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It’s a situation everyone’s encountered:
You have a document that needs editing, but it’s only available in PDF form.
Where do you turn? There’s actually a huge need for this type of PDF/digital asset remediation on the business landscape today. This is especially true in the financial sector - which pushes out tons of PDF documents and
are required to make certain remediation changes for those with visual disabilities.

Existing platforms not only lack this key automated compliance, but also offer limited or no document accessibility. These aspects are crucially important to the growing fields of data visualization and business intelligence (BI).  Visual data (i.e. charts and graphs) has proven to be an incredibly beneficial asset for businesses looking to uncover & leverage actionable data that drives top level decision making and gives them an edge over competition.  However, the lack of data accessibility prevalent today makes it difficult for businesses to address the specific needs of their clients or operations in these visualizations.

Bottom line, a new solution that addresses all of these areas would have a great opportunity to assume a market leadership position.

Open Access Technologies is developing the world’s first fully accessible BI platform that’s compliant with international accessibility statutory requirements.  The first main element of our product suite, which contains WeaveAccess and EnableVIZ, provides actionable BI to a variety of industries.  The second element provides automated PDF remediation via EnablePDF.  All told, it’s designed to make intelligent analytical content accessible to anyone, including people with visual disabilities.

At Open Access, we’re focused on creating a world that looks beyond vision.  Our innovative solutions make data, visualizations, graphics, and other content usable and accessible to all persons, while also:

In addition to how much easier we’re making life for vision-impaired and multitasking individuals, our platform is also highly beneficial from the B2B perspective.  The technology is being developed with a committed focus on meeting Federal standards and compliance for remediation - making it ideal for governments, businesses, and practically any organization.

They talked, and we listened.  Our flagship products are the result of the huge need for automated accessibility, gathered from clients at our previous consulting company.  OAT’s foundational suite of products includes the following: 

(v3.0 in development)

An open source SaaS platform ideal for compelling visual and non-visual data analysis.  It allows for simplified composition and viewing, and also:

  • ​Provides insight from your data that will engage your community.
  • Includes intelligent natural-language summarization.
  • Provides meaningful non-visual access.
  • Is a separable component for use by other BI tools.


Open Access Technologies is a recent startup with significant momentum.

  • 250,000+ Weave historic user base
  • Possesses a huge prospective customer base from our previous company, many of whom are simply waiting for us to finish up the technology.
  • Currently serves Fortune 500 beta clients that need compliance for millions of PDFs.
  • Also gained product acceptance from numerous Federal agencies, who also must comply.
  • Filed US utility patents
  • Has working partnerships with VFO and OSF Global.​

For more information on Open Access Technologies and what lies ahead, please request access to the Business Plan portion of this profile!

The beginnings of the Open Access story trace back to TPG, a world-leading IT consulting firm that our Co-Founders started years ago.  Now, we’ve evolved into a fully operational venture of our own - led by these 4 individuals:

Mike Paciello, Chairman/Co-Founder
A world-renowned accessibility visionary and technologist, Mike served as the former CEO and Founder and TPG.  He was instrumental in leading the company to exit, via acquisition by VFO/Vector Capital.


Howard Berke, President/CEO/Co-Founder
The other half of the TPG founding duo, Howard, is a proven and highly skilled serial entrepreneur.  In total,
he’s co-founded 16 startups and served in a variety
of Chair, Director, CEO, VP, and President roles.

Will Walker, VP Product
Our product design maven, Will, has 30+ years’
experience in software engineering and open source (including leadership) at several F500 companies.

Becky Gibson, Chief Accessibility Lead
Becky’s an IBM Software Architect with 3 decades
worth of diverse experience in IBM corporate
and open-source development.

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