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There are over 18.4 million households in the United States with children between the ages of 3 and 10 with more than 2,000 children reported missing every day.  SpectralCast has developed a new Location Finder Technology Network by designing specialty electronics that create a secured and encrypted network comprised of several patented technologies that actively search, share and evaluate resources providing a public/private platform that customers can use to securely locate missing assets and individuals, most importantly, children.

Our Finder technology has patents awarded, patents pending, and exclusive manufacturing process license for this state of the art Network, that enables a new generation of products built around a common concept: locating the people, places and things that are important in life.

This Network also introduces a revolutionary new way for the world to connect and communicate that enviably could replace cellular networks, and provides alternative Internet access capabilities, thus attracting consumers with innovative applications and technology not yet available elsewhere, positioning SpectralCast as an essential part of our communications future.  We call it the SpectralCast Organic Network. 

The Company is a publicly traded entity on the OTC Market under the symbol SPEC. As a Public Company, we are creating a model that shares continued and sustained rewards with customers, partners, investors, and shareholders to achieve superior returns at greatly reduced risk. Our proposed revenue channels and current contract discussions with OEM industry giants, creates a real world opportunity in the emergent technologies, hardware and software applications industry.

SpectralCast has selected Pinyon Technologies to be its strategic partner in providing LTE and 2.4GHz based solutions for our multiple products. (www.pinyontech.com)

Originally started as a manufacturer of commercial-grade premium brand televisions under the name Orbital Elite.  SpectralCast has moved into the worldwide design, of specialty electronics with the intent of global impact.  

SpectralCast Location Finder Technology -

To date, only small segments of electronic products have the ability to tell anyone, “Hey, I am here!” Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and 802.XX technologies quickly emerged. But in realistic terms, GPS is only great for the outdoors, and 802.XX only works well in small areas (i.e., campuses, apartment complexes, etc.).

Typical Close-Range Locating Systems: 

  • GPS: Global Positioning System-  Accuracy is 3 – 10 meters outdoors, typically worse indoors-Poor vertical plane accuracy, only up to 100 meters
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification- Low transmission power that can easily be blocked by solid objects
  • WiFi: Ad-hoc location data that is not reliable and not always available
  • Cellular Triangulation: Accuracy is typically 10 meters outdoors, worse indoors

It was quickly realized by the Company the need to create products for one of the most sought after technologies, the ability for electronics to be location aware, with unlimited range.

Our Technology:

SpectralCast has developed a patented Radio Direction Finding (RDF) Finder Technology that overcomes current location technology limitations. It establishes a node-to-node Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) connection between our patented Beacon and transmitter unit which is a specialty SpectralCast designed Media Player or our Finder Cell Phone Case.  The Beacon is attached to an object in need of being found. Examples of these objects are children, pets, cars, luggage, keys, bicycles, friends, phones, soldiers or just about anything people might want to find.

Our patented Finder Technology circuitry utilizes a 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna. The directional finder antenna array comprises two antennas, an omni-directional antenna and a directional antenna. Alternatively, the array comprises a plurality of antennas with differing radiation patterns and a circuit and methodology for determining the direction of the beacon by comparing the field strengths of the signal received from the remote object by the antennas. This technique is known as “Radio Direction Finding” (RDF). We have chosen EarthOne Circuit Technologies as our strategic design partner, and Pinyon Technologies to provide our directional antenna.

To locate the Beacon, our transmitter unit transmits a wakeup signal to the Beacon; the Beacon wakes up and begins transmitting. Typically the Beacon remains in a low-power “sleep mode” state and wakes up periodically to determine if the transmitter unit is attempting to contact it. If no attempt is being made, the Beacon returns to the sleep mode. If the transmitter unit is attempting to contact the Beacon, then the Beacon first confirms the unit unique I.D. with those to which it has been previously paired and responds by acknowledging the transmitter unit. The Beacon then enters “finding mode” by maintaining constant contact with the transmitter unit. If and when the transmitter unit ceases to maintain contact with the Beacon, the Beacon will remain in transmit mode for another period of time for the circumstance where the transmitter unit wishes to re-initiate finding mode so that latency is reduced.

Alternatively in safety and rescue applications the Beacon can be automatically turned on if for instance exposed to water, an accelerometer detects a sufficient motion, or if a button is pressed due to an immediate emergency.

