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ParkMyCloud is the ultimate cost-saving, web-based platform helping businesses pump big bucks into their bottom line by letting them pay only for the computing power they’re actually using.

Where Nest brought a world of smart products to the home to promote cost savings through energy efficiency, ParkMyCloud is delivering that same economic value to the public cloud.

ParkMyCloud connects to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and empowers users to automatically schedule on and off times for servers -- what we call “parking” -- when they’re not using them, such as during off-times, evenings, and weekends.

Big-name global brands have already adopted ParkMyCloud’s minimum viable product as their go-to SaaS solution, including:


Read on to discover how ParkMyCloud is using powerful, flexible tech to navigate businesses through the rapidly evolving IT landscape by delivering actionable insights into better savings.

Raise your hand if this story sounds familiar: you return home after a period of time only to realize you accidentally left your lights on the entire time you were gone. The frustration suddenly sinks in as you realize your hard-earned cash will go to paying for usage that you didn’t even use!  

Hundreds of thousands of Amazon Web Services customers are facing that same pain point as they throw away an aggregate hundreds of millions of dollars per year paying for cloud computing servers -- called “EC2 instances” -- that keep running even when they aren’t using them.

What Exactly Is Amazon Web Services?
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest cloud computing services provider and $10 billion business offered by Such providers are hugely popular because they allow easy and fast access to computing services minus upfront costs.

Got it! So What’s The Catch?
Cloud computing services are “always on” unless customers actively turn them off. So customers are paying for computing time they don’t actually use, for example, during off-hours between 11PM and 7AM, or on weekends.

Couldn’t AWS Add This Capability Themselves?
They could, but you definitely won’t see AWS jumping at that opportunity. Their goal is rapid scale, and rolling out a programmable on/off switch would translate to a decrease in their top line revenue by 10% or more. And we help AWS oversubscribe their physical infrastructure.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your boss an AWS bill 20% or more lower than it’s ever been and demonstrate instant ROI? With ParkMyCloud, we’re enabling our customers to do just that. Savings are great, but that’s not the only benefit ParkMyCloud offers our users.

Because ParkMyCloud is a SaaS platform  that lives in the browser, there’s no download or installation required, and it can be easily and instantly accessed from any mobile device. Setup and configuration takes 10 minutes or less!

ParkMyCloud’s new 2.0 release allows multiple users and teams to access the platform and manage multiple AWS accounts using a single PMC account.

We actively help identify opportunities to save money and make recommendations on what servers to park based on analytics like key name values and usage. Our Savings Calculator lets users input their monthly cloud spending, workload, and compute instances to view the amount they will save monthly and annually using ParkMyCloud.

We built ParkMyCloud as a single-purpose, straightforward SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates into your business and starts saving you money in as a little as 15 minutes.  

When users create an account, ParkMyCloud uses their AWS credentials to discover EC2 instances and to load metadata about them to run or park instances based on the user-set schedules. ParkMyCloud then runs daily discoveries, with any new instances appearing in the dashboard. A manual discovery button next to the cloud provider credential also allows users to start a manual discover at any time.

Users configure and apply an on/off schedule for desired instances, and ParkMyCloud starts and stops instances automatically. We do not terminate instances, nor do we perform an OS-level shutdown of the instances. In addition, if a user needs to access an instance(s) during a scheduled downtime they can simply “snooze” the schedule for a selected period of time.

Downtimes and cost savings happen automatically without the need for continuous maintenance. In other words, little effort results in big dollars saved.

A yearly subscription to ParkMyCloud typically pays for itself in less than two months, and often in less than one month. Avid, a current customer, sees an 15x return on their investment - projected savings of $55K in 2016, and a license cost of just $3600.

ParkMyCloud is in the business of creating happy customers and bigger budgets. Here’s a look at a few of our successful case studies.



Fusion PPT Reduces AWS Bill by 30% With ParkMyCloud

The Customer
Fusion PPT, an IT consulting and system integration firm based in Vienna, VA, serves a worldwide client base.

The Problem
Fusion PPT Chief Technology Officer Don Magrogan noted that the amount they were spending on Amazon Web Services was starting to become a problem. It turns out that while developers love to write code, they don’t always remember “turn off the lights” when they’re done.

