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The Oval Brand

Oval Brand Fire Products

Oval Brand Fire Products is innovating the fire protection industry to increase safety and improve design. Oval Brand offers the world’s slimmest fire extinguishers in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing form that is as much as 40 percent slimmer than standard 5-pound and 10-pound portable fire extinguishers.

Oval Brand’s fire products are engineered and manufactured in the United States from more than 85 percent domestic materials. Its innovative designs make working with fire safety easier for architects, installers, fire marshals and fire extinguisher service technicians because they are more convenient, the most ADA and IFC compliant, and the safest comparable fire safety equipment on the market today.

Oval Brand Fire Products

Our Story

Round. Fire extinguishers have always been round, and that can cause problems for architects and designers, as well as building owners and operators.

It can be challenging to position traditional 5-pound or 10-pound portable fire extinguishers, which typically measures five inches in diameter, so that they don't interrupt the design flow of a building while remaining compliant with International Fire Code, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and a variety of building codes.

After achieving what many considered impossible, there is now a better solution, representing the next evolution in fire protection equipment technology, allowing for more efficient building design.

Oval Brand fire extinguishers are the slimmest 10-pound, ABC and Purple K dry-chemical fire extinguishers ever produced. They are always compliant with protruding object laws, never protruding more than four inches from a surface when properly mounted. Our lineup of 10-pound dry chemical fire extinguishers are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (UL Canada).

At as little as three inches deep, only Oval Brand Fire Products fire extinguishers always comply with the Federal ADA four-inch protruding-object limit regulations, as well as most state and local building codes governing protruding objects when installed in accordance with NFPA 10.

In addition, Oval Brand designed its patented fire extinguisher mounting hook to do more than simply mount the extinguisher to the wall or building column. It also helps prevent surface-mounted fire extinguishers from falling to the floor, which can cause serious personal injury and damage the fire extinguisher.

Product Portfolio

Oval Fire Products is currently manufacturing and selling three fire extinguisher models, plus accessories for their installation:

  • 10 lb Dry Chemical ABC fire extinguisher with 4-A:80-B:C classification, Model 10JABC, for recessed cabinet or surface mounting.
  • 10 lb Dry Chemical ABC fire extinguisher with 4-A:80-B:C classification, Model 10HABC, for surface mounting, particularly on building columns in retail spaces.
  • 10 lb Dry Chemical Purple K, BC fire extinguisher with 80-B:C classification, Model 10HPKP, particularly for petrochemical industry and military applications.
  • Accessories include hooks and brackets for surface installations.

Oval plans to launch our patented Shallow Profile Standpipe Hose Connection (SHC) in 2017. The SHC solves another common ADA and ICC/ANSI violation caused by fire sprinkler system valves.

Target Market

Look around and you'll find fire extinguishers and valves nearly everywhere. Building codes and insurance requirements mandate the proper types and quantities installed in private and public commercial buildings. Some local regulations require residential installations as well. 

A research study published by global technology research and advisory company Technavio reveals that the global fire extinguisher market is expected to grow to over $5.14 billion in revenue by 2019.

The total revenue in 2012 for fire extinguisher manufacturers in the U.S. marketplace was estimated at $676MM by IBISWorld. Domestic production resulted in revenue of $509MM, while imports totaled $167MM. The amount of revenue exclusively attributed to dry chemical type fire extinguishers, Oval's initial target market, was estimated at $561MM. Dry chemical type fire extinguishers represent 83% of industry revenue. IBISWorld also predicts industry growth of 4.4% annually through 2017.

Prospective customers include nearly all public buildings, multi-family residential properties, and private commercial buildings.

Those listed below are all decision makers and stakeholders with the power to drive sales:

  • Accessibility Consultants and Reviewers
  • ADA Coordinators
  • Architects
  • Attorneys (with a Focus on Public Liability, Accessibility, or Disability Law)
  • Building Plan & Code Reviewers
  • Building Inspectors
  • Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service Companies
  • Fire Marshals
  • Fire Protection Engineers
  • General Contractors
  • Insurance Companies
  • Property Owners, Facility Managers & Building Engineers
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Safety Engineers

Distribution Channel

Our immediate sales channels include but are not limited to a North American distributor network, several private label partnerships, and a variety of eCommerce platforms.

Private Labels

Oval has partnered with both Activar Construction Products Group (North America’s largest manufacturer of architectural grade fire extinguisher cabinets) and another extinguisher cabinet manufacturer, on private label agreements. Both JL Industries (an Activar brand), and Strike First Corporation of America are now making their cabinets available in a full array of options for low profile fire extinguishers. JL Industries is currently selling Oval Brand extinguishers under their own private label, and another brand is soon to follow. 

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IP Portfolio

Oval has been awarded numerous United States patents and trademarks.


  • Regulatory Compliant Fire Extinguisher (U.S. Pat. No. 9,364,696)
  • Fire Extinguisher model H (U.S. Pat. No. D760,443)
  • Fire Extinguisher model J (U.S. Pat, No. D760,444)
  • Regulatory Compliant Standpipe Hose Valve and Connection (U.S. Pat. No. 9,555,272)
  • Button Hook (U.S. Pat. No. D777,566)


  • OVAL BRAND FIRE PRODUCTS word mark (ser. 87179590)
  • OVAL design plus word mark (ser. 86453011)



Oval Brand Fire Products ADA Brochure


Oval Brand Fire Products October '16 Press Release


Oval Brand Fire Products 2-Page Brochure


Oval Brand Fire Products 1-Page Brochure

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Management Team

Kevin Kozlowski - President and CEO

Kevin serves as Oval's Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer. 

Kevin Kozlowski is an inventor, entrepreneur, and problem solver. He serves as president and CEO of Oval Brand Fire Products. Kevin began his career as a construction laborer and project manager, and he has evolved into a builder of brands. He has been awarded six U.S. patents, with other patents currently pending. Kevin is a graduate of Saint Cloud State University.

Andrew Rachmiel - CIO / CFO

Andy serves as Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer. 

Andrew Rachmiel, CPA, MIS serves as Chief Information Officer Chief Financial Officer and brings a proven track record of both business and technical competencies. Prior to joining Oval, Andy started, grew and sold an international IBM services and software company to a Fortune 100 corporation and has started and raised capital for several early stage companies. Andy's focus is on operations, financial and business systems, and technology support. Andy is a graduate of the University of Illinois (undergraduate) and DePaul University (masters).

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