The first home battery system you can install yourself

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Meet Orison

The World's First Self-Installable Energy Storage Appliance, Shipped to Your Door 

Orison delivers a low cost, modular energy solution
for backup power and lower energy costs to energy consumers everywhere — whether you get your energy from the grid or solar.


Welcome to the
Energy Storage Revolution


The Orison Home Battery System

Orison’s mission: 

  • Put energy control into the hands of all energy consumers, while allowing them to have personal energy security, freedom and choice
  • Enable the rapid adoption of clean, renewable energy

We’re making this possible with just three core components. Expand your storage capacity for less with the Orison Panel+ units. 

Why Now?

Orison energy storage is the missing link in the alternative energy revolution and will propel the next wave of energy security and consumer choice. ​

Renewable Energy; Electric Grid Services; Sustainability; Consumer Electronics

43B Serviceable Addressable Market

All energy consumers, including solar customers and high-density housing renters. Any energy consumer who desires affordable, easy-installable home battery back-up and storage capabilities that provide peace of mind and energy savings.

The biggest challenges with current energy storage products?

To enable widespread adoption of energy storage, an elegant solution is needed that is affordable, simple, and accessible to all. 

That solution is Orison. 

*Source: 2017 American Community Survey, 1-Year Estimates, US Census Bureau.

Orison Is Powering Up

Our team has successfully laid the groundwork for growth, met major milestones consistently — signaling that Orison shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

The Ultimate Value-Packed
Energy Solution


Flexible | Works in any home, townhome, condo, or apartment (including urban, multi-family) — allowing every consumer to be an active member of the energy revolution. Orison also works for businesses — from shops to restaurants to hotels, to offices and beyond! ​

Smart | The Orison system learns and adapts to individual consumer habits and automatically stores energy when electricity is at a lower cost and discharges power to any circuit in the house when the grid power prices go up, thereby reducing power bills.

Plug & Play | Orison is in final certification testing to be approved as the first and only energy storage appliance in the industry — allowing any home to self-install without permits or utility approvals. Simply install, then plug it into a wall receptacle!

Remote | With smart controls and user-friendly functionality, the Orison App delivers complete control over your system and access to insights wherever you are. During a power outage, the Orison system will power critical appliances, your home or business and make sure none of your stored energy is sent back to the grid.

Safe | Orison’s is the most advanced management system available and actively detects adverse events, such as overcurrent, ground fault (GFCI) and arc fault (AFCI), and will safely disconnect itself if trouble is detected.

Aesthetic | Orison’s hardware is not only functional, it’s fashionable, and its sleek design can seamlessly blend in with a home's decor.

Awards and Recognition

Featured in high profile publications such as: ​

The Power Players

The Orison management team is not only uniquely qualified to build the company into a powerhouse name in low-cost, scalable home energy — we’re also fiercely passionate about facilitating a world with abundant, clean, and affordable energy for all where consumers and utilities work together for a brighter future.

Eric Clifton  Founder | Visionary with experience in corporate strategy and sustainable development. Entrepreneur with leadership roles in green building, land development, tech startups and net zero energy homes. Founder of Onteriors, the largest low-voltage integrator for US production builders. Founder of Barnabas Development Group, specializing in sustainable/green strategies and tech development for residential communities. Founder of Mywijjit, a building management platform and first smart home system with AI. ​

Marc Berte | Technology | Engineer providing innovative engineering solutions to consumer electronics companies, defense contractors, and government think tanks. Extensive experience in sensors, high-performance computing, power electronics, and integrated electromechanical systems. Rapidly conceptualizes, designs, constructs, and tests complex systems to solve challenging tech problems, creating opportunities in the process. Prior engineering fellow of Raytheon. Masters in nuclear engineering from MIT.

Melanie Venter-Roit | Marketing | Communications and marketing professional advancing solutions to social, economic and environmental issues. She has secured worldwide media coverage, including front-page of The Wall Street Journal. Melanie co-managed a partnership for the world’s first plant-based wetsuit from Patagonia. As Director of Communications at Synthetic Genomics, she co-led the announcement for the largest biofuel R&D investment in the industry by ExxonMobil. 

Sean Taffler | Engineering | Systems engineering professional bridging the electronic, computational and mechanical design spaces. Passionate about developing elegant products that deliver meaningful solutions while also designing for production.  

Mark Braby | Business | Seasoned leader with extensive experience expanding businesses in cleantech and emobility. Most recently with ChargePoint, responsible for global business development and the company’s expansion into Europe. Prior experience includes Enphase Energy and Bosch Energy, encompassing leadership roles in strategy, product management, business development, and finance.  Expert in complex deal structuring and closing, partner management, and strategy development and implementation.

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