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Pet owners!  Imagine a community that helped you save hundreds a year on your pets, when you travel and when you shop. is that community!

As anyone with a pet knows, pet owners today are spending more than ever on their pets, and the trend is steadily rising.

We are a team of pet lovers creating a widely embraced, cost effective alternative to pet boarding and sitting that will not only save money but keep our furry friends in a loving home while you're away! 

The concept is simple.  By employing a user-friendly online platform, we allow pet owners to connect with other pet owners in their neighborhoods and exchange pet sitting services.  Rather than paying the exorbitant daily boarding or pet sitting fees when traveling, members will simply pay a low monthly or annual fee.  Pet owners can meet their potential swappers, then gauge temperament and monitor the interaction between their pets before setting up the swap.

In addition,  active members can also benefit from a number of discounts at their local participating pet stores.  It’s a win-win for all: money is saved, pets bask in new friendship and a loving home, while local businesses thrive from the increased customer traffic!  We truly believe that will be an incredibly exciting, game-changing addition to the pet community!  Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Get ready to help pet owners "Sit. Swap. Save!"

The Long "Tail" aims to be the premier pet community in the nation (and eventually across the globe) that provides members with access to free pet sitting and money saving deals at their local businesses. members will be pet owners that will gladly provide their neighbors free pet sitting in exchange for the same in return when they need it.  As an added money-saving perk, we will secure discounts exclusive to our members with local pet-related businesses in neighborhoods across the country.

Membership will be availabe in monthly and annual options.  New users will be able to search our database for free to see what members are around them.  

Member profiles will include pictures, details about location and what types of pets owned and types willing to care for.  With, all species of companion pet are welcome and members aren't restricted to caring for the same type of pet they own.   This increases members' pet sitting options dramatically!  The savings potential over the current pet care options are tremendous.

Additionally, profiles will have a rating/comment feature so that other users will be able to give feedback that can be seen by all paid users.  Members will also have the option to "verify" their profiles through an address confirmation.  Those are two features that will help members develop a community sense of trust and confidence.

Our website will include communication tools for members to connect such as chat, forums to discuss topics of interest, and calendars to plan community events.  Additionaly, will host events for members to meet and interact, which helps strengthen the community ties among neighbors.

Once launched, we will also offer a mobile version of the site and eventually develop iOS and Android applications for easy access on the go.

Your Place in the Picture

It is said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Our team has gone to great lengths to strategically plan our course of action, develop our business plan, research the industry and source a web developer to create a robust, content rich website.

The legwork that we put into the development of our business makes us confident to move forward with this innovative idea.  With being an internet based community, a website that supports the platform that we are looking to build is essential. A major milestone that we have met was sourcing a website designer and provider that can create the type of community we've envisioned.  This site will be our largest expense in getting the business from idea to launch.  Along with the platform, the other key to is building the member network, so we have to make sure people hear about it.  Accordingly, we'll also use funds from your pledges to market our brand using online outlets such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo as well as a traditional print campaign.  We are essentially in the earliest startup stage of a new company, so everything you pledge will literally help us build from the ground up!

If you think sounds like something for you, leave us a few details about you below.  We'll contact you as soon as we launch near you!

We're excited about involving you, our peers, in the process of bringing life to what started as a cool idea, that wil shake things up in a big way!

Team PS: Our Story was founded by three friends that met ten years ago on the campus of Howard University - Brandi Coleman, Erika Jordan and Lyzz Yohaness. All three of us are animal lovers, with six dogs between us. Brandi and Lyzz have spent hundreds boarding our dogs when we are away, most often because the people we know either aren't available or simply just can't help watch our dogs for us.  A few years ago, after one of the many times pet sitting one of her friend's dogs, Lyzz had an epiphany.  As she was always willing to help watch her friends' pets for free, she wondered if people would pay to have access to a network of their neighbors who would exchange free pet care among themselves.  More recently Brandi, through her two years of experience managing a boarding and daycare facility, realized that pet owners spend so much money on their pets in general, but especially when they travel, and would probably jump at the chance to avoid kennels and save some money in the process.

After reconnecting in Los Angeles, the three of us decided to pursue this project and bring something really unique and exciting to the pet owning community.  Between the three of us we have 16 years of professional experience in various fields of business and technology.  Lyzz and Erika have both launched several successful businesses and all of us bring our entreprenuerial spirit to this project.    We are at a true start-up position in this venture, so we embody the entire operational team.  We will add team members as we grow and spread this community across the country - ultimately aiming to create an international neighborhood!

Your Perks!

There is no way that a tangible item, a physical gift, or an emotional response could ever fully represent our gratitude for your support.  We've listed our rewards at every level over to the right, but please know that our appreciation goes so far beyond anything we could offer you!  Besides your donations, every mention to your friends, every page share on Facebook and every tweet on Twitter does SO MUCH to push this thing forward!  And we'll never ever begin to thank you enough!

"PS" - We Love You!


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