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Meet Orphidia: the biotechnology startup dedicated to empowering people everywhere to better understand their health.

The outcome: faster, easier lab testing for patients and a new revenue stream for clinics.

Orphidia is about more than creating efficiencies in healthcare. It’s about making healthcare more accessible, more immediate, and, above all, more personal. It’s about empowering people to make the health decisions that are right for them by giving them the information they need to make those decisions. It’s about ushering in a new era of truly data-driven, information-based medicine.

In short: it’s about pushing healthcare beyond what it is, and toward what it could be.

Clinical validation studies for the Orphidia platform are scheduled to get underway with premier health systems in Q4 of 2017, and leading biotechnology companies have already approached our team about the possibility of future partnerships.

Read on to learn more about Orphidia, and how we’re transforming the healthcare landscape once and for all.

Orphidia is taking on one of the most significant economic and humanitarian challenges facing our society today: the healthcare system.

The United States has the highest healthcare costs in the world -- but only average treatment outcomes. Millions of people die each year from diseases that could be treated more effectively if diagnosed earlier. The World Health Organization estimates that 68% of the world’s deaths are from chronic diseases, of which half are preventable.

One explanation for this is how complicated diagnosing healthcare problems can be.

70% of medical decisions are based on lab tests. But getting blood work done is an arduous procedure, involving multiple appointments, large volumes of blood extracted intravenously, and long wait times for results. It’s inefficient, it’s inconvenient, and in some cases, it may even prevent people from accessing healthcare in the first place.

The challenges the healthcare system faces aren’t limited to the individual level. One of the largest bottlenecks in medical innovation is the lack of comprehensive data. Each new innovation requires years of mining data, whether through retrospective studies, which are limited in what they can tell us, or through prospective studies which are time & cost-intensive.

In recent years, people within the healthcare community and beyond have started to wonder: what if there was a better way? What if there was a way that we could gather more information about patients, more quickly, more affordably -- and use that information to generate better outcomes, both for individual patients and for the healthcare system at large?  

The answers are there, waiting to be unlocked inside the human body. And at Orphidia, we may finally have discovered the key.

Orphidia’s mission is simple: make blood testing faster, more accessible, and more affordable, and empower people everywhere to better understand their health.

Traditional blood tests require several vials of blood, complex protocols and numerous expensive machines. Orphidia uses proprietary, high-precision microfluidic technology to deliver these same tests in a single, portable device, meaning providers can perform the tests on site and get results almost instantly, instead of sending the blood to a remote facility and waiting two days or more.

Orphidia also uploads test results to the cloud, so patients and their healthcare providers alike can access the data through the Orphidia web and mobile application.

Orphidia will offer a comprehensive menu of tests, including:

  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Blood protein biomarkers
  • Biomarkers from liver, pancreas, heart, kidney, and thyroid
  • Electrolytes
  • Hormones
  • Vitamins and nutrients

Less blood
Our technology only requires a small drop of blood collected with a fingerstick – the same way diabetics test their glucose levels

Faster results
We plan to deliver 40 different tests in 20 minutes. Results will be automatically uploaded to the cloud and available to the patient and their physician online or through a mobile app.

Lab-grade accuracy
Traditional point-of-care devices are used qualitatively, for initial patient assessment. The Orphidia system can generate quantitative data which is as reliable and accurate as medical laboratories with our patented microfluidic architecture.

New revenue for clinics
A standard panel of tests is expected to generate, on average, $100 of revenue per patient visit. Traditionally this revenue would go to third party laboratories, but clinics can provide their patient new services without investing capital for expensive laboratory infrastructure.

Increased portability
The Orphidia system is designed to easily fit on a physician office or pharmacy countertop. Blood draws can be performed by a medical assistant in a private area, and the blood sample is collected in less than a minute.

Improved frequency
Faster, less expensive, and more accessible testing makes it practical to be tested more frequently, creating opportunity for earlier detection and treatment of disease.

More visibility
Analytics tools collect new information about customer's’ health and medical needs, allowing for highly tailored health recommendations and tracking.

As we said before, Orphidia is about more than creating efficiencies in healthcare. It’s about shifting the healthcare paradigm once and for all.

As the cost and complexity of diagnostic tests come down, more tests will be done, more data will be tracked, and more people will have more complete insight into their health.

