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Quick Pitch

The quest for teeth whitening dates back to ancient Roman times using goats’ milk to whiten their teeth.  Today, teeth whitening has grown to become a $15 billion dollar industry and the demand for affordable, yet effective teeth whitening has never been addressed – until now. Pearly Whites Express  offers consumers professional teeth whitening services at a fraction of the cost of other providers and guarantees results.

Service Details

While the shade of our teeth is not necessarily an indication of dental health, the distressing stigma associated with discolored teeth in today’s society can take its toll on your mental health. With the advancement of dental technology, you can easily gain the advantage of a pearly whites smile whether you choose to whiten your teeth using at-home kits, or teeth whitening centers. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, teeth whitening procedures are on the rise because more and more people are realizing the tremendous benefits.

Pearly Whites Express offers consumers 45-minute chair-side teeth whitening using gel and light. The gel is a 16% hydrogen peroxide whitening formula designed to whiten on contact. The blue LED light works in tandem with the gel to accelerate the whitening process and has been clinically proven safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums and other soft tissues. The accelerator light emits virtually no heat and no harmful UV (ultraviolet) light ensuring natural results.

Chair Side Teeth Whitening:

Here's a snap shot of our Haverhill, MA office with chair side teeth whitening.  As you can see, our patients receive comfort, special glasses and can watch a movie to help pass the time.

Our Haverhill, MA office waiting area.

How We're Different

It's simple really. We standout from the rest.

Pearly Whites Express is the first to offer teeth whitening solutions at dramatically lower prices, while using the same techniques and equipment as our competitors. The average cost to professionally whiten your teeth costs $250.00 unless you can score a daily deal. Pearly Whites Express  offers 45-minute teeth whitening for less than a cup of coffee per day – just $29.00 without any compromise in quality and beats any dail deal out there.

By and large, whitening is NOT an expensive process and was only a matter of time before a company, like Pearly Whites Express offered it a much lower price. For example back in 1992, when Michael Grondahl acquired a financially struggling gym, he dramatically reduced prices to compete against better-known brands. His once struggling gym has grown to become one of the largest fitness chains in the world with over 600 locations nationwide - "Planet Fitness"

Pearly Whites Express will be the “Planet Fitness” of teeth whitening, offering affordable solutions that are effective and long lasting. 

Previous Sales and Customer Reviews

Pearly Whites Express Corp has been featured on Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and other daily deal sites, with multiple successful campaigns to date in the Boston North markets. We've sold over 2,500 in-store teeth whitening treatments and over 1,200 at-home kits in less than a year. Besides our success with these sites, we've also been featured in Eyes In magazine (, with a story on our Pearly Whites Express Tray and its growing popularity.

         Over 700 chair-side treatments and home kits sold.

Over 1,500 chair-side treatments and home kits sold.

Here's the ad copy to an upcoming print campaign reaching over 93,000 households in June of 2013.

Customer Reviews: Let's face it. Customer reviews are important to any business and can either make you or break you... Here at Pearly Whites Express we take it customer reviews very serious. You will leave happy - bottom line. Our customers rate us 5 out of 5 stars and keep coming back to maintain their pearly whites. Here's some happy customers:

"Easy, friendly and knowledgeable staff. The process went by so quickly I was amazed at how many shades whiter my teeth were. I'm extremely satisfied with the overall satisfaction of Pearly Whites Express. I'm setting up another appointment to attain that perfect white smile"

"Pleased with the first treatment today. Like Jenn's friendly and welcoming at my first visit"


We strive to make every customers experience memorable and ensure they go home with whitening bragging rights! See more happy customer reviews on our Yelp page by clicking here

Use of Funds

Although we've experienced tremendous growth this past year, it also came at a great expense (cost of opening additional stores, inventory, advertising etc.) Pearly Whites aims to raise approximately $15K, which will be used tofranchise our operation, filing all legal documentation, right up to selling our first franchise and considering current consumer demand for lower cost tooth whitening, we anticipate our first franchise will close quickly.

Franchising provides the capital for growth and will enable us to expand without the risk of debt or cost of equity. In addition, franchising reduces risk and allows for expansion with virtually no contingent liability.  This offers an opportunity to continually devote time, and extra resources, towards product betterment and future innovations.

- Jennifer McFadden, CEO Pearly Whites Express

Franchising provides the capital for growth and will enable us to expand without the risk of debt or cost of equity. In addition, franchising reduces risk and allows for expansion with virtually no contingent liability. Your generous pledge will help our company grow and offer tooth whitening at an affordable price, while building our economy by creating new jobs.

About the Team

Jennifer McFadden


Behind every intelligent, low-cost product innovation, you’ll find bright minds guiding their respective companies to new heights. Pearly Whites employs top-notch sales, customer support and is guided by an industry guru. Jennifer has over 15 years experience in the health and beauty industry as a professional hair dresser in the greater Boston area. She specializes in hair cuts,foils, coloring, nails, air tanning and makeup application. Often her work takes her on location for the numerous wedding parties and events around New England. Whether her work takes her on location for a wedding, or hosting a teeth whitening party at a house, Jennifer demonstrates her talent and desire to to ensure her clients are completely satisfied.

Pledge. Get rewarded.

In exchange for your pledge we promise pearly white teeth.

Pledge of just $15. Our @ Home Teeth Whitening Kit includes (1) 16% hydrogen peroxide whitening pen, (1) mini BLUE LED accelerator, (1) shade guide and (3) vitamin E swabs. This is a great maintenance kit to used in-between professional whitening.

Pledge of just $10.16% hydrogen peroxide whitening pen. This is the same potent whitening gel as used in our stores!

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