The location finding range of a single transmitter unit is up to 1 mile. If there is another unit within that mile radius, the range is now expanded an additional mile and so on, as our transmitter units are deployed in a certain geographical area. 

If there are no additional transmitter units within this range, as an alternative embodiment, our Beacon, Media Player and Finder Cell Phone includes our LTE embedded technology that extends the range of the direction finding system to anywhere in the world where wireless network signals are available.

The first application use we developed with our Finder Technology was a product with the idea of finding lost automobiles. This consisted of a beacon parried with a key fob transceiver. 

SpectralCast has since expanded on this technology to be used not only to find lost children, pets, keys, your auto, anything at all of value, but in a wide array of products with new innovative uses, capabilities and global expansion.

We have created Beacon DNA, which can quickly be adapted to different applications.  For example, it can be adapted to sense temperature, or rainfall in remote locations.  We have tested our technology with the 82nd Airborne Division of the U. S. Army for finding lost items they drop out of planes.  Our plan is to offer licensing opportunities to clothing companies for example, to embed the devices in adult and children’s clothing. There are so many application uses, military to keep track of our soldiers and equipment, governmental, search and rescue operations, just to name a few.

The SpectralCast Finder Cell Phone Case -

When on the go, we have a mobile function for our Finder Technology.  This new functionality is added to an existing mobile device through an external protective casing, the patented SpectralCast Finder Cell Phone Case, that contains our directional antenna and our associated radio frequency “RF” circuitry patented technology, and by downloading and running our associated application program (“The Finder App”).  It also works at ranges of up to 1 mile.  If the Beacon is out of our RDF transmitting range, the beacon will report its Grid location.  Our Case is also embedded with the same LTE technology as our Media Player giving the user the ability to track and locate no matter how far. 

It is the objective of this technology to allow consumers to add to their smart-phone or other wireless handset the functionality of indicating the direction and distance from the handset to a small wireless beacon that has been previously placed on an object or person that the user wishes to locate anywhere inside, outside, or across the nation. By making the process of adding this function to the handset as simple as installing our Finder Cell Case and downloading a direction finder app (“Finder App”), the attraction for consumers is extremely strong.

The Finder App:

The downloadable Finder App will be made available through the wireless mobile service providers who traditionally offer apps to their customers. Once downloaded to the mobile device, the Finder App has a user interface that allows for pairing of a plurality of specific beacons to be tracked and located in the future. The actual pairing process is conducted like any other WPAN device pairing process where the handset device and the beacon device exchange a unique passkey or I.D. number. Once paired, the user has the option of naming the pairing, i.e. “Jeffy” for a child's beacon, “Spot” for a pet's beacon, etc. The user can then install the beacon on the child, pet, or other object they desire to keep track of.


​Media Player

The SpectralCast Media Player -

The SpectralCast designed Media Player is the key to our Finder Technology.  It is our main base transmitter unit pared to a personal Beacon with two embedded networks, and acts as the backbone to the SpectralCast Organic Network plan, not only expanding the range of our Finder Technology once mass deployed, thus lessening the need for our LTE embedded technology, but also introducing a revolutionary new way for the world to connect and communicate, truly allowing for major advantages over our competitors. Much like the functions of our Finder App, the same information, pairing process and display will be accessible through our Media Player and the viewing device it is connected to, most likely your television.

What is a Media Player:

In the simplest of terms, a traditional Media Player is a device for playing digital media files on a TV or Hi-Fi.  We are surrounded by digital media, whether in the form of digital camera video or photos, digitally stored music, or digital video movies and TV shows. The problem is, as the quantity of digital media has grown explosively, the methods used to enjoy it have stood still.

Many people nowadays have a large screen High Definition TV. Very few people actually use their TV’s for enjoying all forms of digital media. Instead, most watch digital video, look at photos, listen to music and access the internet on a tiny laptop, tablet, computer, or even mobile phone screen. If a TV is used it is usually connected by precarious cabling arrangements to a laptop or PC, requiring repeated plugging and unplugging as well as a high degree of technical knowledge in getting everything working.

A Media Player provides one central hub for the enjoyment of all digital media. You can use it to watch any video file, any piece of music, or to view all your photos. All this is in a simple to use, energy efficient, and compact box. Connect the Media Player to both your TV and your Hi-Fi and you have an instant and convenient way to enjoy your music and/or video collection in the best possible quality.