The result = healthcare that is:

With more tests being performed more frequently, healthcare providers will have access to an unprecedented amount of data about their patients’ health -- data they can use to offer more personalized, hyper focused care specific to the individual and their unique needs.

More frequent, more comprehensive testing also means more diseases and health concerns will  be caught earlier in their progression -- allowing for more timely intervention and better health outcomes.

When tests can be performed with a fraction of the equipment and at a fraction of the cost, it removes a significant barrier that keeps many people across the country and around the world from accessing healthcare

As we provide more and more patients with more complete insight into their health, Orphidia will also rapidly accumulate one of the largest collections of human health data -- data which we can then use to drive advances in medical care.

Orphidia is making great progress toward our goal of more affordable, more accessible, more information-based patient care.  

We have a prototype Orphidia system developed, with 5 patents pending and an additional 5 patents currently being drafted for submission. Clinical validation studies of our technology are getting underway in Q4 2017 at premier medical institutions across the United States including UCLA Health, Geisinger Health and the University of Chicago Medical Center.

In 2015 Orphidia was honored to be selected for participation in IndieBio -- the world’s leading seed biotech accelerator. As part of the accelerator program, we participated in IndieBio’s Demo Day, which was featured by TechCrunch. Additionally in 2016, Orphidia was selected to participate in the HealthBox accelerator program, focused on connecting early stage health-tech startups to large health innovation partners.


Leaders from the startup world are already recognizing the transformative potential of Orphidia. Our early supporters include Salesforce founder Marc Benioff, Paypal cofounder Jack Selby, and Lean Startup author Eric Ries, as well as SOSVentures, the parent company of IndieBio.

With clinical validation studies getting underway and leading biotech innovators already reaching out about the potential of our technology, 2017 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for Orphidia. For more information about where we go from here and how you can be involved, request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile, and let’s talk!

Aron Rachamim, PhD - CEO/Founder
Aron Rachamim founded Orphidia to develop and bring to market pioneering technology for low- cost, minimally-invasive blood tests that can be performed anywhere. He originated the primary commercial and technical ideas that form the basis for the company’s products, including its first patent. Additionally, he recruited the founding team of scientists and business managers, and secured start-up funding for the company. He continues to provide the leadership to develop groundbreaking microfluidics and analytic technology which transforms medical diagnostics.

Prior to Orphidia, Aron was the founder of another startup and was the COO for a company working on novel biomarker discovery, to predict early disease onset and response to various drug treatments. These experiences coupled with his research during his PhD thesis, led to the novel approach supporting Orphidia’s innovative and disruptive technology to enable healthcare services to be accessible to everyone.

Henry Fatoyinbo, PhD - VP of Engineering
Henry is an expert in microfluidics and a bio-engineer with over 16 years of experience. He has a strong understanding of this field, including microelectrode design and biosensing, bio-microelectromechanical systems (BioMEMS), and design, control, and automation of lab-on- a-chip technologies for biomedicine and diagnostics

Before joining Orphidia, Henry has served as a consultant and been heavily involved in various facets of research. Henry created and developed a novel bioanalytical system (chip and reader) for the label-free bioelectrical analysis and electrodynamics motion of cancers, DNA, proteins, prokaryotes, blood cells, and nanoparticulate matter in patented microfluidic-microelectrode systems.

Ryan Kuriakose, PharmD, MS - VP of Strategy and Business Development
Ryan has a unique blend of experiences in the healthcare space from traditional pharma, healthcare technology, to startup founder experience. Most recently he was the business unit lead at a publicly traded healthcare software and capital equipment company leading strategy for health system supply chain and inventory analytics. During this time, he led Strategy Development, Product Marketing and Product Development for his business unit serving a variety of stakeholders across the healthcare continuum totaling about 2000+ hospital customers throughout the United States.

Prior to this Ryan led brand management initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry, leading 2 commercial pharmaceutical launches in the US, targeting multiple therapeutic indications.

Salomé Magalhaes, PhD – Lead Biologist
Salomé is a Biotechnologist with special interest in Nanotechnology, Immunology and Clinical Translation. She has a strong background in the development of DNA vaccines, Gene Therapy, Human Molecular Biology and Marine Bioprospecting. She has strong core strengths in molecular cloning, liposome preparations, sample preparation and analysis, ELISA, as well as other technical strengths. She has developed a vaccine prototype against Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) and worked on a project where high throughput paper based microfluidic devices were developed for Marine Bioprospecting.

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