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Subscription-based personalized fitness training.


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At some point in our lives, we all make a decision to get in better shape. Sometimes, it’s for health reasons and sometimes we just want to look good in that swimsuit.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea where to begin. Simply joining a gym isn’t enough and results in expensive annual membership dues. We tend to give up when we don’t see results, but those monthly gym membership charges
keep on coming.

Personal training can be a very expensive and involved process. Personal Trainers often take on too many clients in order
to make ends meet, resulting in time limitations and a decrease in the quality of training clients receive.

Existing fitness apps are composed of previously structured workouts that are delivered as a video to the client, based on desired muscle groups or length of workout.

There is no step-by-step app or system available electronically that utilizes biometric data to personalize clients’ routines.

Paradigm Transformations
is poised to offer a level of affordable personalized training that no other app can.

Our platform addresses all aspects involved
in the human desire to change and improve.

Holistic Wellness
Personal training, Nutritional coaching, Lifestyle coaching certified by the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC)

Transcendental Meditation® Training
ancient foundational inner- strength

Personal Resilience Training by HeartMath®
emotional control using research in the human heart/mind complex

subconscious communication technique utilizing neuro-linguistic programming and muscle testing

Anecdotal Support Center

Our clients will have the ability to optimize
their workout by using the following features:

For Paradigm Transformations, it is only the beginning.
Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:



Tested training method with 4 clients (ranging in age and fitness levels and/or experience) with the level of detail that the automated system will provide.

The response was favorable regarding emotional well-being and contentment, self-confidence, and emotional control. Physical results were very positive, with
all clients improving body composition, strength, and endurance measures significantly during the tested time period.

The consensus: the detailed level of instruction will be even more enjoyable without the obligation or awkwardness of training with a personal trainer. 

Expression of genuine interest in the app from these 4 clients, as well as with a broad base of surveyed individuals at the stated subscription rate of $25/Month. 


Ambiotex GmbH is positioned as a strategic partner
in this company and its operation.

Justin Deedon/Umpqua Tech (app/web developer)
is contracted for the initial creative design work, and infrastructural planning

Mike LeBoss (Executive Director)     

Joshua Lyons (CEO and Owner)     

Tyson Goff - Founder/CEO
I overcame severe physical health and chronic behavioral problems. During my personal transformation, I accumulated specialized knowledge and understanding of what it takes to create sustainable change and organized this system to help deliver those lessons to the masses.

Justin Deedon - Contract CTO
with the Umpqua Technology Nexus (UTN)

UTN is a company that provides development, hosting, colocation, and telecom services to Southern Oregon.

Justin has been facilitating the development for Paradigm as well as providing insight into technologies, infrastructure, and implementations.

Justin himself has experience in project management that ranges from datacenter construction to medical application development and deployment, providing a broad array of experiences that he uses to form technology development plans for companies like Paradigm. 


Mike LeBoss
(Executive Director & President – Nationalassociation for Fitness Certification)

Mike LeBoss has been involved in pioneering the fitness industry for over 35 years, and was instrumental in developing the "self-start" philosophy in approaching athletic training to maximize his clients' self-actualization in their sport training programs. He has rigorously upheld the principles of correct Body Mechanics and proper form throughout his career as a leading fitness consultant and educator.

Mr. LeBoss is the founder of Mefit™ Fitness Centers in Portland, Newport, and Sheridan, Oregon, and currently holds the position of Executive Director for the National Association for Fitness Certification (NAFC), after serving as an NAFC master course presenter for over 12 years. He is co-author of a training manual on Bio-Mechanics for the National Board for Certified Sport Trainers (NBCST), targeted at educating trainers about the importance of risk/benefit training and applied Body Mechanics.

Behind his full-time commitment to spreading wellness in his professional endeavor, Mike is a NBCST Master Instructor, NAFC Certified/NAFC Master Instructor, NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist, SPIN Instructor, and is Madd Dog Athletics Certified.

Joshua Lyons (CEO-Pinnacle Medical Wellness)

Joshua co-owns and operates Pinnacle Medical Wellness. Pinnacle’s team brings medically licensed and highly qualified resources in the nutrition, sports, medical, and physical therapy areas to Paradigm’s development team, ensuring medically compliant programming.

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