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OnLo At A Glance

OnLo is the first social media platform to bring the digital world and real world together using a unique combination of geolocation, augmented reality and gamification.

Our interactive app lets users engage with each other and drop, pick-up and interact with all forms of digital goods as they explore the world. Vendors of all types can participate by providing a unique ad experience on our platform.

A Need for Something New

Social media has been around for decades – and while there are now millions of users logging on to dozens of social media platforms every single day, there hasn’t been many significant shifts in the way we interact online.

That’s why people are always looking for fun new ways to be online, with Gen Z paving the way. Whether they’re heralding in a cultural revolution through Pokémon Go or on TikTok, newer generations are especially piqued by unique ways to connect online.

And it’s no secret that advertisers are struggling to keep up with this innovative spirit – many SMBs in particular struggle to advertise on traditional social media platforms and capture the attention of these younger audiences.

For anyone on the lookout for the next newest platform, there’s OnLo.

A New Way to Explore

OnLo captures the adventurous, innovative essence of younger generations and satisfies everyone’s need for the new with a platform that is whatever each user makes it, with truly endless possibilities to make it their own.

With OnLo, users are immersed in an augmented reality where they can drop, pick up and interact with digital goods like pictures, videos, notes, recommendations, music and more, wherever they go.

OnLo turns a walk through the neighborhood into a unique hybrid experience, where users can see reviews of their favorite restaurants or find recommendations for the best places to shop and hang out, all in real time.

We make it incredibly easy for vendors to participate in the OnLo community, too. In just a few clicks, businesses can run ads as people walk by their storefront, or turn an everyday object like a street sign into an advertisement with clickable links to their page.

OnLo’s Key Features

Location-Based Augmented Reality | Users equip their phones as a lens through which they can view the places they visit. They can then interact with and contribute to this AR world complete with endless digital goods, including advertisements from local businesses.

Gamification | Users can customize their own unique profile, interact with other OnLo users through likes, shares and comments, and earn in-app points or currency to spend on expanded content on the platform.

Simple Advertising for SMBs | Our easy-to-use yet powerful advertising platform allows businesses to run advertisements in just a few clicks, meaning SMBs can showcase their products without an extensive marketing budget or team.

Strong Customer Acceptance

The OnLo team performed extensive research on 1,000 potential users and another 100 potential businesses and identified several notable viewpoints:

Luckily, the OnLo platform is just days away from launching its initial MVP, with outlooks showing our V1.0 launched to mass audiences by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

In addition, OnLo is backed by the success of its prototype platform, which reached 100K downloads within just 90 days and had a daily active user rate of close to 80%; and that was a massively scaled down version of what OnLo will be!

Meet The OnLo Team

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