The SpectralCast Difference:

SpectralCast has designed a new type of “Networked” Media Player.  Networked means the player has the option of local storage through an internal hard drive or storage attached to the Media Player such as an attached USB hard drive, attached USB pen drive, SD Card, or an eSATA hard drive, but can also access a local network or the internet. This allows the player to access digital media stored on a home PC, or a dedicated storage device (NAS).

Besides providing the traditional uses of a Media Player described earlier, our unit can deliver content in the form of broadcast television channels, with 230 additional “channels” that allows for the opportunity to create an individual media broadcasting outlet, (your own personal channel that you control whom may have viewing access).

More importantly, as indicated, our Media Player is the main base transmitter unit behind our Finder Technology.  We have created a beacon-frame data device that allows communications between our electronic products that becomes “self aware”, securely locating missing assets and individuals, especially children. It gives the user the ability to register, find, and control their own personal secure network. 

Special Features:

  • Ability to “wake up” a single, or group of  Beacons
  • Ability to track multiple Beacons
  • Ability for other Media Players to interact with each other:
  • Share resources
  • Track another Media Players, Beacons and report back the results to the    owner of the Beacon
  • Allow remote services, cell phone and tablet for instance.

These devices will have the ability to locate in their area but the Media Player will be more powerful and can locate anywhere. All these features ride on a secure encrypted network.

The Beacons that travel through our network can only be activated by the owner and remain asleep until activated. These Beacons can be activated by both the Media Player and the Cell Phone Case. Our Media Player includes a unique connector that allows for other electronics and systems to utilize it as a communications interface. Applications for this concept include data collection for weather, medical, surveillance and many other fields.  We are not GPS; we are a completely Terrestrial-based system. Beacons can be placed on things of value that are missing.  We are not competing with Google Maps, or GPS drive-by-drive instructions.  If you activate one of our Beacons, it means you lost something of value.

SpectralCast Long Term Evolution (LTE) Communications Network -

Whether your Beacon is out of the Media Player or our Finder Cell Phone Case range, the SpectralCast Organic Network does not stop. It can predict direction of a lost or stolen item, and will know if an another organic mobile device is in the area. The pairing of mobile devices can also create a large mobile bubble that can quickly search large areas and report back to the Beacons owner when found. We call this an electronic search party.

This embedded technology will allow a private wireless Broadband Overnet, with access points to the internet. The applications for this are broad; cell phone service, secure data transmissions, and ultimately, the delivery of media and information services to our clients without the need for an Internet provider. This innovation is a terrestrial based system that is unique, in both design and performance, compared to any true competitors that may exist.

The other options that are opened with LTE, is the ability to allow a Cell Company to deliver other services that are in development for the future, directly to a person’s home. This opens new markets that are currently un-served, for example, farmers in the Midwest are using ISDN (110K) for the Internet because they fall out of the range of DSL and Cable, and thought Satellite has fast download speed, it still uses dialup for upload connectivity. LTE through our Media Player is a natural alternative market for Wireless LTE Technology.

SpectralCast Organic Network -

The overall purpose of all the current products SpectralCast is bringing to market is to support the company’s mission to create its “Organic Network”, a revolutionary new communications Platform. The Media Player, besides providing all of the functions and capabilities of a traditional media player and the expansion of our Finder Technology, will also allow for robotic communications to create, reinforce, and operate our Organic Network.

The idea of an Organic Network was the conclusion of a series of problems that have plagued humanity in the 21st century. In 2007 in Del Mar, California during a question and answer session at an electronic symposium Mr. Meyer was asked, “If the world’s cellular networks and ISP’s were to become disabled and you were asked to design a new global communications network today, what would it look like?” Mr. Meyer’s stated, “I would build a system that did not require the use of cell towers, instead I would build retail electronics that would act as mini cell towers for every home”. The answer was not simple but did start the process of how a wireless mesh network could be organically grown using technical innovations that would allow for the marketing of a base device acting in place of the traditional “cell tower” and traditional ISP’s.

Like a biological system, this Organic Network becomes a reality with the mass deployment of the Media Player. The rollout of this new entertainment device will create a revolutionary new way of communication with access to the same capabilities of today’s cellular networks and ISP’s.

