness customer base exponentially in the coming months and years.

Paul Jarvis, CEO, is the founder and inventor of the OILKLEEN technology. Paul started his career in the US Air Force Elite Special Operations Team as a USAF Combat Controller and served during Operation Desert Storm and various other covert missions. Paul then attended West Virginia University and Marshall University, receiving a B.S in Engineering and an MBA. He worked for Castrol Industrial and the Shell Oil before starting OILKLEEN in 2005. Paul has over 20 years in the oil filtration industry and received a US Patent on Electrostatic Oil Filtration, which is the backbone of the OILKLEEN technology. Paul Jarvis has published various magazine articles and white papers about oil filtration and is considered an industry expert and his experience has allowed OILKLEEN to be an integral solution for the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Power Plants, and Refineries worldwide.

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