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The “I Forgot It Was Frozen” Pizza 

Coming soon to a grocery store near you. Fresh, natural, delicious pizza via do it yourself (DIY), all-inclusive pizza kit made from the best ingredients that are available from sources throughout the world.

Sound like a myth? It’s not -- it’s Pialanzios.

Pialanzios is bringing a freshness quality revolution to one of the final food frontiers: Our home-prepared pizza kit is the first true premium, all-natural pizza for the grocery retail marketplace. Each ingredient, cheeses, dough, sauce, etc. are individually packaged and flash frozen so that consumers can purchase a Pialanzios pizza kit from their local grocer; then build it at their convenience. A Pialanzios pizza cannot be compared to conventional pizzas that are available today. It is in a league of its own with a taste that is unrivaled, authentic, and just as delicious as homemade pizza made from scratch.

Not All Pizzas Are Created Equal

On those hectic, crazy days when dinner preparation just doesn’t come together,  you can make your own premium great tasting pizza that is home prepared in the time that it takes to order takeout or delivery pizza. This at the same or less cost.  OR  You can open up your freezer and all you have is another frozen pizza that tastes like cardboard.

Today’s pizza options all have several things in common: additives, hormones, fillers and chemical preservatives. Most are made from the lowest cost and less than quality ingredients. Read their labels.

Americans have wised up about what they put in their bodies. They want better, smarter, convenient, and healthier food choices. They are opting to cook their own meals and experiment with new recipes with the DIY meal kits. When it comes to meeting those demands, conventional frozen pizzas just do not cut it.

Time for a fresh perspective on pizza.
Time for a DIY kit with one of
America’sfavorite foods.
Time for a high cal
iber pizza made from the finest ingredients in the world.
Time for

Tastes Better Because It Is

Whether it is a cash-strapped student or a busy working mom,

Pialanzios is the do it yourself (DIY), premium pizza kit consumers have been waiting for. 

Truly premium high-quality ingredients.


Easy to put together, customize with what you want to add, and ready to eat in minutes.

Globally Sourced Ingredients
Our recipes are proprietary, and sourced from around the globe and are of the utmost quality.

No artificial additives, fillers, hormones, preservatives, or GMO ingredients.

Individually Frozen Ingredients
Individually sealed ingredient packets mean you can make it the way you want it while maintaining the freshness of a pizza that tastes like it was made from scratch

Homemade / Without the Headache!

Don’t take our word for it: we put the Pialanzios promise to the ultimate test. We competed head to head with over 100 brands and have come out on top every time. Additionally, we conducted a blind taste test. 

All-Inclusive Pizza Kit –
Unlike Any Other in the Frozen Aisle

A different kind of pizza deserves a different kind of packaging.

We’ve designed Pialanzios to look unlike anything the frozen pizza section has seen before. With unique packaging in mind, customers will get all the ingredients to make one 16” pizza or enough components for  two 11 inch pizzas out of each Pialanzios pizza kit. Total weight for the package clocks in at 74 ounces allowing for a lightweight and easy to store pizza kit for consumers’ pleasure.Pialanzios’ pizza kits empower customers to be their own pizza chef – Making their home kitchen into their very own pizzeria.

Pizza With a Purpose

Our founder, John Ruhl, and his son were both firefighters. Two years ago, John’s son was fighting and scouting a forest fire when he tragically lost his life. Following this loss, John and his family learned firsthand how devastating it can be, not only for the families of fallen firefighters, but for the friends and fellow firefighters who work alongside them. These firefighters and their families struggle to get adequate mental and emotional care in the aftermath of such traumatic events.

John wanted to find a way to honor his son’s life. That’s why a portion of the sales from every Pialanzios pizza kit sold, will be donated to a fund that supports firefighters and families who have been impacted by the loss or by one being severely injured while fulfilling their duties. Pialanzios will open the “Firefighters Family Support Foundation”, which will be the core entity putting donations to work by supporting firefighters and their affected families throughout the nation.

Coming Soon to A Grocery Store Near You

Pialanzios pizza is fully developed, tested, and is ready for retailer placement in grocery stores across the United States. 

Over 10 national food retailers have expressed a high level of interest in carrying Pialanzios pizzas in their stores. The two largest of these account for 9,400 retail locations.

Retailers will have three display avenues to engage potential customers:

Meet the Management

John M. Ruhl, CEO
40+ years as a CEO. Experienceincludes: corporate consultation, business management, 8 company startups, transportation and manufacturing.  He has developed several new products for new markets and new medical technologies. Patent Holder. In addition, 7 years in the retail industry. He has spent the last 5 years researching food development and in particular, the pizza industry.

Garry Craig, VPOperations
40+ years of business ownership. Substantial consulting experience with a focus on management, finance, and business planning expertise.

Mel Krech, CFO
40+ years organizational, accounting, planning, banking, business ownership with product development expertise.


Kenneth Winters, VP Planning
40+ years of manufacturing, product design, development, and marketing. Extensive management experience interfacing with the automotive and defense mar
kets. He Is a former VP of Business & Advanced Technology Development with one of the nations largest electronics firms.

Todd Tobin, Director of Manufacturing & Quality Assurance
25+ years of manufacturing experience, business development, and operations with extensive knowledge in supply chain management, production fulfillment, and distribution.

Jon Moffett, Corporate Sales Planning
Served 8 years in the Tennessee Dept. of Labor, achieving Deputy Commissioner. He’s a well known and respected fundraiser for start-up companies and political campaigns. 
Business owner in the communications industry.

Trevor Craig, Corporate Strategy
25+ years of successful business ownership, start-ups, and business expansions. Business strategy consultant.

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