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Oryx Additive: Fast Facts

Oryx Additive designs, develops, and manufactures products and services focusing on the fast-growing 3D printing industry. We provide our customers proven and trusted solutions that specialize in secondary processing and finishing of 3D printed parts.

Our current products and cost-effective supply chain benefits companies and individuals employing 3D printing with FDM or UV Curable Material Jetting.  A spin-off of a highly respected engineering services and printing bureau, we hope to expand through expansion of our current product line and expansion through innovation.

3D Printing And Process Problems

Nearly all 3D printing technologies require extra material to be printed to support overhangs, through holes, and other finished part geometries.

Removal of these “supports” can require significant manual labor including cutting, sanding, painting, etc. to get a final printed part to meet the original model.

  • AM/3DP requires support removal and secondary finishing
  • Printer OEMs neglect secondary processing and finishing needs
  • Users are forced to use inefficient, ineffective, and wasteful process such as extended soaking, manual cutting, and labor-intensive sanding increasing time, cost, and reducing the quality of the final parts
  • Processes are non-scalable to a mainstream production environment and result in unwanted environmental impact 

Enter Oryx Additive.

Our sca Solution

We provide comprehensive engineered solutions to meet the needs of the AM post-secondary and finishing operations, through relentless customer focus, great engineering, and a solid systems-based approach to product development and manufacturing.

Key Features and Service

Working hand-in-hand with AM end-users and OEM printer manufacturers, we have developed AM based concepts and technologies to expand our support removal portfolio of solutions into adjacent 3D printing processes such as Powder Bed Fusion, Sheet Lamination, and UV Vat Polymerization.  Our product pipeline is lush with products that fit current and future needs which will take the AM market to the next level.

Our systems-based approach to product development focuses on the specialized needs of the AM industry while providing modular scalable products at the design and customer level as a key differentiation versus our competitors.

Our patented protected support cleaning apparatus (sca) product line utilizes a fluid pump and a specially designed interior geometry to produce a current based circular flow, creating improved soluble support removal for FFF/FDM and Material Jetting based 3D printed parts.

We provide a complete solution for our customers by working to understanding their needs through market research and VOC. This results in products that meet customer needs, are reliable, and value-based.

We spend time with our customers in order to understand their needs, run performance tests, and work to provide an off-the-shelf solution and/or custom solution that we provide to meet the needs of our customers.

Our current sca product line includes the sca1200ht and sca3600, which have been built to accommodate the most common sizes of print volumes for FDM/FFF, and UV Curable Material Jetting (ie - Polyjet). These two products are water-tank based products that include several features, specific to the 3D Printing (Additive) Industry.

The heater, pump system, and other internals of the device have gone through extensive reliability testing and have been built to handle caustic solutions that are common in the industry.

We have recently launched the scaWaterjet (April 2021), which further allows for fast and efficient removal of support materials for UV Curable Material Jetting.  The scaWaterjet was developed with users and stands apart from the current products on the market, offering a mobile water option, improved ergonomics and lighting, sit/stand option, and triple filtration of recirculated removal solution.

Accomplishments Of Oryx Additive

Launch Of Our Exclusive scaWaterjet

The scaWaterjet is a water jetting spray booth capable of coarse and fine support material removal for various AM processes. It has the capability to be plumbed direct or used stand-alone. The included mobile water tank allows for industrial uses or difficult-to-plumb situations such as offices.

A gasketed window with internal mount wiper blade assembly for clear view of the LED-illuminated work area

Ergonomically-considered front cabinet design & gloved ports for operator part handling

Two water-jetting spray wands - both capable of high and low-pressure operation to fit the needs of support removal for your delicate and rigid parts alike.

The covered mobile support frame minimizes collection of shop debris and dust inside the cabinet, while also allowing for a sit/stand option for operators, with easy access to the pump and holding tank.

The scaWaterjet was specifically designed to meet your AM-based water spray & jetting needs.

Oryx Additive Press

April Launch of scaWaterjet:

Onyx Additive Founders & Executive Team

Rey Chu | Board Member, Chief Innovation Officer & Founder
30+ years in product development including past employment with Honeywell. Recognized and awarded pioneer of the AM industry, inventor of soluble support cleaning systems, Co-Owner & Founder PADT Inc. with an MS in Manf. Technology and BS Mechanical Engineering.

Eric Miller | Board Member, Advisor & Founder
30+ years extensive experience with simulation, design, and 3D printing including past employment with Honeywell Aerospace & Lockheed Martin. Co-Owner and Founder PADT Inc., Chair of the Arizona Technology Council Board, serves on and advises multiple tech startup board, with a BS Mechanical Engineering.

Ward Rand | Board Member, Advisor & Founder
25+ years senior management experience in sales, financial management, and operations, with a background in simulation software and 3D printer sales. Expert with simulation, design, and 3D printing including past employment with Honeywell Aerospace. Co-Owner and Founder PADT Inc. with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering.

Dr. Keith Jeffcoat | President & CEO
20+ years in product development and management in highly regulated environments, past employment with Johnson & Johnson, Merz, and early-stage startups. Certified project management professional, Executive Certificate in Innovation and Strategy, D. Eng., Engineering Management / Systems Engineering, and BS in Plastics and Polymer Engineering.

Andy DeHart | Head of Sales & Marketing
20+ years in sales, marketing, and operations in AM, 3D scanning, and robotics industries. Worked domestically and internationally for OEM and resellers including Stratasys, Z-Corp, Fisher/Unitech Objet, and Nexa3D. Recognized leader for building sustainable, high-revenue, technically oriented sales teams, with a BA in Business Administration.

William Strickland | Head of Operations
20+ years in electrical/electronic industry, production and technical service roles with Testek, Jabil Inc., Nypro Medical, and Merz. Certified project management professional, marine corps veteran, and retired Air Force communications journeyman, with a BS in Operations Management. Exec M of Global Management – anticipated 2022.

Dr. Dave Dietrich | Head of R&D / Engineering
20+ years product development with 17+ in R&D, working for companies such as Boeing and Honeywell. Published Leader in AM industry with 13 AM patents. PhD, Engineering Management and MS, Manufacturing Engineering, and BS in Industrial Engineering.

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