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Meet Pettag+: the first smart, affordable, connected pet care system designed with pets and their people in mind.

Pettag+ harnesses everything that’s great about 21st-century technology—Bluetooth connectivity, state-of-the-art software and smartphone control, just to name a few—and puts it to work for pets and pet owners.

Our flagship product, the Pettag+ Connected PAHW™ device, is a smart pet tag that attaches to your dog's collar and connects to your smartphone to give you total visibility and control over the who, what and how of your pet. 

With the Pettag+ Connected PAHW™ device, you can: 

Track data about your pet’s health, wellness and behavior  
Assign pet care chores to kids, friends and pet care professionals
Gain insight into what’s going on with your pet

Pettag+ just delivered its 1st manufactured production run of initial devices in 2015 and with just little over a year later, we’re already making some impressive progress: 

We've reached MVP status with our flagship Pettag+ PAHW™ device, and we've already cleared $24,000 in revenue through pre-sales to pet stores and online consumers throughout the USA. 


Businesses aren’t the only ones catching on to Pettag+ either: our Facebook following is already 22,000+ and growing strong, proving that people are excited about Pettag+ and the future of happier, healthier pet technology.

So what is it that has people excited about Pettag+ and our vison for the future of happier, healthier pet care technology? We're glad you asked.

Grab your leash. Let's go for a walk. 

If you have ever owned a dog, chances are you’ve found yourself asking yourself one or more of these questions at least once in the course of your busy day:

While you’re spending all of your time worrying about your pet, you know what you’re not doing? Enjoying the experience of spending time and having fun with your four-legged friend.

Life gets hectic, things come up. Trust us, at Pettag+, we get it: we’re pet owners ourselves, and we’ve all felt that twinge of guilt that comes from having to leave your best friend behind.

But here's the thing: just because life gets crazy doesn’t mean that you—or your pets—should have to pay the price.

At Pettag+, we think it’s time somebody put the play back in pet care.

And we think we know just the people for the job.

Pettag+ is the complete, connected pet solution dedicated to helping pet owners everywhere raise happier, healthier pets.

At Pettag+, we understand that your dogs are more than just pets: they’re members of the family. That’s why Pettag+ is about more than just covering the basics of pet care: it’s about putting the fun back in pet ownership.

With Pettag+, we’re taking pet care into the digital world. Pettag+ brings pet owners, friends and family and even pet care professionals together in a connected, mobile-enabled pet care network geared toward making sure that everyone’s four-legged friends have everything they need.

By helping pet owners stay “plugged in” to what’s going on with their pets, Pettag+ take stress and worry out of the equation and puts the focus back where it should be: on you, your pet and the fun times ahead of you.

It’s the greatest thing to happen—for dogs and their people alike—since the invention of the stick.

The Pettag+ vision for happier, healtheir pet technology starts with our flagship product: the Pettag+ Connected PAHW™.

The PAHW™ (that's short for Pet Activity Health and Wellness) device is a smart dog tag that you can attach to your dog's collar. The device tracks a variety of information about your pet—nutrition, activity, location—and transmits that information to your smartphone, so you're always plugged in to what's going on with your pet. 

The PAHW™ is the beginning of the Pettag+ vision, but Pettag+ is more than just a single gadget: it’s a whole family of connected pet products that work together to create a complete, connected pet ecosystem designed with the goal of making taking care of your pet simpler, more efficient and just plain more fun than ever before.


Tying the whole Pettag+ connected pet ecosystem together: the Pettag+ mobile app, which acts as a centralized hub for the complete Pettag+ experience, giving you complete visibility and control over the what, how and when of your dog through one streamlined, easy and fun mobile app!

Pettag+ is the first and only pet care solution that gives you total insight into what’s going on with your four-legged friend… without having to call in the dog whisperer.

Here’s a quick overview of how Pettag+ works in action:

Step 1: Create Your Pet’s Profile

Download the free Pettag+ app, create your profile and add the circle of caretakers you would like to have access to your pet’s information. You can have up to 7 family members, friends and caretakers connected to each PAHW™, so everyone can stay connected and up-to-date on the pet and view its metrics based on your privacy settings. Finally, enter your pet's details — and don't forget to include their favorite toy!

