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Treating 70M+ People with Autonomic Dysfunction and Post Covid issues


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The Autonomic Nervous System and the balance of its two major subsystems — the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic (P&S) — are the main communications network between the brain and heart, organs, digestive tract, lungs, immune system and hormonal regulation.

The Autonomics also coordinate our emotionality and how we react to stressors, and tied to the cellular damage that creates anxiety, depression, PTSD, and Autonomic disorders.

With P&S dysfunction, multiple bodily systems stop working properly causing multiple issues, including dizziness, headaches, inability eat or digest food, use the bathroom normally, sleep well, and an inability to maintain proper blood pressure control.

P&S monitoring is an integral component of the clinical evaluation of patients with autonomic disorders. P&S monitoring quantifies the individual patient’s responses to disease and therapy and allows for measurable changes in medications.

Quantitative P&S data enables a more scientific approach to individualized healthcare: 

Our patented software reads the physiological data from leads placed on a patient as they complete a series of non-invasive bodily stress movements — providing physicians more information to improve their diagnoses and prioritize therapy planning for a broad spectrum of diseases such as:

Steve is a business executive with a rare blend of technical and sales acumen which he has used to build world-class sales and marketing teams for global companies. He helped developed the HIPAA legislation and has detailed knowledge of the security requirements within the medical industry. Steve has a proven communication history for managing teams and giving successful presentations that build client relationships.

Dr. Colombo’s specializes in high-end signal processing and the neurosciences. His clinical interest in the autonomic nervous system led him to develop the patented algorithms upon which the P&S technologies are based. He has published over 100 refereed conference proceedings, journal articles, book chapters, and a medical textbook on the autonomic nervous system. He is also a professor of Science & Technology at Bucks County Community College, Director of Research for Drexel Medical Schools’ Cardiology Division, a researcher, and a lecturer. Dr. Colombo has developed sensory-neuroprosthetics, neurological measuring devices, and tele-healthcare platforms. For over 27 years he completed consulting research for the military and NASA in the areas of life support systems, physiologic measurement devices, signal processing and telemetry systems, data compression systems, and communications and control systems.

While at a meeting we were introduced to Dr. Colombo and his technology. Steve O’Leary, one of the founders of the company, went and visited Dr. Colombo. Dr. Colombo and Dr. DePace (Cardiologist) tested Steve and although he was in good health and just had a physical, was told he most likely has “Widows Maker”. Steve went to a Cardiologist in NH where he lives. They put him through a stress test, then echo stress test, blood work and they found nothing! He was told not to worry about it. After relaying this information back to Dr. DePace and Dr. Colombo they recommended a CT Calcium score test. Steve’s cardiologist refused to approve it and said he was fine. Steve then went and paid out of pocket for the CT scan and sure enough, he had moderate build up of calcium in his coronary artery. His cardiologist was shocked and informed him that if he did not persist, he most likely would have had a stroke or massive heart attack in 3-5 years. Needless to say, he fired his cardiologist and he did a deal to get control of the technology with hopes of saving more lives.

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