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Video game developers are doing some unimaginably amazing things these days - but all too often, a lack of funding and marketing know-how keep their creative concepts powered off. 

We utilize proprietary audience probe technology to find qualified, small-studio projects that are desperately seeking a boost.  After providing early capital, we then use intelligent marketing technologies to guide teams through development, crowdfunding campaigns - and all the way onto rabid gamers’ screens.

With revenues being generated and client games lined up, it’s time for OOTU to bring the system to market that can level the playing field for select indie developers around the world!

(*Pronounced “OOTOO”)

We’ve come quite a long way from the days of 2-button controllers and bulky cartridges.  These days, video games capture our imaginations (along with hours of our attention) like never before.  Recent technological innovations have allowed for cutting-edge gameplay abilities and graphics so real that they’re often more immersive than movies.  Consumers, in turn, are constantly demanding more - which has helped fuel a global video market hovering above $100 billion.

Game development studios of all sizes are champing at the bit to capture this massive market; and while the big boys account for most of the total, more actual games are created independently.  Some of the most creative, addicting, and successful video games come from small team, low budget development projects - which emerge from among the estimated 5,000,000 indie game developers around the world.

These bright-eyed innovators are ambitious and hungry (literally), and highly skilled when it comes to conceiving stories and engineering them into playable titles.  However, they most often fall desperately short in sales and marketing expertise; and as a result, many outstanding games drop out of sight soon after launch.  Self-publishers simply can’t match the huge marketing budgets of large studios, and often watch their hard work drowned out in the face of brute force marketing.  Eager to succeed, indie developers are typically willing to share in the fruits of their labor in exchange for financial help, production assistance, and marketing experience from fair-minded publishers.  And with tens of thousands of new PC and mobile games launched every month, the opportunity for both sides is clear.

The OOTU solution is built around 2 unique technologies that help us deliver boss-level results as a video game publisher.  First up is our proprietary audience probe technology, which we call "CVEC" (the Cost of Views, Engagement, and Conversion) and it takes the role of a market interrogator. It has the capability to identify, very early in their development, game projects that are highly likely to succeed.  These games are then supported with marketing methods that are based on our unique game database which is organized around proprietary Traits™ content descriptors.  These are informative metadata items assigned to each game which, together with AI algorithms, make intelligent suggestions for marketing outreach. These technologies are the foundation of the publishing model OOTU deploys to ensure success with the identification and market release of games.

And we have discovered a unique investment focus.  Statistics from online video game stores show that seed stage, indie studio games that have been crowdfunded significantly outperform the industry.  As a group they generate lifetime revenue more than 300% higher than industry average.  All they need is financial support and a marketing boost - and at OOTU, we’re diving headfirst into this lucrative sector to provide it!

Our investment process is a true win-win: we guide indie developers’ titles to success, while reaping financial benefits in our own right.  It greatly increases the project’s prospects for liftoff by preventing misdirection, capturing an early audience, identifying key moments of traction, and gaining social influencer attention.  Here’s a look at how we operate:

Qualification - As far as we know, we’re the only publisher that uses rigorous quantitative data to select investable games.  We do so through large-scale audience probes.


Vetting – To move forward, candidates must have a credible founding team with a coherent concept and early game assets already in place (characters, mechanics, animations, etc.).


Testing - We then create a test audience to measure the concept’s engagement levels.


Funding - When selections are made, they’re given development funding to further build out high-quality concept assets including narratives, visuals, sounds, and trailers.

Bootstrapping - Efforts then turn to crowdfunding, where we generate more buzz and attract additional funding.  Our database enables our proprietary marketing tool, El Dorado, to provide key marketing support through comprehensive identification of relevant market influencers who help the game find its audience.

Marketing - Those successful on the crowdfunding front are then given another capital infusion, primarily aimed at ongoing marketing support.


Launch - Once interest is deemed high enough, we launch to the masses!