Unlike traditional networks, every new Media Player acts as a node and creates its own encrypted private bubble for its owner.  Each node then looks for other bubbles to connect to without compromising the privacy and security of the owner. As more bubbles attach to each other, the more robust and reliable the overall regional network bubble becomes. Each network bubble can have other networks inside that it can cross communicate with.

All units will connect and communicate with each other to create a public/private network with security at its core. This network does not require large towers or massive infrastructure to be built. It simply requires buying the product and plugging it in to send data packets that can then flow back into our network using the public internet only as an alternative data transport method to connect islands, continents or remote places that do not have mass deployment of our Media Player creating a contiguous Organic Network.

Our SpectralCast Organic Network as planned is an Organic Deployment, which means that all of our products talk to each other without passing user information.  As our products penetrate a market, our range and bandwidth also increases, thus negating the need for cellular towers for example. The frequency and range that we currently have is good, and will allow text and voice communication between users when we decide to offer that service.  

Security -

As stated above, the deployment of our Orbital branded products will enable the network to do its job.

GPS technology is always on, and can be seen by others. It is visible to cell phone companies, the Government, and hackers. Everyone in our network is seen, yet privacy for the people using the system is still insured.  With our finder technology, for example, one has to take an action to activate the device to be located. Once activated, the network searches for it until found. If a device is used for a crime, the activation works like a finger print, thereby discouraging this type of use.

Privacy permeates every aspect of our network and products. This was a main concern of our design team. Our core design network concept creates a private network of things owned and controlled by our clients. This could be friends that have our Cell Phone Case product for example, which allows direct connectivity to another bubble owner to chat, text or even call. This, of course will be completely private as there is no “central” system for data collection and no way to create Call Detail Records (CDR’s) that are used for billing, (now being collected by the NSA without apology). This is one aspect of the SpectralCast Organic Network that is a game changer to our existing understanding of the Internet.

Today, most cable companies are bound by territories; we are not. This is a powerfull statement. Our revenue is not bound. Our revenue model is global.

The SpectralCast Organic Network rollout is a new concept. We have very little cost of infrastructure. Our Network just relies on sales to consumers, and a reason for them to buy our product. In the end, our goal is to help find things that are important, make family entertainment easily obtained and affordable in one location source, as well creating an individually controlled content and communications environment.

Though there may be similar technologies in existence, our concepts are new, and backed with patented technology. We believe that our team has covered all aspects of rollout, design and manufacturing.

Our Stratigic Partner: Pinyon Technologies

SpectralCast has selected Pinyon Technologies to be its strategic partner in providing LTE and 2.4GHz based solutions for our multiple products. The Company intends to use Pinyon Technologies LTE and 2.4GHz designs in our Media Player. SpectralCast selected Pinyon because of Pinyon’s ability not only to provide the solution and technologies needed in our  products but this also leverages Pinyon’s ability to market our product to various service providers. Pinyon has established partnerships with LTE chip manufacturer Sequans Communications, (www.sequans.com) and product development partner Sasken Communications, (www.sasken.com). In order to strengthen the partnership even further SpectralCast intends to make an investment in Pinyon Technologies.

About Pinyon Technologies:  (www.pinyontech.com)

Pinyon is a revenue generating Mobile Networking Company that has sold 10M antennas, based in Reno, Nevada, USA and presence in Mumbai, India. Pinyon Antennas are the cornerstone of all LTE products.

Designs and markets cloud based mobile networking products:

  • Products designed for 4G-LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Proprietary Antenna Technology – 14 patents filed, 8 issued
  • Service providers channels worldwide
  • Retail channels worldwide
  • Pinyon has a unique, patented AirWire™ antenna technology

Pinyon’s AirWire LTE-WiFi Mobile Hotspot -

The AirWire LTE Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot provides Internet connectivity via its built-in Wi-Fi hotspot or USB connection.  The AirWire LTE Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot operates standalone, connecting multiple devices simultaneously.  Laptops, gaming consoles, tablets and all other Wi-Fi devices can now access the Internet anywhere through AirWire's LTE Wi-Fi instant hotspot. The AirWire LTE Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot connects directly to a computer through the USB port, taking advantage of LTE data speeds of 100 Mbps.  It supports LTE-TDD, with future versions supporting LTE-FDD. Wi-Fi support covers 802.11 b/g/n, conveniently covering all Wi-Fi devices. Features are 3GPP compliant and support is provided for VoLTE, TR69, IMS, OMA-DM, and eMBMS for LTE Broadcast.

