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Orca Smart is on the frontier of redefining what an ERP can do for business, developing a powerful next generation modern business intelligence platform (BIP) that brings maximum performance and growth to medium and small businesses. Orca Smart BIP combines business automation and artificial intelligence for an all-in-one platform that identifies trends in your business and provides recommendations to help your business grow. With modules ranging from HR to Sales, logistics and financial management, Orca Smart BIP is ideally suited for use by all business sizes. With easy integration, intuitive interface and the first business platform to provide built in B2B networking abilities, Orca Smart allows even the smallest of companies to quickly compete within an increasingly global economy.

Stop and smell the roses?  Not in 2017.  Thanks to some incredible technological advances, instant gratification has taken over our lives.  We consumers can now manage an ever-increasing number of daily tasks - from ordering a sandwich to contributing to a retirement account - right from our mobile devices.  Waiting around to get things done is quickly becoming unacceptable, and can bring about a feeling of “being left behind” from one’s peers.

Though this feeling is often unfounded on an individual level, it’s actually a huge deal in today’s fiercely competitive business world.  Whether it’s responding to a customer inquiry or trying to close a sale, not getting things done quickly and efficiently can cost millions.  As a response, business leaders have adopted the use of ERP software to automate these tasks and get results in real time.  A growing number of companies are realizing the huge importance of these platforms; however, most remain unsatisfied due to the lack of an all-in-one solution.  Leading ERPs like Dropbox (file sharing) and Salesforce (CRM) do great with their respective areas of expertise, but really only help in one area - leaving companies to juggle multiple interfaces.  


The result is a variety of dangerous and inconvenient obstacles, including:

Customer relationships, B2B relationships, and employee morale are all casualties of the above issues.  As we move towards a global economy that’s increasingly competitive, businesses desperately need more of an end-to-end ERP solution to help optimize operations.  This is especially true for small and medium-sized companies, who must also be able to confidently conduct business internationally to survive.  It’s time for a new ERP leader to step up.

Here at OrcaSmart, we’re excited to usher in a new world of operational optimization for small and medium-sized businesses.  Our solution stands out from other ERP software in that it’s truly all-in-one - a single, cloud based platform with a clear end goal of maximizing organizational efficiency, growth, and profitability. OrcaSmart is giving business leaders the long-sought unified interface they need to manage all aspects of their company, and kick multiple logins and monthly fees to the curb.


Say goodbye to employee miscommunication, scattered data, and wasted resources.  Regardless of a company’s size or how many teams operate within it, OrcaSmart’s end-to-end transparency allows business leaders to get the absolute most from their assets.  Users get a constant view of exactly how employees spend their time, learning more about their businesses than ever before.  The result is a more productive workforce, better customer relationships, and more closed leads.

Our team understands what other ERPs fail to - that every business is unique. That’s why we’ve made OrcaSmart truly industry-agnostic; no matter what areas of business drive your industry and what you need to improve upon, they can all be managed right away without interrupting current operations.  From accounting, to sales, to project management, everything needed to customize and suit your business’s needs is now at your fingertips.  Regardless of what your hustle is, you can now provide that instant gratification that consumers desire!

Time is already pressing enough for small to medium-sized business leaders - and we’re not here to hold you up any more.  Getting set up with OrcaSmart is a piece of cake; there’s no need for a lengthy onboarding process or changes to your company’s infrastructure.  Then, once you’re plugged in, our industry-leading user interface is ready to ease your concerns and guide you through.  Relying on a heavy use of simplified buttons, our UI is only as robust as it needs to be; users can switch features on or off that don’t apply to them while not needing to re-learn anything new.  OrcaSmart is extremely powerful - but still very user-friendly and not cumbersome.

In addition to the platform’s core functionality - which manages accounting, HR, the supply chain, and other main areas of business - OrcaSmart is also equipped with a host of secondary features that only add to its awesomeness.  Standing front and center is its ability to assist with key strategic decisions through workflow data that’s actionable and intelligent.  SMBs are more susceptible to logistical stumbles than larger businesses - and our guidance tools help eliminate the guesswork.  Our HR components, for example, can analyze trends to suggest insurance purchases; as for sales, OrceSmart can anticipate customer needs through auto-generated region forecasting.  Have a look at some additional secondary features we’re proud to provide:

HR evaluation - We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of HR like nobody else.  A unique employee rating system allows leaders to deeply assess their workforce; ratings can even be made visible to customers and stakeholders to drive reputability and customer confidence.

Compliance - OrcaSmart automatically informs users of changes in government regulations, policies, and tax laws that affect their business - hence aiding them in achieving federal and state compliance.  Documents can even be filed and fees paid through OrcaSmart to avoid penalty.

Data security - Interdepartmental communication is now more seamless than ever - and data exchange safer - thanks to us keeping all your resources and info unified within a single interface.  OrcaSmart users can also readily communicate amongst each other right over the platform.

Automated recommendations - OrcaSmart’s intelligent data capabilities are tied into its advertising platform, which makes automated recommendations to users based on the data.