The Solution
Don connected ParkMyCloud to his AWS account and set schedules on their non-production instances to turn off during nights and weekends.

With ParkMyCloud’s single view of all AWS instances across regions and accounts, they also identified a problem that was causing their servers to not shut down on schedule, and they were able to add schedules to those instances.

Avid Saves $55,000 With ParkMyCloud

The Customer
The IT team at Avid, a global audio and video technology company, recently migrated their enterprise environment into AWS. But the transition didn’t come without its difficulties.

The Problem
“It’s been a challenge educating our team on the cloud model,” said Satnam Bains, Global Director of Infrastructure Services. “They’re learning that there’s a direct monetary impact for every hour that an idle instance is running.”

The Solution
Avid began using ParkMyCloud to attach schedules to each non-production instance to
 turn off during nights and weekends, with multiple schedules used to ensure 
that instances are “on” only when staff need them.

Bains said, “when our teams understand the AWS charging model of compute by the hour, they recognize the need to park instances and engage. Costs are attached to every hour. Then, the metaphorical penny drops.”

ParkMyCloud is launched, live, and ready to scale. We’ve already reached a number of exciting milestones since we founded the company in July 2015, pointing to even greater success in 2016. Here’s an inside look at some of our most noteworthy accomplishments:

Including McDonald’s, Avid, Sage, Findly, LiveNation, Infor, Wolters Kluwer, Neustar and more. We also have two published case studies, numerous customer quotes, and references.

Positive Analyst and Media Coverage
ParkMyCloud has been highlighted by tech analysts and media outlets, with prominent mentions by 451 Research and Saugatuck Technology and articles in Network World, TechTarget and Cloud Computing Magazine.

Major Investor Votes-of-Confidence
We previously raised $950,000 in Angel investments, in both equity and convertible notes.

Sales, Sales, and More Sales!
Our 20+ big-name customers have 6,300 servers managed by our platform, and we have an active and growing pipeline of 30-day trial users. Our largest deal to date is a 2-year, $99,000 enterprise license. We have generated all of this momentum with our Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Global User-Base
ParkMyCloud has customers in the UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and the US.

Valuable Partnerships
ParkMyCloud acts as a white label service to Taiwan-based Netlink, our first reseller. We are also exploring several other partnership agreements in AU, CA, and the US. These include cloud-focused MSPs and distributors like SHI and Avnet.

New Release!  
We just released version 2.0 in March 2016, letting multiple users and teams access the platform and manage multiple AWS accounts using a single ParkMyCloud account. This allows large enterprises to seamlessly integrate ParkMyCloud into their environments.

Patents & IP
We have a provisional patent pending on our technology.

The priority now is to accelerate customer acquisition and bolster sales to grow the company. To meet this goal, we’re turning to online marketing campaigns including PPC, social media, blogging, email, webinars, press releases, and content distribution. We’re also harnessing our inside sales team to generate leads and drive opportunities through the funnel.

ParkMyCloud is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and listed in the AWS Product Marketplace. We’re actively discussing Reseller and Referral models with other AWS partners and we also engage in AWS-related events like MeetUps, Summits and re:Invent.

Discover what else ParkMyCloud has in store for the future and find out how you can help by requesting access to the business plan side of the profile!

Both Jay and Dale have extensive IT enterprise software experience, having worked in companies like IBM, NetApp, Accenture, and Micromuse. Jay's background is in sales and marketing as former Director of Global Sales at IBM, and Dale's is in technology and engineering as the former NetApp public sector CTO. This provides ParkMyCloud with well-rounded leadership that has both experience and functional business diversity. Jay and Dale worked together at Ostrato, where they gained domain expertise in the rapidly evolving cloud management space, and of course the bumps and bruises associated with a startup. ParkMyCloud is a pivot, and direct result of their efforts in Ostrato.

Katy Stalcup | Marketing Manager
Katy previously worked with Jay and Dale on the Ostrato team, where she gained expertise in the cloud management space. At ParkMyCloud, Katy orchestrates and operates marketing efforts.

Bob London | Advisory Board
B2B Marketing expert, Digex, Verisign, MCI.

Andy Richman | Advisory Board
Product Management expert and British startup maven.

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