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Owlet is an innovative new wearable technology device dedicated to helping new parents everywhere rest easy about the health and safety of their babies. 


The Owlet Smart Sock wirelessly transmits baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels and other important information to Mom and Dad’s smartphones, helping new parents (and their babies) sleep soundly — until the 3 AM feeding, at least. 

If you are or ever have been a new parent, you know that new parenthood is one of the most rewarding experiences that life has to offer. 

You also know that it can be one of the most overwhelming. You come home from the hospital, where you and your baby were surrounded around the clock by an army of highly-trained medical professionals, and suddenly you’re on your own. The health and well-being of your child rests squarely on your inexperienced shoulders, and you find yourself wondering how you will ever do all the things you need to do to keep this tiny human being that is now your responsibility safe, healthy and happy.

At Owlet, we know exactly what that feels like. We also know that, as real as the feelings of anxiety are that have you sneaking into your baby’s room at all hours of the night, they don’t even come close to comparing with the feelings of wonder, amazement and joy that make new parenthood an experience unlike any other. 

So we aren't trying to tell you not to sneak midnight peeks at your baby now and then. We just want to ensure the impulse comes from a “my baby is amazing” place, not an “is my baby okay?” place.

For those moments of inexplicable panic, a quick look at the Owlet app on your smartphone will confirm everything is fine, so you can get back to those precious, restful hours of sleep that, let's be honest, are going to be in pretty short supply in the months and years ahead. 

The Owlet Smart Sock is the most comprehensive wearable technology on the market, offering more insight and information than any other wearable device. 

Owlet's technology is built on a state-of-the-art method called "pulse oximetry," which uses pulses of LED light to measure heart rate and oxygen levels and recognize when those metrics are outside of the normal range.

Pulse oximetry is a well-known, noninvasive method used by hospitals around the world to monitor vital signs. (As a matter of fact, you've likely seen it used: the standard form of a pulse oximeter is a small clamp that goes on the tip of your finger.)

Safety was our number one concern in designing the Smart Sock. That's why, in addition to using noninvasive pulse oximetry, the Sock is also hypoallergenic, wireless, and doesn't use any adhesives. Lastly, the electronic components are housed in a water-resistant, medical-grade silicone case, so your child is 100% protected from any electrical contact.

With the Owlet mobile app, you can monitor your baby's vitals from anywhere. 

The Owlet app uses Bluetooth technology to send the invaluable data gathered by the Sock to your smartphone or other mobile device, putting everything you want to know about your baby right at your fingertips: 


Customize which buttons appear on the home screen so that you can have quick access to what is most important to you.             

Heart rate, oxygen levels, skin temperature, sleep quality, and sleeping position are all available in one view.

Have a beautiful, graphical view of your child’s health data. Start to notice trends and relationships in this information.             

If your phone doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0, or you don’t have a smartphone, the monitor also comes with a USB plug-in that can be attached to your computer. If your home has Wi-Fi, you will be able to see your child’s information from any internet-connected device.                 

The potential of the Owlet technology for the medical field adds a whole new dimension to the Owlet vision. 

Over the coming years, Owlet is positioned to gather the single largest data set on infant health that has ever been collected. If we can collect data from just 1 million babies wearing the Smart Sock, that's nearly 100 billion data points every day that researchers can use to learn more about infant sleep and eating patterns, not to mention common infant health conditions like breathing problems, heart defects, and possibly even SIDS, which remains the number one cause of death for infants one month to one year of age, and the causes for which medical experts are still struggling to understand. 

Owlet is already partnering with researchers at Rutgers University in a study on infant sleep. We look forward to developing other, similar partnerships in the future and doing our part to change infant healthcare for the better! 

Owlet is thrilled to be one of the ten startups selected by R/GA and TechStars for the R/GA Connected Devices Accelerator Program in December 2013. 

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Kurt Workman, CEO
Kurt is responsible for maintaining the vision and organization of Owlet. Previously, he served as President of a product development fund called Venture Factory, where he was instrumental in bringing several products to market. He is also a Crocker Innovation Fellow. Kurt and his wife will be welcoming their first baby any day now, and are crossing their fingers that they'll be able to get hold of an Owlet Smart Sock for their new arrival. 

Jacob Colvin, COO
Jacob manages supply chain logistics, manufacturing and quality assurance at Owlet. He is a Crocker Innovation Fellow, and previously worked as Production Manager for Selador Lighting. Jacob has two kids, the youngest of which contracted RSV when he was born. Jacob remembers that time as his worst experience as a father, and knows that the Owlet technology would have made a difference in his life. 

Zack Bomsta, CTO
Zack manages and leads product development and maintenance at Owlet, with the help of an amazing team of engineers that cover firmware, hardware, iOS, design and manufacturing. Previously, Zack co-founded CH Robotics and was Lead Engineer at Active Fire Prevention, as well as serving as President of Venture Factory before Kurt. Zack has a little girl who just celebrated her first birthday, and he is excited to be building something that makes a difference for new parents everywhere. 

Jordan Monroe, CMO
Jordan heads up Sales and Marketing at Owlet. Previously, he was an independent crowdfunding consultant, worked in Sales at Vivint and Sales and Marketing at Phone Soap, where he was also one of the founders. Jordan is excited to be working on something that is going to make a dent in the universe. 

Tanor Hodges, Medical
Tanor is in charge of the Accounting, Financial and Legal aspects of the Owlet operation. Tanor was previously a medical professional at University of Utah hospital. While there, he used pulse oximeters every day, and he can personally speak to the power of the pulse oximetry technology behind Owlet. 

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