Have a look at just a few more benefits and features that make OOTU the unquestioned place to turn for indie game developers:

Superior engine - Thanks to proprietary semantic technology, our discovery engine has been shown by our customers to effectively map the video game catalog; as an internal sales referral system, it generates an industry-leading 10x the sales of a conventional recommendation engine.

Versatility - Our reliance on data and technology (rather than just human intuition) allows us to invest in any type of game, not just those an investment committee is most familiar with.  And we can do it very early in the game’s development, well before other publishers can detect market interest.

Support - OOTU provides ongoing production support through project management.  Developers are also granted access to our stable of pre-qualified game development contractors - so any animator, artist, or programmer they may need is right around the corner.

Marketing intelligence - Our technology draws from a large database of Traits-annotated games and previous game purchase data, and then runs this through proprietary AI-based algorithms to output ultra-targeted marketing tactics.

It’s an exciting time here at OOTU.  We’ve made quite a name for ourselves during our first 5 years in business - and are poised for even greater things going forward. Check out just a few key achievements we’ve enjoyed so far that give us tremendous confidence in the future:

Technology built.  The games engine and “Traits”-based semantic game universe outline that drive all of our products have been fully built. These have enabled us to hone our back-end architecture, and harden our systems so they function well under heavy loads.  You can see how it works for game discovery at xray.games.

Big clients signed on.  Online store Humble Bundle recently replaced their recommendations system with our data and algorithms; and since mid-December, we've served more than 1,000,000 customer-initiated game inquiries which have initiated $100s of thousands in average monthly sales for them.

Making marketing strides.  Our video game marketing tool “El Dorado” is based on our database, AI-derived tools, and high-powered back end architecture and this allows us to scale our clients’ marketing outreach capabilities.  We’ve also developed ad strategies that can generate millions of views with very small investments.

Key protection in place.  A US Patent Pending that covers our “Systems and Methods for Categorizing and Accessing Information Databases and for Displaying Query Results” guards our valuable IP against competitive attacks.

We’re proud of all that we’ve accomplished - but when it comes down to it, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  We plan to build tools that will automate the outreach phase of the marketing process, including intelligent prospecting of social influencers and automated ad placements.  This will provide a higher likelihood of success for our clients and increase our portfolio scale while opening up more revenue streams for us.  Over the longer term - and once we’ve become a known name in the indie world - we will look to expand the use of our smaller-project model by applying it to medium to large-sized projects that can provide even more lucrative investment opportunities.

The OOTU concept came to light over our Founders’ shared frustration with content discovery on the internet.  Our original idea was more general in nature - that of a database that would contain all content items of interest, categorized in their metadata by semantic descriptors, to create an “Outline of the Universe® ”.  But starting at the end of 2015, we devoted our entire attention to the video game world - and haven’t looked back since.  Let’s meet the execs behind our vision!

Michael, a Stanford PhD, started out in 1981 working for a variety of VC-backed genetics, microfluidics, and nanotechnology startups.  His record as a tech executive since then speaks for itself: he was Founder/CEO of Caliper Technologies (went public in 1999, acquired in 2011 for $600 million) and CEO of Cambrios Technologies, where he raised $70 million.

Michael #2 has enjoyed 15 very successful years of developing high volume, remote user, enterprise software companies.  He’s founded a variety of startups along the way, with a focus on building applications for biotech and government contract industries.  He is fully responsible for the architecture and engineering of our technology.

Rounding out our Michael trio is Mr. Cox, the video game expert of the group.  He’s worked for years as an indie game marketing consultant, boasting a 100% success rate in crowdfunding campaigns while his fully-launched client projects now average more than $8 million in revenue.  In addition to crafting and producing our game portfolio, he also has full reign over marketing.

OOTU also receives outside support from a talented Board of Advisors, which includes not only legal and business development experts but also these 3 industry gurus:

  • Brandon Sheffield, game producer and former Game Developer Magazine editor;
  • Ed Fries, XBOX Co-Founder and former VP at Microsoft;
  • Seth Gordon, seasoned Producer & Director (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief, The Goldbergs, and many others).

Want to learn more about how OOTU is creating investor value, and how you can get involved?  Be sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile!

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