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The natural production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) incrementally decreases in the normal human until approximately 23 years of age when the body stops releasing it. HGH is responsible for stimulating growth, cell reproduction and regeneration.

Synthetic HGH has been considered as a replacement to the decreasing natural HGH. However, the only way to get synthetic HGH is through a doctor's prescription and administering it requires injecting yourself in a form of a shot, once or twice a day. Due to insufficient scientific studies on the subject at this time, it remains controversial whether a chemical dependency on the hormone occurs and how serious it may be. If you were to discontinue these injections it is possible your natural growth hormone production would be less. And with the cost of injectable synthetic HGH, which is $800 to $2,000 per month, it will be costly to maintain and continuously take this synthetic hormone.

Knowing the alternative provides more disadvantages than benefits, P-HGH, LLC, has explored the use of Precursor HGH instead.  Precursor HGH is a subtance that naturally stimulates the release of HGH. Simply put, a precursor is a substance from which another substance is formed. P-HGH, LLC has come up with precursor HGH liquid ready drink that uses amino acids (precursors) to naturally stimulate the release of HGH from the pituitary gland.

Great Tasting, Liquid-Ready Precursor HGH Drink

Our great tasting, liquid-ready Precursor HGH drink is a natural and healthy alternative to the potentially dangerous and deadly Synthetic HGH. It is patent pending both nationally and internationally and, to the best of our knowledge, it is the only one of its kind.


Drinking our Precursor HGH drink either before going to bed for the night or before taking a nap lasting 1 hour or more is ideal. As an individual sleeps, the L-Arginine goes to the pituitary gland and it opens up the door to the body's own growth hormone which then releases into the body, not at a rate that will cause growth but will greatly improve an individual's overall health profile.


Our liquid ready Precursor HGH drink offers the following health benefits:

  • Improves blood pressure
  • Improves cholesterol level
  • Increases lean muscle mass while reducing overall body weight
  • Increases metabolism due to the stable surge in HGH
  • Obtain higher energy level for a sustained amount of time (when fatigue would be present)

What Makes Our Product Different

No product like ours is in the market today. Our patent-pending multi-flavored enhancement drinks have NO COMPETITION.

Aside from being completely natural, and amino acid-based, our enhancement drink has a 90% to 95% absorption rate compared to pills that also contains Precursor HGH. There is only a 40 to 45% absorption rate with a pill, and it doesn't have the great flavor of our beverages!

Our drink is also not addictive, moreover it is NOT a stimulant and NON-HABIT forming. It does not raise the heart rate nor an individual's blood pressure.

Meet Our Team

Matthew F. Taylor, President

Multi-faceted Entrepreneur

Jim Geisenfeld, Consultant Adviser

Has extensive experience with business deals. Lawyer.

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