The SpectralCast Team

Robert N. Meyer
CEO and Director: 
Mr. Meyer has a broad base of experience in the high technology world of computers and communication. He’s been involved in several successful companies in developing specialized programming, encryption technology, video streaming, and cellular communications in both the civilian world and government agencies.

Mr. Meyer serves as Chief Executive Officer of SpectralCast, Inc. SpectralCast, Inc. is engaged in the development of new products and improvement of existing product lines, including wireless, cellular, and new media technologies to be rolled out over the next two years. Prior to that Mr. Meyer was Chief Technology Officer of The Berlian Group, a company that developed a new software system to streamline shareholder relations using the internet with specialized programming for security of information.

Mr. Meyer gained experience in the communications industry by serving four years as Chief Technology Officer of Global Access Telephone and Technology, Inc., where he was responsible for hardware design and software development. These products primarily involved wireless, electronic toy design for Mattel, Inc., and other toy manufacturers.

Mr. Meyer gained extensive business experience as a senior partner of a securities broker dealer with multiple offices. In that capacity, Robert Meyer was hands on in running the day-by-day operation of the company. He held several security licenses issued by various regulatory authorities.

Mr. Meyer has served in the Army with 11B, and 31C MOS’s, after leaving the Infantry, Mr. Meyer joined transferred to the US Army Reserves, and ended his military contract at the 311th COSCOM. In the early days Mr. Meyer was one of the first people hired at Auto Desk, Inc. in charge of production, he successfully managed the growth of his department. This was DOS days and gave Mr. Meyer broad experience working with computers, and managing over 60 employees.

Robert Sarrasin
Chief Operations Officer:
Mr. Sarrasin has over twenty years of progressive leadership supporting five Fortune 500 companies and nine major government agencies to align business and IT strategies to achieve critical strategic goals. Over sixteen years of experience that includes business development, outsourcing, enterprise systems integration, knowledge management, governance, application architectures, solution architectures, and architecture frameworks. Thirteen years of experience in program and project management roles leading cross-functional business and technical teams, vendors, and consultants supporting internal and external high-risk programs and projects.

Current roles include implementing and leading capture and proposal efforts, including teamed pursuits of private and public sector opportunities valued from $1M - $5B, and developing branded business and technology solutions to create competitive advantage.

Six years of experience as an independent consultant supporting small business transitioning to large businesses, to compete against large companies for private and public sector outsourcing opportunities. Five years of experience as a startup/small business owner/operator. Mr. Sarrisin currently holds a secret security clearance.

James J. Lavoie
Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Secretary & Director:
Mr. Lavoie has vast range of experience in Executive Management, specifically in the fields of Manufacturing, Operations and Sales. His background focuses in the manufacturing disciplines, Test Engineering with Xerox Corporation, Manufacturing Engineering with MAI Basic Four, Vice President Operation Curtis Electronics and Director of Manufacturing with Emerson Technologies, an LLP with Emerson Radio.

Mr. Lavoie spent two years building a state of the art paging manufacturing facility in Jakarta, Indonesia. Most recently, Mr. Lavoie held the position of Vice President of Sales for Metrosplash Systems Group, where he managed the “Cash for Gas” loyalty program offered to 7,000 CITGO Convenience locations, prior to joining Orbital Laboratories as COO. He attended the University of Massachusetts, and Long Beach State University.

Dustin Yohner
Director of Commercial Sales:
Mr. Yohner brings over twelve years of experience in business development and sales capacity with both line and staff responsibility in Sales Logistics, Customer Service and Operations. He is an energetic problem solver and is a recognized team leader with proven negotiating in building in an organization. He is acknowledged for well-defined understanding of the business-technology interface and capacity to identify and align clients' emerging technology needs with products and services.

Mr. Yohner possesses a successful and diverse background spanning technical, sales management, service delivery and business-development disciplines underscores expertise in engaging decision makers and devising winning sales strategies and solutions. He is experienced in training and supervising large sales forces, skilled in cold calling, consultative selling, negotiating contracts and forming alliances.

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