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You fly into Chicago on business. Your meetings are set and everything is going smoothly, until you wake up the next morning with a toothache.

Now you're forced to weigh your health (and agony!) against the importance of your meetings -- which you flew 2,000 miles to obtain -- and find a dentist who has an opening.

You call all around, hoping for that perfect time slot that fits right between your meetings. But the more you call, the more frustrated you get, and quickly realize that you'll have to endure the pain or cancel one of the meetings.

It's a nightmare situation with no end in sight -- until now.

Meet OPENAPPOINTMENT: the ultimate app for scheduling and managing appointments.



OPENAPPOINTMENT solves all of those problems with a fast and convenient app that’s easy to use.


Can check openings and secure last-minute appointments

Can receive appointment reminders via text, voice or email (depending on their preferences)

May use the Waitlist Feature to hop on a waitlist for specific appointment time(s) and receive notifications if/when cancellations are made




Can set up unlimited types of appointments, prices and times

Will receive an instant notification when an appointment is booked or cancelled

Can use the Target Feature to send customers a targeted notification that will be specific to their past appointments



OpenAppointment is led by a team of experts who are poised to revolutionize the way service providers schedule and manage appointments:

James Darnell | Founder & CEO
With over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, James is ready to make OpenAppointment the leader in mobile service provider scheduling. He acquired his first company at age 16, raised annual sales from less than $100,000 to nearly $2 million in just four years, and later sold it to a competitor.

James has learned valuable lessons in management and organization, and oversaw more than 100 full-time, part-time and seasonal employees. His leadership and direction helped one company expand to more than $9 million in annual sales in just 5 short years. His enthusiasm for building successful companies has pushed James to put together a well seasoned team of professionals to lead Open Appointment. 

Ken Wolfram | Sales Leader & Customer Service
An impeccable leader adept at developing people, building teams, and creating (and delivering!) world-class results, Ken is as passionate as he is competitive.

Ken takes pride in the accomplishments he has achieved over the last 18+ years, meeting and exceeding goals while fostering brilliant teams that are engaged and energized. He has received a number of awards, including the World Class Leader Award and People Development Award, and is a seven-time winner of the Presidential Achievement Award.

Don Miller | API & Mobile App Development
With more than 20 years of experience solving key business issues using the latest technology, Don understands the true value of programming for enterprises. He is an expert at managing agile projects, using tools to keep his team up-to-date, and has spent the last five years focused on the Apple mobile development stack.

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