Step 2: Set Happier & Healthier Goals

Your connected PAHW™ measures and tracks lots of information about your pet, covering everything from eating to playing to activities. The user interface is simple to start with, but expands over time based on the information you put into the app. The stories you create are as endless as the button combos you and your kids can imagine and share. Get ready to play!™

Step 3. Get Smart Recommendations

Pettag+ shows you the right information about your pet at the right time. Easily create care goals based on your pet’s age, breed, and weight. Plus, keep kids, dog walkers, and anyone else that cares for your pet accountable, responsible and happy to take care of their pet care responsibilities!

Step 4. Happier & Healthier Behavior Modification

Pettag+ use scientifically proven methodologies to create more meaningful engagement with your pet. We can then track, manage and motivate behaviors that lead to happier healthier lives for you and your 4-legged friend.

Step 5. Find Your Missing Dog

If the worst should happen and your dog goes missing, Pettag+ has built-in tools and software to help get your 4-legged best friend back to you. At the same time, our main focus on our system of having more tools and training to raise a happier and healthier pet that wants to stay around. When a dog gets the right amount of exercise, food, play and love through accountability, responsibility and proper pet care, the chances your animal wanders off drastically decreases.

With pre-sales already taking off, distribution requests pouring in and leading names in retail already buzzing, Pettag+ is already making waves in the pet care industry, and it's only the beginning! 

In early March 2015, the Pettag+ team made the trip to Orlando, Florida to make our first official tradeshow appearance at the Global Pet Exposition Tradeshow.

The response we saw to the Pettag+ concept and product family was incredible: from day one, we saw a steady stream of interested buyers, ranging from single store retailers to multi-store retailers and online outlets. Decisonmakers from Petco and Amazon stopped by to watch demos of Pettag+. And the interest we received wasn't restricted to the US: we saw interest from buyers and distributors from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Philippines, China,  Czech Republic, Brazil , Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico, just to name a few. 

Throughout the conversations we had with interested buyers and distributors, we kept coming back to one unifying theme that came up again and again: buyers and distributors in the pet care industry are on the hunt for innovative products that integrate cutting-edge technology but are priced at a level that is accessible to consumers. And Pettag+, they told us, delivered on both fronts. 

With the tremendous success of the Global Pet Exposition Tradeshow under our belts, the whole Pettag+ team is ready to dive headfirst into the next stage of Pettag+ evolution. 

Up next for Pettag+: some software development enhancements to both the Pettag+ app and the servers that support and fuel the Pettag+ connected pet ecosystem, plus strategic sales and marketing initiatives that will allow us to spread the word.

From there, we’ll turn our attention to some exciting new products in our development pipeline, and adding even more depth, dimension and fun to the Pettag+ connected ecosystem.

For more information about the exciting developments underway at Pettag+ and how you can be a part of the next stage in our success story, please request access to the business plan page of this profile!  

Shahir Ahmed
Co-Founder & CEO

Shahir has a passion for business and is a serial innovator, now on his third company with Pettag+. Shahir’s vision for Pettag+ comes from his love for his dog, Prince Hairy. With the busy travel schedule of an entrepreneur, Shahir wanted a simple device that people could easily engage with that would let him know that Prince Hairy had been fed, walked and cared for when he was away. With a highly successful career in telecom sales prior to his startup days, Shahir has an impeccable ability to sell products, services and lifestyles.

Peter Ragonetti
Co-Founder & President of R&D
Peter Ragonetti has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. Peter began his career at JW Pet as a junior designer where he grew to a senior designer and project manager. With over 9 years experience in pet product development, Peter is the design leader and head of RD for Pettag+.

Quinn Buchannon
Quinn Buchannon has been building software and game systems for over 20 years.Quinn also has extensive experience in nonprofit work, and he is very passionate about harnessing technology to raise happy, healthy pets.

Tom Kennedy
Consultant and Hardware Engineering Lead
Tom is one of the most nationally recognized Bluetooth Low Energy custom boardmaker in the world. He served as lead electrical engineer for the Mars Sample Manipulation robotic system still on Mars, and is an expert R&D hardware and firmware with mass production experience.

John Cullen
John is an expert in pet product positioning and marketing, and is the big purchase order idea guy at Pettag+. John conceptualized the “Win a Jeep”campaign for Petco that was one of the biggest promotional wins with record-size purchase order accomplishments.

Gary Defeo
Gary is an industry-recognized sales and marketing professional with solid experience and contacts in the consumer electronics industry. Gary has developed strong relationships with key retailers and independent rep groups.He has a history of building new businesses from the ground up, supporting technology startups who are trying to establish a retail presence.


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