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Payroll Integrations
at a Glance

Payroll Integrations is an integration platform as a service (iPaas) that connects major payroll providers with benefits providers to improve accuracy, productivity and satisfaction, all while reducing administrative costs and burden.

Our plug-and-play SaaS solutions deliver 360° automated integration with most major payroll vendors directly to the recordkeeping platform.

A Costly Manual Process

Millions of employers in the U.S. offer benefits packages such as 401(k) plans and HSAs, and while they are great for employees, these plans often impose a huge administrative cost and time burden.

This burden largely comes down to inefficiency. The process of sending payroll data to benefits recordkeepers is almost entirely manual and thus incredibly time consuming, prone to errors and costly.

What the industry needs is a solution that alleviates these administrative burdens and eliminates data entry errors.

Here’s how we do it.

End-to-End Automation

Payroll Integrations automates a company’s payroll experience for their benefits plans, creating a comprehensive, seamless and accurate payroll submission experience.

With Payroll Integrations, our clients get:

Improved Accuracy. Benefits require timely and accurate data. Automating payroll integration significantly reduces errors and thus time spent correcting issues.

Enhanced Productivity. By saving over 40 hours annually on payroll related issues, benefits providers and plan sponsors can increase productivity by focusing their energy on work that really matters.

Reduced Costs. Plan sponsors can reduce cost by automating time-consuming tasks related to payroll uploads and deferral changes.

Increased Satisfaction. Plan sponsors expect their service providers to have the latest technology. With 75% payroll market coverage, no one offers more integrations than Payroll Integrations.

Key Features

The Payroll Integrations platform, built on Amazon Web Services, leverages cost-effective and scalable services such as AWS Lambda and S3 to support modern API integrations and secure SFTP transfer with our clients.

Our platform has hundreds of pre-built integrations to payroll providers such as ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks and Paylocity, allowing companies to integrate their payroll with our benefits partners in less than 10 minutes.

Our flexible micro-service architecture enables us to easily add and augment functionality for hundreds of platforms. Class-leading information architecture provides encrypted and secure data aggregation for comprehensive data insights and reporting.

Automated submission of payroll and deferral changes means costly compliance risks are significantly reduced, data accuracy is increased, and end customers are more satisfied.

Our Early Success

Payroll Integrations is rapidly scaling, having recently signed some of the biggest names in the industry including Empower and Transamerica. 

Our current ARR is over $500,000 and growing significantly month-over-month. While our revenue is currently concentrated in 401(k) related integrations, we are working to provide a comprehensive list of integrations including those for HSA, 529, and FSA.

Payroll Integrations works with 401(k) recordkeepers that cover over 150,000 plans. Our clients include Empower, Transamerica, Voya, Human Interest, Betterment, LT Trust, Mass Mutual, Schwab, Ubiquity and more.

The PI Team

Andrew Hallengren, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer | Andrew is the co-founder of Money Intelligence ($125m+ AUM), a software-based financial advisor for 401(k) assets. He also has a background in hedge funds and trading.

Doug Sabella, Co-Founder, CEO | Doug is a former senior leader on the Product Management team at Salesforce. His background includes software and marketing with a degree in economics.

Jeff Kayajanian, Chief Revenue Officer | Jeff is a former Managing Partner at Global Retirement Partners and Divisional Vice President of Hartford Retirement Plans Group. His background is in retirement plan sales.

Nick Main, Chief Technical Officer | Nick is a founding partner of a cloud software solutions consulting company. His background is in secure and scalable cloud software architecture and engineering.

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