Information symmetry - In other words, transparency; all relevant information is readily available to all parties involved.  It starts with increased management visibility into individual employee activities, and works the other way, too - so employees can hold their superiors accountable.

B2B Networking / Connectivity – As businesses adopt OrcaSmart, they will be able to experience the benefits of the network effect by being able to share business information, inventory data, pricing, project statuses and more. Companies can view employee information, rate performance, and connect with others via OrcaSmart.

Department management - Business leaders can build out and manage entire departments - even highly-complicated supply chains - right from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Escrow - Enterprise users and their customers also benefit from the use of our escrow service, which helps build trust between the two parties.

Translations - OrcaSmart automatically translates communication in the users’ desired languages.

We’ve only been at this for a matter of months, but are making big strides already.  An emphasis has been placed on enterprise user acquisition here in the early days - and we’ve secured three letters of intent 3 so far from key players excited about the platform.  Another important relationship we’ve formed comes from NYC-based accounting firm Anchin, Block & Anchin.  We’ve entered into a working partnership with the respected firm to help us optimize the financial and compliance ends of OrcaSmart.  Key personnel strides have been made, too - as a talented lead developer and supporting staff have been added to our team.

Currently, our team is chomping at the bit to begin engineering OrcaSmart to a beta-ready level - and will do so once our current funding request is secured.  This, along with user acquisition, is the overriding focus of our short-term future.  Looking further ahead, we’re super pumped about OrcaSmart’s potential long-term direction.  The broad nature of the platform leaves us with many possibilities; but as of now, we’re focusing our strategic development efforts in two areas:

The concept for an industry-agnostic, truly all-in-one ERP platform was born out of the pitfalls our Founder experience with his previous venture.  As the company began to reach new levels of success, he encountered a number of hurdles that always came back to one thing: a lack of operational automation and efficiency. Growing frustrated, he quickly realized the market need - but also realized there were no turn-key, small businesses solutions around to fulfill it.  OrcaSmart was his answer; and now, he’s built a full executive team around the concept.  Let’s meet them!

Kenneth Wang, CEO - Kenneth is the experienced and successful entrepreneur behind the creation of OrcaSmart. The vision for the platform came to light while growing his prior venture, a multimillion dollar sourcing and distribution company, from the ground up.  As the company began to reach new levels of success, Kenneth ran into a handful of stumbling blocks that always spawned from a lack of operational automation and efficiency.  Growing frustrated, he began to look into ERP software - but quickly realized that there was a clear lack of truly turn-key solutions that served small businesses like his. The result, soon after, was the creation of OrcaSmart.

Jack Zhang, CIO - Our information technical guru, Jack, has enjoyed a very successful two decade-plus career as a software engineer and developer. He’s gained a versatile skill set over this time - including backend infrastructure development, data visualization, networking, and development team management.  PHP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and C++ are amongst the programming languages he has become fluent in.  He’s coordinated and led large teams to the creation of outstanding end products, in industries ranging from education to real estate. Also, he has many years of experience in implementing software and hardware system selection, price negotiation or bidding work, selection, and understands the current fashionable enterprise large data infrastructure and technology system. As CIO, he is responsible for leading development activities related to platform development, architecture and future company development..

Jacob Spilberg, CMO - After receiving his BFA in product design from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, Jacob would go on to receive an MBA with a marketing focus.  This impressive educational portfolio gives him the ideal combination of customer acquisition and user experience know-how to serve as our Chief Marketing Officer.  Branding, design, and the execution of our go-to-market strategy stand as his top responsibilities going forward.

Don Hartung, CSO - Cyber Security Professional and Military Veteran with 15+ years of experience. Don Hartung is well versed in information network design, security, and infrastructure support. Don has helped orchestrated technological and security abilities for leading industry cyber-security providers, the federal government, and large international companies while ensuring Information Systems compliance / reliability. Don’s background makes him ideally suited to the task of ensuring complete data security and reliability for Orca Smart and it’s user base.

Board of Advisors

The OrcaSmart executive team is supported from the outside by a versatile Board of Advisors with their own versatile skill set.  The Board includes:

Tod West
With 14+ years of software sales experience centered around e-commerce, production and POS software. From traditional hardware to mobile, tablet based systems. Tod has sold software for Inertia Beverage Group, Vin65, Elypsis and Orderport. His intimate knowledge of software sales makes him an invaluable asset in developing sales.

Anthony D’Silva,
Uniquely tuned into Eastern markets, having served as a certified consultant in Malaysia for over 5 years.  For the past 10, he’s also served as an advanced ProAdvisor for QuickBooks for medium to large businesses.  Anthony is directly responsible for heading up the development of our accounting modules and functions within the software.

Bobby Kudlek,
An Elite District Manager for ADP, Robert maintains a wealth of experience in Payroll Management, HR Services and Human Capital Resource Management. A graduate of the ADP leadership program, responsible for over1.5 million dollars of new revenue and 400 new clients.

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