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Meet AEVA™: the revolutionary new unmanned aircraft system (UAS) from Olaeris that’s bringing next-generation UAS technology to the civilian commercial space.

The result: a safer, cheaper, smarter system with the potential to free up manpower, slash costs and revolutionize operations in everything from emergency response to package delivery, and perimeter security to inspection and monitoring.

With the first-generation AEVA™ prototype fully developed, 7 patents pending, and over $50 million in sales already in the pipeline before we even hit the market, the word is out about Olaeris, the revolutionary potential of AEVA™ and our full-service UAS solution.

Forget everything you thought you knew about drones and UAV technology, because with AEVA™, Olaeris is changing the game.

Half of all helicopters sold today function basically as flying cameras, used for purposes that don’t involve human passengers — apart from the pilot that is actually flying the vehicle.

If you think about it, the shortcomings of helicopters for these kinds of applications are obvious: they’re expensive, they’re high-maintenance, and they require huge amounts of manpower to operate and maintain.

Until now, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology has been restricted to military applications or radio controlled toys like you see on TV. But now, the technology is ready for its commercial close-up.

From emergency response departments to oil and gas companies to broadcast networks, leading organizations in sectors across the civilian landscape are exploring the possibilities of UAV technology, and looking for ways to tap into that technology in ways that allow them to improve operations, reduce costs and free up manpower.

But in order for UAS technology to truly replace helicopters, it’s not enough for it to  save money and manpower. It needs to be functional, it needs to be practical and it needs to be safe — both for the companies that operate it and the people around it.

Enter Olaeris. We’ve designed the first UAS that perfectly meets the needs of the civilian market across the board.

Now, after half a decade of development and 2 years of intensive design reviews with customers, our solution is fully developed and ready for her big debut.

The Olaeris team set out to design an unmanned aerial system (UAS) that made sense for civilian applications and civilian needs. And with AEVA, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

But where helicopters require thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in operation and upkeep — not to mention the pilot to actually fly it — AEVA™ can perform all of the same duties with a fraction of the manpower and at a fraction of the price.

AEVA™ is…

From launch to navigation to return home to landing to charging – AEVA™ can do it all without human assistance. AEVA™ can be flown anywhere in the country, even in controlled airspace among other aircraft, and operated from any remote location with an Olaeris command station.

Safety and reliability were top priorities in developing AEVA™. Our proprietary rotor duct technology is designed to shield against rotor strikes that send other vehicles into a tailspin, and we’ve eliminated all of the common helicopter failure points, like tail rotor malfunctions, swash plates, cables and linkages, just to name a few. AEVA™’s onboard obstacle avoidance automatically detects collision threats and navigates around them without pilot assistance, and AEVA™ even has the ability to analyze her surroundings and identify a safe place to land.

AEVA™ is completely weather-sealed, designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions without water, salt, sand, dust or other substances penetrating the hull or damaging the aircraft. She can fly in conditions when even a helicopter can't.

Fully loaded with sensors and cameras, AEVA™ can reach speeds of up to 100 mph and flight times of up to 1 hour. Olaeris’s proprietary duct technology creates 40% more lift than other multi-rotor UAVs, meaning AEVA™ can carry heavier payloads than the competition and for much longer distances.

Where a helicoptor costs $1.1 - $2.5 million to purchase and $1000 per hour to operate, AEVA™ costs just a fraction of that, and as little as $48 per hour to operate — savings that our customers can take all the way to the bank.

Olaeris is a true full-service solution. In addition to the revolutionary AEVA™ hardware, we offer a bundled suite of support services designed to ensure value, improve bottom lines and eliminate hidden expenses and unwanted surprises for our clients:

  • Software & Data Management
  • Training & Certification  
  • Ongoing Maintenance, Inspection, Repair, Overhaul
  • Up to $10M Aviation Liability Insurance Protection
  • 5-Year Warranty

We’ve discussed how AEVA™ is perfectly designed to replace helicopters in industries that currently use them. But equally compelling is AEVA™’s potential to pioneer new applications in markets where, until now, the expense and complication of helicopters placed them completely out of reach.

Case in point: emergency response.

