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The future of personal financial management is here. reduces anxiety and tedious financial maintenance by providing users with a highly customizable platform to passively automate good money habits. The result is an app that acts as a virtual financial assistant that automatically fulfills all your dreams, goals and priorities – when the time is right. It even supports smart, automated payment plans to and from friends. checks your real-time bank activity and knows if, when, and how much money to transfer based on your own rules and priorities. is the perfect tool for financial dream-boarding. Now you can intelligently automate the flow of your money, so you focus on making more of it!

Example of a payment plan on Vimeo.

The FinTech market is a crowded place with too many “smart” apps that just save or just invest – there's just too many niche money apps! That’s why we designed to include person-to-person payments and gave it the flexibility to support investments, donations, and other types of transactions as we grow. delivers the best aspects of existing technologies while introducing key features and functions that others fundamentally lack. uses proprietary methods for a type of deep personalization that is absolutely integral to the future of accurate financial automation. These details are highly confidential and revealed only internally among our engineers and confirmed investors. These features are critical to the prevention of many of the mistakes commonly made by other, now outmoded, “intelligent money apps”.

Pay yourself.
Pay your friends.

Saving money is one of those things that, in theory, sounds simple enough. But if you look at Americans as a whole, the reality is that we’re pretty bad at it.

The less we save, the more we tend to borrow from family members and friends when faced with unforeseen financial encumbrances.

While loaning cash to someone in need might seem like the right thing to do, it entails taking the risk of putting emotional strain on our relationship with the borrower – not to mention assuming financial risks of our own.

As if things aren’t bad enough already, Linkedin predicts that we’re about to get slammed with 43% of the US workforce becoming freelancers by 2020. This means that we’re still paying the same bills every month while our income becomes increasingly unstable.

While there are a whole slew of existing money apps to help people up their personal finance game – none provide smart savings and payment plans in one place, none offer the option to approve certain transactions before they go out, and none have the ability to differentiate between actual income and irrelevant, random deposits like, say, a check collected from a roommate for rent.

Whether it’s saving, investing, debt management, or making interpersonal payments, is purpose-built to handle money management needs across the spectrum in one easy-to-use application.

Our intelligent system factors in the reality that for many – like independent contractors, seasonal workers, service industry professionals, job hoppers, and more – income isn’t always predictable.

*Above is a snapshot from the smart saving plan creator where the user has chosen to save a percentage of certain qualifying deposits. Users can add optional rules to A) skip saving when bank balance or deposit amount is low and/or B) cap individual savings transactions to a certain maximum amount.

*Above is a snapshot from the smart payment plan creator where the user has chosen to schedule recurring fixed amount payments by date. Users can add optional rules to A) skip payments when bank balance is beneath a certain threshold and/or  B) boost the amounts of scheduled payments when financial conditions are favorable.

The theme of personalization is present throughout every aspect of Through our intuitive, question-by-question interface, users can customize settings around their own unique financial circumstances so that understands what funds are expendable and what aren’t.

How do we differentiate ourselves from all the spending trackers, budgeting, and money management tools available today?'s feature-packed platform empowers people to take complete control of their finances in ways that fit to their individual lifestyles and priorities – all in one user-friendly app.

Whether it’s savings, investments, payments to friends, or donations – our goal is to provide a single tool for consumers to intelligently automate the flow of funds from point A to point B over the internet. Nobody should need five different money apps.

Our clean, conversation-like interface is user-friendly and highly intuitive. Now it’s a cinch to automate funds to follow your exact directions.

Users can choose whether they’d like to allow funds for a given plan to flow automatically, or if they would like to approve transactions one-by-one before they’re carried out.

Users can securely link multiple external bank accounts through military-grade encryption. holds and transmits funds for users through Dwolla, a white-label payments platform that securely processes several billions in transactions annually. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that we are in full compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Personalization – it’s 1,000,000% what we're all about. We believe this is what makes such a "sticky" technology. Our smart money management plans respond dynamically around the lives of our users, transferring funds only when conditions are exactly right. is the first to solve this problem so thoroughly in large part due to our proprietary "deep personalization" methods that avoid transmitting funds that should be left alone.

