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Meet Outbounders: The world’s #1 outbound marketplace where you can recruit, launch, and manage your outbound sales campaigns all from one place.

In a world where everyone’s connected with the internet, wouldn’t that make it so much easier to launch an outbound campaign online? This way, you can connect with the perfect team, regardless of location, to help your campaign get off the ground as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Outbounders provides the perfect online platform for outbound marketing, completely changing the way that businesses connect with the sales teams they need to get their marketing campaigns off the ground!

Starting an outbound campaign used to be both costly and time-consuming. And even after all that time and money companies poured into everything from hiring to training to management, they still weren’t guaranteed to get the right team to help launch their campaign, because they were limited by people who were able to come into the office.

Many outbound marketing companies are already making the switch from in-office positions to online connections, allowing companies and workers alike to find the best match for them, without being constrained by geography.

Unfortunately, many of these online platforms, though able to connect you with more employees, make it difficult to manage your remote team from one site.

Outbounders helps you launch and manage from start to finish all from one place, making it easier than ever have a successful outbound campaign without wasting any of your precious time and money.

Outbounders is the ultimate online solution for building and managing your company's marketing campaigns.

Our platform harnesses the internet to allow agents (those seeking jobs) and businesses to connect from anywhere and set up the most successful campaigns possible.

By transferring the outbound workplace into a digital space, we are able to cut out the middleman: call centers. This allows people to meet up anywhere in the world and helps both businesses and employees get the most out of their time, money, and talent.

For businesses, Outbounders offers a digital office where all aspect of an outbound campaign can be tracked, from employee pay to call records, either by the business or by one of our Outbounders managers.

For agents, we offer the chance to work from home, eliminating the stress and money needed in going to the office, as well as a guaranteeing pay for hours that don’t need to be your regular nine to five.

Whether you’re an experienced telemarketer with great call skills or a business that wants to start an outbound campaign, Outbounders creates a more cost-efficient and successful model of outbound calling and revolutionizes the ways that businesses are able to get their message out.

Sound like a good plan? We think so, too! We’re able to achieve our goal of connecting agents with businesses with our website’s unique features:

Both agents and businesses can reach out to one another from all across the world

Businesses can listen to audio samples of each of our agents to see if they’re the right fit for their campaign

Businesses and agents are able to see who’s online to see if they can chat or even have a Skype interview

Free training for both agents in businesses to get the most out of any campaign!

A customizable dashboard to track employee hours and calls

We give you all the tools you need to create a successful campaign, and because Outbounders is focused on telemarketing, all agents specialize in telemarketing and will really help a campaign to take flight.

Outbounders is truly creating a unique space that will change the future of outbound marketing and telemarketing, allowing for cost efficient and effective way to launch and manage a successful outbound campaign!

Already, Outbounders has 20,000 users, with clients and agents signing up every day! We’ve trademarked our name, have a patent on our unique technology, and have solidified our recruiting, hiring, and campaign managing techniques. Even cooler, people are already noticing our success, including Tech Cocktail, TMCNET, and BeforeItsNews!


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We don’t want to stop there, though: we want to expand to become an even more integrated and cost effective way for businesses to manage their campaigns. Eventually, we’d like to even expand past telemarketing to become the #1 source of outbound telemarketing, management, and technology, and we’d love to have you be a part of it all!

With your help, Outbounders can increase our visibility and work toward our goal of connecting more agents with businesses to revolutionize the future of outbound campaigns! For more information about the future of Outbounders and how you could be a part of it, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.

James Rick Stinson - CEO
James Stinson began a web design business out of high school. Eventually began outsourcing to India and then moved to India to setup office and become exposed to call centers. He later moved to Philippines to establish Global Sky in 2004 in Manila. After working with many clients with smaller, more hands-on campaigns that were not being accepted by many of the larger call centers James realized there was an opportunity, and Outbounders.com was born.
James brings his passion for personal development to the realm of remote working in what has become the worlds largest marketplace for finding staff to launch and manage outbound campaigns.

Alice Ledesma - COO
With a degree in Communications and Media Studies from the University of the Philippines, Alice oversees all aspects of Outsourcers. She started working the call center business through her work at Callbox, the Philippine's largest outbound call center. Through CallBox, she was able to work at the Collections Advisor at JP Morgan Chase until she was then promoted to Subject Matter Expert, where she was awarded the Circle of Excellence Award for being in the upper 3% of top-performing agents in 2008 and Employee of the Year in 2009. Alice was then promoted to Team Manager because of her incredible passion to help make a difference in customer experience, and in 2010, she had the highest CSAT rating for Team Manager.

Dennis Makaraig San Agustin - Senior Operations Manager
Dennis has worked in the call center industry for 14 years and is a pioneer CSR for a huge satellite campaign with Convergys. Having consistently met CST and having the highest team score of 3 consecutive quarters, Dennis was awarded the triple Rockstar Award and became a member of the Performance Hall of Fame. He has also received the Excellent Manager Award for being in the top cluster for a year across all metrics.

Joanna Consencino - Operations Manager
Joanna has 9 years of experience in handling companies and accounts, including one of the top 500 companies in the US. While working with Convergys, Joanna had outstanding quality scores and 100% customer satisfaction. She handled the Transition Team for 5 years, reaching the team’s objective each month, and was promoted to Transaction Monitoring Evaluator for one of Convergys’s biggest accounts in 2010. Joanna is able to bring her experience to Outbounders to help employees with the quality of their performance.

Dani Del Luna - CTO
Dani graduated from the University of Baguio, taught IT, and has built applications that span across a variety of platforms, including languages ASP, Visual Basic, and HTML. Since our start, Dani has been the head of Outbounders development.

Jason Montana - Head of Recruiting
Jason is a member of the People’s Management Association of the Philippines, the leading organization for HR Professionals in the Philippines. By implementing strategic initiatives, Jason has been able to hire top-notch employees and has helped to develop the company policies and procedures alongside upper management.

Phillip Lew - VP of Sales & Marketing
Phillip is an entrepreneur, marketer, sales coach, writer, blogger, and personal development speaker who speaks to organizations and audiences around the world. He is the founder and CEO of Total College Solutions, a consulting company for college planning and financial services in Los Angeles, CA. A graduate of Boston University School of Management Cum Laude with a concentration in entrepreneurship and finance, Phillip is responsible for our strategy and business development as well as the acquisition of high value

Jason Hubley - Chief Strategy Officer
With more than 10 years of equities trading and investment experience in both the US and world markets Jason knows about business and has a strong entrepreneurial mindset. He is a graduate of Dalhousie University with a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, studied Chiropractic and has very diverse business experience which has come to a focus into OutBounders. He loves to think and live outside the box!

Rob Rawson - Advisor
Rob is the director of Staff.com and Time Doctor, a top technology that helps you to track your time. One of Outbounders’s initial investors and technology partner, Rob helps to provide sound boarding, feedback, and direction.

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