Emergency response agencies consistently report being overworked and understaffed — challenges that AEVA™ is perfect to address. Whereas it typically takes first responders anywhere from 8-12 minutes to arrive at the scene, AEVA launched ahead of ground personnel and can be on the scene assessing the situation in under 90 seconds.  By arriving ahead of field responders, AEVA allows emergency response teams to dramatically increase their effectiveness at a 75% lower cost than hiring additional personnel.

The first-generation AEVA™ was built specifically with the needs of city and county emergency response teams in mind. Our team worked closely with police, fire and rescue commanders to make sure that AEVA™ came complete with all the features each agency needs to work more effectively.

Starting in Summer 2015, AEVA™ will be making her debut in emergency response across multiple US cities. Before long, AEVA™ will be a staple in emergency response agencies across the country and around the world, viewed as standard equipment like a fire truck or a police car.

Emergency response was our primary focus in developing the first generation AEVA™ system, but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what AEVA™ can do. Here are a just a few other applications where AEVA™ can shine:

The Olaeris team is in talks with several leading delivery services about potential applications for AEVA™. We have already proven to Amazon and DHL that AEVA™ can carry far heavier packages across much farther distances than any competitor in the UAV industry. Plus, the shielded ducts prevent accidental rotor strikes when landing to make those deliveries.

Routine monitoring for infrastructure, oil and gas pipelines, electric power lines, refineries and power plants can be accomplished for about ¼ what it currently costs. We have already proven this to BP, Exxon and other prominent customers in the space.

With AEVA™, routine perimeter security sweeps for ports, border patrol, prisons and military bases can be performed by one person at a desk overseeing multiple locations simultaneously.

We’ve all seen those aerial shots during sporting events, or on the morning traffic report. AEVA™ can do the same job and fly much closer to the action — for ¼ of the cost. Olaeris already has major broadcast networks eager to begin using AEVA™ for sports and news coverage. Expect her show business debut in 2016.

As cities begin revealing plans to launch the first AEVA™ citywide fleets providing routine 911 emergency response, 2015 also ignites our momentum. Here’s a quick look into the highlights at Olaeris so far, and how we’re building trajectory toward even bigger and better things to come.

The Technology
The first-generation AEVA™ prototype is already complete, the result of over 2 years of extensive design reviews with police, fire and disaster management commanders. We have filed 7 patents to protect the revolutionary technology underlying AEVA™, with many more still to come.

The Customers
We have received inquiries from local government and organizations in over 40 countries who are waiting for AEVA™ to go into production. In total, we have over $50 million in potential sales contracts waiting in our pipeline, with the first $18M in sales on track to close by end of summer 2015.

Our team has also been in talks with leading organizations like Amazon, DHL, ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, Nascar, BP, Exxon and many more about how AEVA can revolutionize operations for their company.


Strategic Partnerships & Alignment
Olaeris is proud to have HAECO, one of the world’s largest aviation engineering and manufacturing companies, as our strategic manufacturing partner. This will ensure Olaeris maintains the same quality, FAA certified production standards like Boeing, Airbus, Bell Helicopter and other aviation leaders. We're also aligned with Sprint since 2011, which architected their national 4G network to provide customized, highly secured and encrypted data backhaul services for Olaeris.


Privacy Concerns Resolved
Since UAV technology first entered public conversation, a major point of concern around the technology has been privacy. At Olaeris, we’re putting those concerns to rest.

Our advisory team includes Greg McNeal, a Pepperdine Law professor and regular Forbes contributor on privacy matters and civil liberties. We also collaborate with privacy and civil rights advocates across the country to demonstrate that our technology can serve the public, while operating under transparent scrutiny of the public being served. We've even provided joint testimony to the North Carolina Legislature, stating: "Both Olaeris and ACLU have testified before the (State Legislature) committee on UAS and we agree on how to integrate Unmanned Aircraft Systems while still protecting privacy and civil rights."

Time Warner, Reuters, Fox News, CNBC, Business Journals and Bloomberg

Here is just a sample of what our partners, clients and industry leaders have to say about Olaeris and AEVA™. 

AEVA™ is a promising innovation that has the potential to help government work more efficiently." We are forming a statewide UAS governance board to facilitate introduction of this technology across North Carolina.