Our team has made some major headway since founding in 2015.

What initially began as a search by our Founder for a tech-driven solution to help him recover financially after being struck by a hit and run driver, has since evolved into the development of functional web and iOS applications, which are currently live in private Beta.

Now, our team is laser-focused on furthering our mission to build into a household name that becomes synonymous with financial prosperity on a national scale. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far: V1 & Beyond
Our pilot users are currently able to connect accounts from over 9,000 U.S. banks and credit unions, send and receive payments manually, hold balances, as well as automate payments with conditions. We’re in the process of developing new technology that detects and responds to user-specific income. We are nearly finished adding support for savings plans.

The Legal Side has been granted a robust utility patent on its technology.

First Impressions
We distributed a survey that included screenshots of’s features to Claremont McKenna and USC students. Here are a few of the stats:

Strategic Partnerships
We’ve established key relationships with several well-renowned partners who have been instrumental in getting off the ground.

Our focus is to continue to build out our technology while onboarding and cultivating relationships with new users across the US. We plan to achieve these goals through the following initiatives:

B2B Partnerships will align with financial institutions, investment firms, and any organizations that stand to profit from providing their users with better tools for financial automation. 

Consumer-Facing Marketing
We will use paid targeted ads, social media, informative and humorous videos, PR, stunts, good karma, and the help of influencers to raise awareness and win customers.

Users will be encouraged to bring three friends onboard to permanently eliminate fees for pro features.

Want to learn more about and their vision for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!

Collectively, the rockstar partners at have a half a century of experience in our domains, held managerial roles at some of the biggest financial firms in the world, raised millions in capital for startups, built companies that have generated millions in revenue, managed hundreds of talented professionals, marketed to audiences of tens of millions, and scaled products to masses around the globe.

Khellar Crawford | CEO | Khellar is a lifelong entrepreneur, developer, and designer with expertise in software design, UX design, branding, management, and marketing. He co-founded his first multi-million dollar internet company when he was 23, co-founded an award-winning book publishing company with products currently in COSTCO stores, and worked with Microsoft as a creative producer on a project to simulate the future of 3D web browsing. Khellar is passionate about designing and building technologies to solve everyday problems.

Tomas de Priede | Lead Front-End Developer | Tomas is a 10-year full-stack engineer and an avid scholar of finance. Within his first 2 years of programming, he had already placed nationally in an Argentinian Microsoft development challenge. Tomas’ core strengths include Angular, Javascript, Java, and Spring. He’s managed and lead a technical team on a project for Banco Comafi and co-engineered an admin panel for Google that scaled to over 1 million users.

Ben Jenkins | Head of Customer Acquisition & Growth | Ben comes to with over 19 years of experience as a powerhouse software innovator with in-depth, expert knowledge in the payment industry. Over his career, he's developed new business lines for large corporations and new technology start-ups alike. Most recently, his work as Product Director for Blackbaud (provider of payment solutions to over 40,000 nonprofits worldwide) focused on developing the payment infrastructure now responsible for processing billions of dollars annually in non-profit donations. He also drives new technologies in several start-up advisory board roles and is the founder of a tier-one, cost-effective software development company in Tijuana that services’s iOS development needs.

Advisory Board:

  • Joe Benowitz | FinTech & compliance expert with 20+ years in payments, banking, M&A, and financial automation
  • Neil Sahota | World Wide Business Dev Leader for IBM Watson Group, IBM Master Inventor, Tech Coast Angel
  • Deva Santiago | VP of Talent for Weebly, Former VP of Talent for Dropbox
  • Steven Roussey | Head of Technology for Weebly, Mentor at Boost.VC
  • William Hernandez | Expert for UN Forum on Foreign Investments in Cuba, Advised on multi-billion dollar energy projects
  • Arjun Dutt | VP Marketing of Semantify, Manager of Product Marketing for Fieldglass (Acquired by SAP)
  • Jeff Rose | Head of Publicity at Amazon, Studios, Former VP of Production & Acquisitions for Miramax Films
  • Brandon Parvini | Motion Graphics Media Guru at, Former Founder of Ghost Town Media

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