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Paladin Wireless is an internet service provider with a mission to provide the people of northeast Georgia, and other rural markets, with affordable broadband service.

Being a fixed wireless provider with a passion for customer service, we’re able to deliver these underserved areas the affordable internet access they’ve been missing for so long - as they’ve been largely ignored by the big mobility players.  Our service is also faster and much more reliable, thanks to our top-quality equipment and close proximity.


The Digital Dirt Road

Taken for granted by millions of Americans, accessing affordable and reliable internet connection isn’t so easy for everyone.  This is especially true in rural and underserved markets - where residents & business owners are forced to pay providers for very expensive service with slow speeds and data caps if they want access at all.

Witnessing throngs of students doing homework at the local McDonalds is a common sight in these less populated areas.  Sadly, the digital world is passing these markets by - limiting their growth opportunities and the potential of their residents.


But there’s hope on the horizon.  Fixed Wireless, a connection method that uses radio waves broadcast from towers similar to those used by mobility providers such as AT&T and Sprint. However, despite being the fastest growing sector in the industry, fixed wireless has still yet to reach a number of these underserved markets.

As a result, most rural internet users remain victims of a monopoly where the incumbent provider, free from competition, is able to charge too much money for far too little service.  The time is now for a new fixed wireless player to step in and save them!

Equalizing Internet Access




Enter Paladin Wireless:
an internet service provider delivering equal broadband access to underserved markets by way of 5G/LTE technology.  While most ISPs avoid these areas, our stated mission is to provide their residents and businesses with the affordable, high quality internet connection they deserve.

In contrast to Sprint and AT&T, we’re a fixed wireless provider operating in different frequencies that allow us to send much more bandwidth to our end users. We make every effort to get our broadcast equipment as close as possible to clients by installing our access points to cell towers, water towers, roof tops, utility poles, and street furniture.  This densification strategy allows us to provide much faster (and more reliable) service.  Did we mention we do it at a better price, too?


How We Operate

It's all about the community here at Paladin.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we take the time to meet with the people in the rural markets they call home, and show them how, together, our solution can solve their internet issues.  We employ locally to get the job done in all markets where we operate.

While you might wait weeks or months with other providers, Paladin’s service can be set up in a matter of days.  All it takes is these 4 simple steps:

Schedule a site survey by calling us or via the “Get Started” button on our website.

We can qualify most prospects for service through our computer coverage program.  If a more in depth survey is needed we will schedule a time for a technician to perform one.

Shortly after your request for service, we’ll provide you with the results, as well as location qualification and costs.

If service is available we’ll schedule an installation at your earliest convenience.  Some installations will only require the customer equipment to be mailed to the service address for a simple ‘plug and play’ style self install.  If your location is outside of our service area we will add your name to our call list for when service becomes available.


Through a valuable partnership with Nokia, we utilize technologies normally reserved for Tier 1 providers - like 3.65 MHz bands, CBRS-ready (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) LTE radios, and our very own sim cards.  This allows us to provide true broadband speeds to NE Georgia and compete directly with the traditional wireless giants.  Other features we proudly provide:


We’ve accomplished quite a bit since adding our very first subscriber in late 2015:

Brand evangelists in place, with 460+ customers of various types currently online.

Thousands of requests for service from across the state over the last few months.

In negotiation for 7 additional HOA projects, covering 1,789 homes.

Partnership formed with ExteNet Systems, a leading Distributed Network Systems provider, for a powerful core management solution.

Additional partner relationships with Nokia and Ringgold Telephone Company.

Positive press features from sources like PR Newswire and WSB-TV Atlanta, and over 1,000 followers (with many positive reviews) on Facebook.

Broadband access is often a community's key to realizing its dreams and ambitions in the digital age," said Congressman Doug Collins of Georgia's 9th congressional district. "We need innovative solutions to deliver last-mile service to much of northeastern Georgia, and it's encouraging to see companies investing in these families and businesses by providing high-speed access to the internet, which means access to opportunity. 

For more information on how Paladin Wireless will create shareholder value going forward, please request access to the Business Plan portion of this profile!

Your wireless warriors

Paladin was first conceptualized back in 2012, after our Founder moved to Royston, GA.  Quickly realizing the lack of internet service was negatively impacting his business, he realigned his focus - and Paladin was the result.  Let’s meet him and the rest of the team!

Steve Fortmann, Founder and CEO
Founding visionary who heads up R&D and solution design
o  Former Owner of Pure Web, a successful managed IT & web
     development firm

o  Meets regularly with key public figures to advocate for
    broadband equality in GA

Prize Fortmann, Director of Operations
Also serves as our Office Manager
o  Steers day-to-day business activities for Paladin Wireless
o  Worked as an assistant teacher Christian school & worship
    leader in the past


Ben Garland, Network Engineer
Atlanta native high high level of market familiarity

o  IT professional since 1997 and has wide-ranging proficiency
    in the field

o  Holds multiple certifications, including CompTIA A+ and
    Network + Technician

Taylor Shackelford, Customer Service Manager
Manages all aspects of front desk
o  Fully responsible for billing and customer relations, both in-
    office and online
o  Handles job scheduling for the service crew


Casper Faust, Field Operations Manager
Oversees entire physical plant

o  Manages design and deployment process for network

o  Manages survey, installation, and service crews
o  Certified Tower Climber

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