Chris Estes, CIO, North Carolina Department of Transportation

Both ACLU and Olaeris have testified before the (state legislative) committee on UAS and we agree on how to responsibly integrate unmanned aircraft systems technology while still protecting privacy and civil rights.

Sarah Preston, Policy Director, ACLU North Carolina

We are very interested in AEVA™ and hope to become one of your first countywide installations in the United States to enhance public safety and make Macon-Bibb County a safer place to live and work.

Robert McCord, C.E.M., COML, Macon-Bibb, GA 911 Operations

I hope we can make Winston-Salem one of the first cities in the country to integrate your AEVA™ system into routine 911 response and prove the concept of the value it offers.

Mayor Allen Joines, Winston-Salem, NC

The Olaeris AEVA™ system represents 2025 technology that we want here in North Carolina. Our center is prepared to provide oversight for expedited state approval and certification, in support of AEVA™ integration into our statewide North Carolina emergency response operations. We are working closely with our state and municipal leaders to promote the safe and managed integration of this technology which will improve safety, awareness, efficiency, and statewide emergency response capabilities.

Kyle Snyder, Director, Next Generation Air Transportation Center

Ted Lindsley – CEO
Ted Lindsey is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record of identifying rapid-growth market opportunities, assembling talented teams and synthesizing, analyzing and executing long-range business strategies.  Ted’s last venture was a robotic technology company similar to Olaeris, which he successfully sold to Andrew Corporation on the Nasdaq.

Michael Dodd – IP Attorney
Michael Dodd is a seasoned attorney with 15 years of experience in  IP and patent protection. Michael has drafted and submitted over 500 patent application, as well as trademarks and copyrights. He has worked with a range of clients including large corporate entities, startups, and individual inventors, prosecuting hundreds of patent applications. His technical and legal experience makes him uniquely qualified for clients in technology software and hardware, and a great addition to the Olaeris team.

Dr. Paul Pounds – VP of Engineering
Paul Pounds brings more than 14 years of experience innovating groundbreaking work in the VTOL unmanned aircraft industry to the Olaeris team. His innovations include designing revolutionary rotors to improve lift efficiency and reduce flapping in multi-rotor UAVs (2007), proving the highest payload capacity for an MAV multi-rotor UAV (2008) and demonstrating the first-ever grasping, manipulation and retrieval of objects using a multi-rotor UAV (2010).

Dr. Stefan Hrabar – VP of Engineering
Stefan Hrabar has over 14 years of experience in robotics, UAV and autonomous systems development, with an emphasis in Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) and Computer Vision. Stefan is focused on increasing the autonomy of rotorcraft RPAs through computer vision and laser-based obstacle avoidance, 3D mapping and path planning. He has also developed a suite of pre-and post-flight tools for RPA mission planning and data visualization. He is passionate about developing RPAs that are safer and more intuitive to operate through increased autonomy.

Olaeris is proud to have the support of an all-star team of advisors at the top of their fields in UAV technology, aviation,

Dr. Tad McGeer
Dr. McGeer was the co-founder of Boeing-Insitu, and current CEO of Aerovel. He is considered by many in our industry to be the foremost authority on UAV technology.

Kip Blakely
Kip Blakely is Vice President at HAECO, the world’s largest aviation maintenance, engineering and manufacturing company, and a strategic manufacturing vendor to Olaeris.

Greg Gerstenhaber
Greg Gerstenhaber is a Partner at Bain & Company, and has extensive experience consulting for leading aerospace, military and prime contractors such as Lockheed, Boeing, Honeywell and Raytheon.

Gene Hayman
Gene Hayman is a VP at L3 Aerospace, and has extensive experience with FAA policies, airworthiness certification and consulting for large scale aviation integration initiatives. 

Steve Chase
Steve Chase is a Sr. VP at Starr Aviation, one of the largest aviation liability insurance companies in the world.

Lt. Col. Dave Gerhart
Dave Gerhart, Lt. Col. USAF Retired, directed worldwide USAF unmanned aircraft operations and training with progressive experience over the past 12 years supervising the certification of over 500 Air Force UAS pilots per year. 

Greg McNeal
Greg McNeal is a Pepperdine University law professor, privacy and civil liberties expert, regular Forbes contributor and congressional testimony provider on privacy matters and unmanned aircraft legalities.

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